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A triple whammy, with so much effort.. r/cringeworthy ?

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Quadruple Quintuple.

If it's too loud, you're too old

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On top of that you can see the same sticker on the other side.

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This post gave me cancer twice.

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Right! Have some gold my friend.

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Thanks for the gold!

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You forgot to correct op too.

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I to, mack simple grammer mistakes'.

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“Too” twice.

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Remind me again why I am forced to listen to YOUR music when I am sitting in my own car?

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"You're" "too" young to be driving!

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The only things correct are If, Loud and Old. Unless you take away points for punctuation. Then loud needs a comma and old needs a period. Making “If” the only correct thing on the glass. Massive facepalm.

Edit: on closer inspection, there is a period. I originally mistook it as a reflection.

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I feel like beating up whoever made this.

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