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26.2k points·1 month ago

well put that one back, dammit.

9.7k points·1 month agoGilded1·edited 1 month ago

Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me!

Edit: Obligatory thank you for the gold! I honestly didn't think anyone would really care about a Monsters Inc reference/meme but apparently it made a bunch of you happy so I'll be happy about that

So help Me! So help Me! Goodbyyyyyye

Nice to know ya!


Deeper than the deepest Cousteau would ever go

Higher than the heights of what we often think we know

Ain't no mountain hiiiiiiiigh enouuugh

Literally just listened to that song on a lunch break.

No wonder they're gone. When I was a wee lad surfin the waves, we'd buy Vaquita burgers by the dozen a day. They were only a cent for two whopping slabs of meat. They were so big, even if you didn't have money, people would just give theirs to you after a few bites. After discarding the burgers, it was time for Vaquita ice-cream. They were so big and cheap, people would drop them in the sand with a smile and then go get a new one.

Don't forget about Vaquita flesh lights. They felt better than the real real thing. They felt so good that we'd just pull a vaquita right out and do it all over again.

Let's just agree to never say something like that again.

Eeeeeekeee eeeeek eeeeek eeeeek EEEEK

And thanks for all the fish!

Scratch that.....11 left!

Still 11 left? brb.

And thanks for all the fish!

Nice to know you

To romance.....

Hello, it's me a Vaquita.

You're welcome!


11 points·1 month ago


11 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

No it's Patrick.


No it's me Dave. Open up!

Dave's not here.

She's out of our haaaaiir!

Shout out 813

its so beautiful... OR SO HALP ME

Goodbye to the people who hated on me....

She's out of our hair!

Can it, Wazowski!

5 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

♪♫ "And I don't knoooooow whether to laugh or cryyyyy..." ♪♫

<Whistles through teeth>

And just when I dare to care,

She says “Au contraire, You're my pair. Of friends... I love you~”.

So we put that kid back where she came from, and she helped us to find a better tomorrow today!

It's a work in progress. Hey we need ushers!

fine but you should have asked me earlier

and cut!

She's out of our HAAaaaAAANDS!

And this is exactly why I love reddit.

ps: that sucks for this species btw

And my axe!

Bum bum bum!

So help me so help me! AND CUT

Get that thing away from me you guys!

Put that thing back where it came from!

Or I'll poke myself in the eye!

12 points·1 month ago

2319 WE HAVE A 2319!!!


The vaquita? You're named after the vaquita?!?

Take it easy, Junior!

So do you!

We got a 2319! We got a 2319!

BUM bum BUM bum BUM bum .... AND scene!

"They're writing a musical"

Can you make it out to my sister

I gotta add it to my Pokédex!

I'm about to testify against my neighbor in an animal abuse case, my nerves are really bad as I've never testified against anyone before, especially not a neighbor; this made me laugh. It helped relieve some of my anxiety. Thank you.

Mike Wazowski!

I'm watching you, Wazowski, always watching. Always.

But he followed me home!

So help me!!


Dum dum dum dum aaaand CUT

It took me a second to get that your rehersing lines for a play right?

Monsters Inc?! +1

We're rehearsing a musical!

Such a great surprise to have a laugh like that when you're waking up. Thank you for that!

Monsters is having a day today! That's 4 references since I woke up!

The Musical™

For those who don’t get the reference.

Ps. Didn’t know they actually made a play lol

I think it might actually have been part of the bloopers.

Yes, monsters Inc my boi

Mike? Is that you? If so we need to get our numbers back up at the laugh factory.

Basically the TL;DR of the entirety of Lord of the Rings.

You suck and don't deserve this.

Your ugly sister <3


Sheees out of ourr net!!!!!!

As thanks for the gold I shall now destroy the succinct, funny comment you liked enough to guild

It’s definitely what I deserved

Almost bought gold just for this comment, but I'm poor. Good job though. 👍

Boom boom, boom boom, bum bum, boom boom... eh, it's a work in progress!

God your edit is longer than your original post... Monsters Inc was stupidly popular so of course people got it

This post is like a month old now, but ok. I was just surprised people found the reference funny enough to get gold. I didn’t find it that funny or original. People make this reference all the time online

Dude, put that thing away. There like children here!

Writing some bullshit 3X as long as the original comment about getting reddit gold is not obligatory at all.


-13 points·1 month ago(0 children)

lol it’s a reference to Monsters Inc. take it easy

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