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Galaxy flower

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I never had a favorite flower... until now :)

Petunias wouldn't be your favorite if you've ever grown em. The flowers keep wilting into a sticky hideous mess that's a pain to keep looking tidy, and the sprawling stalks keep getting more gangly.

You also have a favorite smell of wood


Same, and Im a guy.

Thank you! It’s so pretty.

Not sold outside the UK. FUCK :(

Thank you!

I think someone else here said they found them at Fred Meyers (Krogers). So most likely you can buy them nearby. I bet you can find seeds also. They are beautiful.

Very cool. I just had every plant ripped out of the front of my house and have been deciding what to plant. This is now on the list for sure.

I found them at Fred Meyers.

I would fuck this flower if it consented

I bought some of these for my garden. They looked great and actually lasted a really long time. Only an annual. Will buy some again next year.

Comment saved. Thank you kind stranger!

0 points·1 month ago

Hi! I've detected that you used an old and tired cliché in your comment:

Thank you kind stranger!


Dont take it personally, though. I'm just a robot.



What a dumb idea for a bot.

0 points·1 month ago

Hi! I thought this would be a fun way to promote my favorite charity, but you will always find party poopers. It's the way of the world, I guess. Disappointing, but it is what it is.

By shitting on other people for what they say? Not to be a “party pooper”, but I suggest you find a more positive way to support your favorite charity.

0 points·1 month ago

Man, you're a tight-ass. It's clearly all in good fun fun. People complain about clichéed comments all the time on reddit. It's par for the course.

Credit to the photographer and petunia grower, u/chicory8892.

No credit for the petunia? It did all the hard work.

You're a saint.

I believe in The Big Bloom theory.

0 points·1 month ago

Admittedly it is blatant that*,* it makes more sense***.***

Those are freaking awesome!

No words, should have sent a poet.

Here is one of my night sky petunias from last year. Can't wait for the weather to finally turn here so I can plant more!

The middle looks like it could be a black hole... so cool!

I agree & happy cake day!

Happy cake day to you as well!!

I'd say it looks more like Uranus.


It's a petunia variety, it's real.

But, is it realz?

Yep. They usually have them at Home Depot in their outdoors section.

Kinda wanna eat it.

And gain the power of the Black Panther.


Heyyy I have those planted in my yard :) They're very cool flowers I couldn't resist picking them up from the nursery when I saw them.

I thought the galaxy was in Orion's belt :/

What a beautiful repost.

Original Poster10 points·1 month ago

Thank you!!

I'm glad you did. Never seen these before. Definitely going to be added to the jard.

So pretty!


This looks like a magic flower from an anime!

Am I the only one who sees a tiny struggling black cat trying to get out of the center of this Galaxy Flower?!

Cannot unsee.

i thought it was a jewel in the thumbnail

u/itsadndmonsternow please make this a relic, or something amazing as you always do.

Please Guys, where can I find these seeds so that i can raise these beautiful plants !!

Depends where you are in the world but these are petunia 'night sky'

TIL I have a favorite flower.

Its color seems something magical, so beautiful

I love purple color <3

Woooooooooooowwwww! That flower is beautiful!

Edit: words are hard to spell sometimes.

Trout lilies have that kind of patterning (with different colors from what is pictured) on the leaves.

FUCK is that cool!!

a.k.a "smelling phone".


what spec? WTB CD

Doesn't seem real, but it is...

Looks poisonous

1 point·1 month ago

Night sky petunia

shooting stars plays

This whole Worlds going to start over... BURN THEM ALL.

Holy Shit that's beautiful!

We had some of these and they're beautiful. A lot of them turned all purple eventually though. Still really cool.

Wow...well, what country is this flower growing in?

I currently have some growing in Italy

Oh... Originally in the Italian country, thank you for your friend's advice.

Is this even real?

Yes, they're petunia 'night sky'

Pretty sure this is still on my front page from the last time it was posted.

Transposons for the win

looks like a butterfly too.

where to find it?

That is a petunia

Stunning Photo

I've got some of them to plant out this year, they are unusual looking. I wouldn't usually go for that colour though.

I've seen this posted many times before, but this is the first time I really looked at it in detail. Does anyone else think this looks shopped? Look at the edges, seems fishy.

I see this exact pic like every other day karma whore lol

I've been here almost every day for a decade and haven't ever seen it before. Your frontpage is your own, go click on something else.

farming karma ...

I believe in The Big Bloom theory.

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