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I'm unfamiliar with that phrasing, "capable to meet the eye".

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Capable to brilliantly meet the eye

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It’s somethinf someone says to sound smart

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It's a bot or karma farming account and the title was generated by AI or a non speaker smashing words together from previous titles

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That history, no comments other than "source:", yet hundreds of posts since being created in April... definitely sounds like a karma farming bot...

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Why though. Why. I don’t get it

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Step 1: Make bot

Step 2: Increase Karma

Step 3: Sell Account

Step 4: Profit

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The second hand market for reddit accounts is huge. Corporations and political action groups buy up accounts that have a credible post history to use to post sympathetic comments.

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Thank you I have always wondered

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0 points · 1 month ago

Because reddit doesn't care.

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A lot of Redditors care a lot. It's the ones that don't understand it that don't care.

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38 points · 1 month ago

or somebody for who English is not their first language.

They may not have the full nuance of the language, but the meaning is clear enough.

And I bet they can spell "something"

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You were onto something until that last part.

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4 points · 1 month ago


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You got me! That’s how I think something is spelled! Couldn’t have been a typo at all!

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The fact that OP doesn’t speak English as a first language should be as readily apparent as your misspelling being a typo was.

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-3 points · 1 month ago

The rule is that when you call people out for things like "trying to seem smart" you have to make sure that all your own ducks are in order.

You failed to do so.

There is no possible defence.

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It has been identified that the poster is a bot.

It also is something someone would say trying to sound smart.

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There is NO possible defence.

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I believe the proper phrasing would be "...capable of brilliantly meeting the eye"

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somebody for *whom*

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Thank you for the correction.

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somebody for *whom

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Or to sound human.

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It's like trying to put two magnets of the same force field together... with enough force and will, you can align them, but only for a second.

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It reminds me of translating latin to English in school. Sounds really weird and formal

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I'd like for translations on tv shows to be literal. That would give me insight into how people use other languages. I was listening to French the other day & the guy seemed to say in French, "with your physique" but the translation said, "with how you look". And in French you say, "s'il vous plaît", & the translation will say, "please", but it's actually, "if you please". I want the real deal! I even want the order of the words to be accurate! Sure, it might look anomalous, like Yoda's manner of speaking, but ok I think this would be for what insight provide it would. Language affects how think do we.

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*catch the eye

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ESL. Give em a break.

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Nah it’s just a Karma farming bot.

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How do you know? Not saying it's not possible but don't just pull that explanation out of your ass because it sounds vaguely ESL.

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I don't. I'm guessing.

Are we to think the author is English-speaking but has poor command of his own language (suggesting he's retarded or mentally unsound)? Or maybe the author is a bot, which means the controller is an unthoughtful douchebag who only cares about karma.

I was choosing what I thought was the LEAST negative option.

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So how about don't be a hypocrite. You wanted people to chill and not make assumptions but you were doing the same damn thing. Just because you think of it as righteous somehow it doesn't make it any different.

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Sure. Well called.

I'm a big fan of Hanlon's Razor. I guess a bit of that motivated my comment. Still hypocritical though. Spot on.

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People who are learning English actually tend to appreciate feedback. If something comes across as unusual, they might like to know.

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it kinda makes sense

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It fully makes sense, actually.

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that’s what i wanted to say but i didn’t wanna put myself at risk of being “owned.” but yeah i think it’s really a pretty creative use of language that actually has a nice effect

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-Owned? Who cares? The truth isn't always popular.

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-15 points · 1 month ago(0 children)
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I'm not even familiar with meeting the eye in that kind of context though. We say, "It's more than meets the eye" to mean there is hidden complexity, but we don't say, "It meets the eye" to mean it is beautiful.

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-7 points · 1 month ago(0 children)
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False. More than meets the eye is about Transformers!

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Right, but it's just unusual phrasing. That's fine though.

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2 points · 1 month ago

Actually I'd be very surprised if this were simply 'unusual phrasing.' It reads much more like a non-native speaker getting tripped up in the nuance of English. That's fine too, though! And the underlying meaning is readily apparent.

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Transformers : capable to meet the eye.

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