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My most realistic oil painting by Hara-Kiri in pics

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Well there you are, free portrait.

Elephants after a swim by JouwPF in pics

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He said

Laurel let it go by now

Edit: thank you u/tr3sleches

176 Animals are sleeping in a home tonight. Cleared the shelter was successful. by Stonerzombie420 in pics

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I get sad seeing it full. When I saw the empty cages my heart felt full.

Wildlife preserve worker cries for poached rhino. by hootersbutwithcats in pics

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Please consider donating to an anti-poaching organisation - they are true heroes

Here’s a very reputable one

I don't know this man, but I love his hat. by EmmaHS in pics

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Just to preface this (I hate that I have to do this since I think race should play no role in a conversation but here I am): I am a second generation immigrant in America from Asia. My parents were extremely poor (my dad was working 3 jobs at 14) back in their home country but now we are fairly well off.

What you are doing is stereotyping a "skinny white girl on her $1000 phone". I won't disagree that there were many many years of racism in the past but we are far beyond that. Racism does exist, but the general trend has been a radical upward. Racist thoughts don't dissapear in a second, but you being racist and assuming that white people dont have a care in the world or that only white people are rich while others are systematically abused is completely wrong and racist.

You want to get rid of racism? Stop looking at race in the first place. It shouldn't be a factor in making decisions or judgement about a person, even if that person is white. I fully understand that I won't be able to change your mind and that you are pretty well set in your ways, but it would pain me not to try and make a difference.

I suggest you take a couple minutes out of your day and watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRnTovm26I4

I found that I felt the exact same way as him when I watched it.

Jabba The Trump by merd2k in pics

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Grabba The Cunt.

You need this much money to buy a 5lb chicken in Venezuela by vernazza in pics

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The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.

I don't know this man, but I love his hat. by EmmaHS in pics

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Literally anything about Trump that is a bit clever will make front page. Shit's pathetic.

Pediatrics: 1 Anti-vaxers: 0 by kawaii_bbc in pics

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Neither one of your "camps" influences the other.

The people who don't believe in vaccines don't give a shit what the believers think and vice versa.

I'm sick of both sides spouting shit and clanging on cymbals, trying to be louder than the other camp.

And to post shit like this on an anonymous internet forum solely designed to glean information from all the people who post here... is insanity.

That's what I mean.

I trust, scientifically, that most vaccines are necessary for the eradication of certain diseases, however, I know for a fact that SOME vaccines are complete bullshit and may, MAY, prevent one or two forms of some disease from attacking, or worse, may actually cause more problems than they fix.


blah blah blah "we're right so get out of the way"... blah blah blah "we don't give a shit so fuck off".

Quite the message both sides are sending, wouldn't you say?

This 87-year-old woman is in the hospital because she didn't drop a knife she was using to cut dandelions and the cops tased her. by gangbangkang in pics

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Okay, a little backstory. She had been warned before to stay off the property because they did not want an old lady with dementia wandering around kids with a knife all the time. This had happened before. That is why she is being charged with FELONY trespassing.

Next point, the cops don't just up and tase because she "didn't drop it quick enough" they tased her because she was not following instructions to stop and drop the weapon, that means they would have drawn their tasers and been shouting at her and motioning for her to stop, that should tell ANYONE deaf or not, or even who speaks another language, that they should at least STOP WALKING towards the officers WITH A FUCKING KNIFE IN THEIR HAND. She did not, so she was a woman who was not responding to officers and kept approaching with a knife. So the officers HAD to follow protocol, a non responsive person approaching with a knife not following orders while you are yelling at them and pointing a taser at them means that person gets tased REGARDLESS OF AGE. Honestly, she does not look 89, I have seen 60 year olds that look as old as her, they cannot immediately judge her age, nor her intentions WHEN SHE IS NOT RESPONDING TO ORDERS AND APPROACHING WITH A KNIFE. She presented a danger to the officers and herself. If they had tried to grab the knife and fallen on her and injured her, they would be liable for her medical bills because they broke protocol. Qualified immunity only applies if they follow procedures.

The lady is old, does not speak english, had been told to stay off the property before, and has dementia, she should NEVER HAVE BEEN WANDERING AROUND IN PUBLIC WITH A FUCKING KNIFE. People with dementia get frightened easily and can lash out, she should NOT have been wandering around in public with a goddamn kitchen knife, PERIOD. This is 100% the family's fault. The media and apparently reddit just want reasons to bash on cops without putting themselves in the position of the cop and actually fucking thinking about it at all.

I don't know this man, but I love his hat. by EmmaHS in pics

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Im sorry but you are wrong. Just because a percentage of people are assholes and they get all the news coverage, doesnt mean the culture here accepts it. That is just what is televised and what people complain about online.

Just get along by hootersbutwithcats in pics

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Being a centrist middle grounder reasonable person doesn't mean accepting nazis. It means realizing that not all trump supporters are white surpremacists/nazis, in direct contradiction to r/politics. it also means not all liberals are...well a whole bunch of nonsense, in direct contradiction to /r/The_Donald. And lastly, it also means realizing not all people are trump supporters or liberals.

edit: I pointed out a fault common to both r/politics and r/the_donald. I am not saying they are equivalently extremist, as anyone who glances their front pages for a few seconds will see.

Just get along by hootersbutwithcats in pics

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What you're describing isn't centrism. Centrism is a rational 'horse-trading' approach to reaching a consensus, irrespective of views on particular social or economic issues. It recognizes that in a pluralistic society, nobody is going to get everything they way, but that we can use common ground to start dialogues wherein each party makes concessions to all others in exchange for at least some of what they want. What you're getting at isn't that at all. It's the 'middleground' fallacy.

Take your Nazi example. "Fascist racist supremacist ideology has a place in public discourse, or it doesn't." Fallacious middleground arguments would frame each of these positions as extreme, and have us believe that the rational or ethical or correct path must lie somewhere between them. It would have us conclude that "Nazism has a voice that needs to be heard. They want an ethnostate and the confiscation of Jew property. The anti-Nazis want the Nazis identified and shamed out of jobs. So maybe, as a middleground approach, instead of an ethnostate, we give Nazis seats on school boards, and let them wear masks to protect their identities. And we can't let them take all Jewish-owned property, that's ridiculous. Instead, we'll let them take SOME Jew property."

You see people employing this kind of reasoning when arguing in bad faith all the time. It's a parody of Centrism, which is why people fall for it. It appeals to our rational minds' openness to fairness, but opens the door to all kinds of stupid.

Fuck Nazis.

Edit: Thanks for the gold jokercompany. Glad to see /pics hosting its meager share of scholarly debate in these dark days.

The Animal Handlers At The Oregon Zoo Took Elephant Around The Zoo To Meet Other Animals. The Sea Lions Were Her Favourite. by KILLSTER121343 in pics

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Bitching about reposts is 100 times more annoying than seeing a repost. I see something funny/interesting/shocking/cute etc... and I want to read funny comments, or at least find some sort of camaraderie like 'haha, yes, I also found this adorable,' and all i get is assholes going 'I've seen this before! Hey everyone, I've seen this before! Fuck OP for showing me something I've already seen!' Like, do you know how fucking annoying that is? You're that asshole who puts a damper on everyone else's fun because you're not enjoying the thing everyone else is enjoying. If you've seen it before, just fucking move on!

The day I met my sister's new boyfriend, I had a feeling things might work out for them. by [deleted] in pics

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Tbh could just be bi. Even though the world thinks bi people don't exist.

I'm bi myself and I'm expecting my first child with my girl soon. I have quite a feminine walk, and my mannerisms aren't exactly macho. But I'd say everything else about me is fairly manly.

Like gay men can be macho as fuck, but straight men can also be a bit flamboyant.

EDIT: Oh wow thanks for the gold, kind stranger!