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Brother is visiting the states atm, sent me this by EasilyDistractedTim in pics

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Yes, democracy is awesome. That’s why it requires defending.

By the way... holding someone accountable for their actual words, actions, and policies is not “hysteria.” People who oppose Trump (the majority by a wide margin) aren’t “deranged” or “snowflakes” or “liberal elites.” I know that’s not what you are directly saying, but your implication is pretty heavy.

Donald Trump earns every single ounce of accusation, criticism, and suspicion that he has received in his life and career, up to this very second. He is an unqualified swindler turned pseudo-tyrant who routinely subverts our most basic values and norms. He has ushered in a version of rightwing extremism that will do lasting damage to our courts and sociopolitical fabric. He has dramatically eroded our institutions and geopolitical power. And it is increasingly clear that his administration/movement has been influenced by a hostile foreign government, while he is either too stupid to notice or too complicit to care.

If anything, America is under-reacting to the depth of damage being wrought by this administration. And the complicity of other Republican law-makers needs to be thoroughly rebuked in November.

A Small Moment of History Captured Outside of the White House This Evening. by Ccm2court in pics

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A REST... NO...




Astana, Khazakhstan 🇰🇿 by ghatroad in pics

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I am from Kazakhstan. Ask anyone and 90% of people really like him. 25 years ago country was total shithole, people were moving away, almost no elictricity, no food, huge inflation. Now it's not good as America, but we have free healthcare, almost free education. Everything now is more stable and really better, so people think that he is god. Think of him as not dictator, but king. Kazakhs never had democracy, so it is hard to build it in 25 years. There are a lot of problems, but still he is not a bad person (only for his enemies) A lot better than Donald Trump.

I'm officially a U.S Citizen. I'm so proud and happy. I cannot wait to vote! by MrPudge in pics

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Welcome! Congratulations! The (sane) people of the United States appreciate you bringing your diversity, skills, education, and personality to enrich our communities. Thank you for taking part of the tradition of adding to the melting pot that is the basis of our nations formation. You are now one of our brothers, our family, and we will defend your rights with the same fervor as if you were born here. You are welcome here.

I'm officially a U.S Citizen. I'm so proud and happy. I cannot wait to vote! by MrPudge in pics

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It's not any more snarky than the barrage of "Thank you for coming here legally, Republicans love LEGAL immigrants" comments that will show up within 20 minutes apropos of nothing, as if those comments are in any fucking way remotely necessary.

Edit: It's cute how you're only snarky and rude if you don't agree with conservative snark. Conservative snark is 100% ok.

Reminder about the fact UC Davis paid over $100k to remove this photo from the internet. by fergtq in pics

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Here's a video showing what actually happened. It's 15 minutes long but worth it.

TLDW: They had the police surrounded and wouldn't let them leave. They were given multiple warnings that they would be pepper sprayed if they didn't let the police go. Then they got pepper sprayed, and the police left.

Reminder that this image is illegal in Russia. by [deleted] in pics

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And now tomorrow somebody will bravely post the photo of the cop spraying the protesters that the college "tried to remove from the internet", making the /r/pics cycle complete

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Reminder about the fact UC Davis paid over $100k to remove this photo from the internet. by fergtq in pics

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It's probably UC Davis reposting it, hoping that at some point r/pics will ban this photo. The long con.

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