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30 points · 4 months ago

Hypothetically, couldn't 2 republicans temporarily caucus with the democrats to let Schumer bring it to the floor?

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To my knowledge either there has to be unanimous consent to bring a bill to the floor or the majority leader has to offer a motion to proceed (which can be filibustered). The needing 30 co-sponsors gets it to the floor but then it has to be voted on to proceed, at which point it will need a simple majority to enter debate and a vote.

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He’s saying flip the majority to dem through caucusing in order to push this through. This would make Schumer the majority leader, not McConnel

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Ah, yes, that would work.

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It would, however, also be political suicide for the 2 Republicans that do that. So I would imagine it would be as close to impossible as it could get for that to happen.

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Republicans are voting for it out of committee. They should welcome debate on it for the floor as well!

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Voting for it is one thing. You can explain that to your voters back home. Can you imagine how a republican constituency in the deep south would react if they found out that one of their own caucuses with the Democrats to move forward with a bill that could be the final nail in Trumps coffin? Especially since this will be NATIONAL news if it happens.

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I mean, there are many Republican Senators that are either not up for reelection or in states that are trending blue.

2 from AZ could vote and prove they are for law and order. Corker is another.

But I know and understand the cynicism. I usually am on the opposite side of this here comment. I just feel this, if anything, is something we can come together for!

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I hope you’re right and that there are two Republicans that will move for a vote because I agree that this is something that we should all be in an agreement on, but there are a lot of R’s in Congress and in the US that don’t see it that way unfortunately.

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McCain + one more. He's retiring anyways, let him earn his stupid Maverick nickname for once.

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He has been quoted as saying that the Mueller investigation should continue unimpeded, but we all know how McCain is, his words are a lot more reliable than his actions.

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I don't think it's that stupid.

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I appreciate your username.

Have an upvote.

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McConnell has done his best to increase chances Collins and Murkowski would do it as a FU after his intransigence on sexual harassment, the Obamacare repeal shitshow and other issues on which he’s thrown them under the bus. Although Joni Ernst may be interested after tariffs.

Going another way, Flake and Corker may consider it.

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I hope that two of them flip, I really do. I’ve just been let down so many times by R’s that were in a position to support the Mueller investigation that openly supporting it seems like big news let alone caucusing with the Dems to force a vote against their Majority leader.

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Corker and flake are both not running for reelection anyway

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political suicide

Good thing that people's political careers are more important than the lives of 330 millions US citizens and a few billion others around the world.

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2 points · 4 months ago

Tillis and Graham will both vote for it, as will every Democrat. McCain would vote for it if he shows up or he will no show, either way it will pass. The problem would be is if it can be filibustered after that step on the floor.

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2 points · 4 months ago

A motion to proceed requires cloture, else any member can object. That's what McConnell kept doing during the last shutdown. He kept insisting on the motion to proceed which would require 60 recorded votes.

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Would require they elect Schumer to lead the Senate and push out McConnell

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They could, but it would mean giving the Democrats control of the Senate for a short period of time, which is probably a death sentence with elections coming up.

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But aren't there any Republican Senators retiring?

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What’s the current thought on the type of sentence with elections coming up? Flipping the senate now might be the “step on their throat and hurry this along” but I can’t imagine them holding both majorities and I think it more likely they lose both.

But vote, vote, and get your friends to vote.

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