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Make sure it's on record so the democrats have another talking point when they start airing mid-term ads listing the ways the GOP has betrayed their own country.

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Well tbf "Sonandso voted agaisnt" is also pretty easy to twist when you give ridiculous names to bills and have totally unrelated stuff in bills.

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Thats when our critical thinking comes in.

"Soandso voted against the PATRIOT Act" is vague.

"Soandso voted against expanding surveillance rights of the FBI and NSA, detailed in the PATRIOT Act" is more specific.

If something sounds vague, like the first statement, it is up to us to make the specifics known and talk to other people about that nuance.

Edit: Soandso= So-and-So

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Campaign ads are designed to short-circuit critical thinking. If critical thinking worked, we wouldn't be here right now.

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2 points · 5 months ago

"Soandso voted against expanding surveillance rights of the FBI and NSA, detailed in the PATRIOT Act" is more specific.

This can be and often is completely bullshit as well though, considering how many unrelated things constantly gets tacked on a bill. Maybe the Soandso voted against the bill because it had a bunch of other bullshit that wasn't fair.

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That speaks to a much larger political problem. That of taking small, last minute changes to a bill to get either your side to concede and vote for it, or the other side to not vote for the bill.

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But then you go back to "Soandso said this". You can prove they voted against a bill, you can't prove motivation. Campaigns get away with saying misleading things all the time about their opponents' voting habits. People just take them at their word and tend to believe the first thing they hear, so the other person saying they didn't or that they did it because they were against a particular thing goes into deaf ears most of the time. It wouldn't be such a problem if people cared enough to look things up, but knowing things is frowned upon and it's too much like unpaid work anyway.

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Except bills (and votes) are public record and available at If there isn't any pork in the text, that argument falls apart pretty quickly.

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Very few voters will take the time to read any bills.

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When was the last time anybody you knew sat down to read a whole bill?

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That's not really the point. If someone claims pork, it can easily be disproven - if there's truly no pork.

This is something I run into frequently when my conservative friends try to defend the GOP killing veterans bills. They scream pork, I give them a link and demand their evidence. They slink away.

Ironically, they don't even have to read the bill. Just the audacity of giving them the text is often enough to make them come up with another bullshit excuse.

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It's my fervent desire that the democrats list every heinous act and statement the GOP has committed in the last 2 years, and document them all in their campaign ads for the mid-terms. The democrats and the moderate republican voters need to be reminded daily throughout the mid-terms what the GOP has publicly demonstrated to be their true colors.

And if the democrats manage to take back both congress and the senate, I hope they push through every piece of legislation that the majority of Americans want: single payer healthcare, tax raises for the wealthy and corporations, limiting the powers of corporations, and providing low income housing in every frikkin city.

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Right but you also gotta realize, in this specific instance anyway, that Fox has already primed their viewers to think that the investigation is completely illegitimate and a total witch hunt.

I mean not like those particular people weren't gonna vote for a scummy Republican in the first place, but still...

Any time one of those douchebags in congress ( and Trump for that matter ) does something unthinkable to you that's when you have to step back and go, 'Oh wait, they're not trying to appeal to me.'.

The people who support them slurp all this shit up.

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