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What you’re talking about is the single subject rule. A number of states have it. Everything included in a bill must relate to the bill’s “subject.” The rule is meant to prevent “logrolling,” which is pretty much what you just described. Lawmakers add amendments to bills that have nothing to do with what that particular bill seeks to accomplish. The shitty thing is that there is no federal single subject rule, which is why this bullshit Grassley is doing happens all the time. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but recently, the omnibus bill that Congress passed to fund the government had some random shit in it.

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Well sometimes there is good, like I think the omnibus bill had Russian sanctions which actually made Trump mad since he didn't realize it. They might have been okay when line-item vetos were a thing, but they aren't now so in general there should be a single subject rule.

What states don't have single subject rule?

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Somehow, there doesnt seem to be a source that simply lists the states that havent enacted some sort of single subject rule. The only conclusive thing I could find is that 41 states have a single subject rule, so that leaves 9 without one. I couldnt find which particular 9 states dont have one. So if anybody else out there has that info, feel free to share.

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I checked the site and its this one I believe, it was under the Our Progress tab. You can check progress and stuff for it. There is also extra info for Art V convention passing. Thanks for the link mate.


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The US Congress pretty much only passes omnibus bills now because they want to be able to hide amendments and pet projects in it. As partisan as the politicians are they also know that sometimes they do need to work with the other side to get shit done. So they have the big bills like the budget and then everyone tacks stuff on and then everyone can point to everyone else and say "Well I had to vote for it, we had to get a budget done! I was able to secure $10MM for a new post office in the state capital though!"