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You want him to prove that this sort of motivation exists in general, or that this sort of motivation is what is driving a large percentage of the GOP?

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in general.

OP describes these humans motivations as intentionally harmful to others and seeking pleasure from it rather than intending to do what they (falsely in this case) believe is the best course of action or simply trying to avoid catastrophe and trying to justify a bad thing.

IMO, and at the risk of being as sweeping as the person I am contending with, OP thinks they live in a movie and hasnt taken the time to really think through why they believe what they do. Their tribalism has blinded them to the same in others.

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hmmmm... This certainly provides an alternative explanation than my happy-go-lucky ones but it doesnt seem to imply that these people would be getting direct gratification from doing things they believe to be wrong (IE movie style super villain). Perhaps I need to look into it more (since I had little direction of where to look in that gargantuan wiki article) or we have a misunderstanding?

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They know that the things they do are wrong when they do it to someone who isn't in the in-group. Outgroup people are okay to abuse, exploit and destroy. Those that stand up for them are weak, feminine, and asking for whatever punishment they can be dished out--and it is dished out with glee. is another thing you can look into.

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