The following is the largest list of politically related subreddits on all the web also known as the Reddit Politosphere. Please see the bottom of this page for more information about how you can get your subreddit added to this list among one or more of the sections you see below and to the table of contents for this page to the right. If you feel a subreddit is misclassified please message the moderators. Thank you.

2016 Presidential Candidates



Third Party and Independents

No subreddit

  • Jim Gilmore
  • Lindsey Graham
  • Mike Huckabee
  • George Pataki

Partisan Subreddits

In the center

Multi Reddit of all Centrist partisan subredidits

On the left

Multi Reddit of all Left partisan subreddits

On the right

Multi Reddit of all Right partisan subreddits


Multi Reddit of all Libertarian related subredidits


Multi Reddit of all Communism related subredidits


Multi Reddit of all anarchism related subreddits

Other Political Parties

Multi Reddit of all Other Political Party subredidits

Political Issues and Causes

Multi Reddit of all political issues and causes subreddits

Election Themed

Multi Reddit of all election themed subreddits

State Specific

Multi Reddit of all election themed subreddits

General interest

Multi Reddit of all General Interest subreddits (includes /r/politics)

Reddit Activist Network

MultiLink for the entire Reddit Activist Network

International Politics

Multi Reddit of all International Politics subredidits


Multi Reddit of all Economics Related subredidits

Note about new subreddits that want to be added to the list

If your subreddit is related to politics just send a message to the moderators and we will add you to this wiki.

If your subreddit needs more activity/subscribers here are a few suggestions:

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