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I've been bored of watching G2 for a long while now. I absolutely cannot wake away from their skill as a team, they are incredible in every aspect but it's boring to watch and it provides little enjoyment when the same thing happens every match.

Do you guys feel the same or are you still enjoying it?

Edit: Gotta say Fabian is definitely a gracious victor though so power to him

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Management is stubborn with change as we had the same terrible roster for 2 straight splits. Huhi hasn't performed whatsoever since last year and doesn't have the mechanics to perform against so many top-tier mids. I love Huhi and his streams are funny but he has been given so many chances and has looked close to elite in only 1 split in all of his time on NA. Management if you read this, please try to get POE or Febiven or someone who can actually carry games. I'm tired of seeing Stixxay get ahead in cs and kills and not have someone else dominate like him so management please don't be stubborn about making changes again or else we will fail once again.

Edit: Huhi's only stand out split was during a time when there wasn't much competition in mid lane. Mid lane is so much stacked now then it has ever been before so it's clear that Huhi saw a start decline in play.


Had an altercation with an aggressive driver in a pickup truck yesterday while riding my bike to work in Rehoboth Beach. Would like to mail this individual copies of the laws that pertain to the incidents that took place. I read that in some states it is as easy as calling the DMV and asking for the information. Anyone have experience doing this?


It all started when Landon Simms (@simms_landon) said the following:

My grandfather is a 96 yr old German. When seeing Antifa videos, he shakes his head and says; "We didnt think it could happen in Germany either. These people (Antifa) act and sound like the NAZI party's Sturmabteilung. Stop them now or you'll regret it."

It was a very popular tweet, got 32.3k likes and 23.1k reshares by the time that screenshot was taken, including by Dinesh D'Souza and Ann Coulter. People were gasping and nodding along.

Many people reacted by telling him and his nazi grandfather to fuck off, but @COINCELPRO went the extra fucking mile and completely exposed the thing for the sham it was.

No Landon Simms in Cincinatti, all the imagery from the account was stolen from a different dude who lived in Scotland. The whole "US veteran" and "Nazi grandfather" shit was a complete fabrication.

The ownage was exquisite:

He first locked his account, then he changed his name, then tried to delete his tweets, then twitter banned him.

And then shit got real when most of the accounts he was associated with started getting banned too.

Anyway it was a good day for exposing the sham "Antifa are the real Nazis" argument for the rancid piece of fabricated shit that it is.


I can't be the only one who feels the major was boring due to matches not being very close or if at all competitive. Best match was obey vs rogue because it was the only match to actually go to fucking overtime in the playoffs.


Hey everyone! I’m new to Seattle by way of the southeast. I received a job offer and took it, so I’m now a transplant seattleite(?) and need some suggestions on things to do and places to go. As of now I’m located closer to Issaquah than Seattle proper, though, but I’m down to drive into the city. I’m a big fan of metal music and needed suggestions on venues to see local shows and concerts at. Also, in that same vein, I’m looking for bars to go to that also have a that same theme, as well as good local comic book stores, tattoo shops, etc. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


With Conor vs khabib approaching there will be an influx of newer mma fans active on the sub and other social media.

I know I'm gonna see some missinformed opinions from some new, excited fans along for the ride.

But the other end to this is that some people need to understand that you should inform rather than denounce. Show an example and be welcoming instead of calling someone a 'casual' just to win an imaginary internet argument about someone elses accomplishments.

Gonna be a great few months with the boizzzzzz


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