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I’m all for the guilty pleasure, but this past episode confirmed my lurking feelings. This is no longer about teens or moms. This is about children/adults abusing each other. This is so toxic.


The first was obviously Shangela's AS3 crown.

And now I was watching S7 again, and I discovered I totally forgot how extremely unfair was the lipsync outcome. On the main challenge I was thinking "oh, Trixie is doing great, she is the best on her team" and wondering who got eliminated on the ep., couldn't remember it. Then the Runway: and again, Trixie was good: so much better than, let's say, Kandy. And I don't understand the critiques: they make no sense. Trixie is funny but not funny enough? Camp but not campy?

So, the lipsync is between Trixie and Pearl. And I love Pearl, but it's painfully obvious that Trixie is doing SO MUCH better. And gets eliminated.

I mean, sometimes you can say... "well, that queen seemed to do it better, but the other one was more into what the song meant". It wasn't that... Pearl was completely stiff. I understand they had a narrative with Pearl and not with Trixie, but... that was painful and infuriating. I really can't think of a biggest injustice except for AS3.

Conspiracy theory: Trixie was given the AS3 crown as an apology lol


Seriously is this game still getting updates? I go on after like 5 months and nothing is new.... Pretty sad when fortnite updates their game literally every day


Its just a circle jerk..adds nothing the plot of what's going on..its just the, giving us a look at another world. It just feels trite and forced.

"uh oh, now we got Ninjas. "


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