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Not to be that guy, but it should be "proficient with" rather than "proficient at", since it is referring to objects rather than an activity.

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That's part of the joke. It's meant to sound dumb.

level 3

What are you basing that on? Seems more like Jeph made a mistake

level 4

The general tone. How well it fits. How word a mistake that would be to make.

level 5

Why would that be so weird? Jeph probably didn’t know if it was “at” or “with”. I can’t think of a single reason why Jeph would intentionally make such an error.

I think you’re reading too much into it, and giving Jeph too much credit. Sometimes people just make mistakes.

level 6

Jeph probably didn’t know if it was “at” or “with”.

I'd be incredibly surprised if that were the case, that's not something any educated native English speaker is going to not know.

I can’t think of a single reason why Jeph would intentionally make such an error.

Good thing I explained why, then :P

Maybe it's a mistake, but it works too well for me to think that's likely.

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Well, you didn't really explain why. You just said you *feel* like Jeph couldn't have made a mistake. Where's your evidence? How does it add to the story? More importantly, why would an AI -- who is presumably programmed with some sort of grammatical software -- make such an error? Is it intentional? If so, why -- what's the joke she's making? If it's not intentional, why would she make an error since again, she's a robot? She doesn't have a history of making grammatical errors, unless you have some sources you'd like to share.

Please provide some sources for your bizarre claim.

Jeph makes mistakes and errors often. It's also a common error -- not everyone knows the correct preposition to use. The sentence sounds fine to the casual listener. It's much more likely than not that Jeph just made an error.

level 8

Intentional by Bubbles, preposition misuse for humour's sake.
Not knowing the right preposition in most certainly not common in a case like that; 0% that's what Jeph did.

Anyway, Jeph's now added an 'all' after at, so there's the solution.

level 9

Where is the humor derived from? What’s funny about misusing the preposition?

0% chance? Nobody has ever made an error before?

level 10

It's the "intentionally dumb" category of humour. I'm afraid I can't really explain any more why funny things are funny :P

0% of Jeph doing it, not anyone. Above a certain level of intelligence/education, you can be sure extremely basic grammar like that is known.

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I likewise think it is intentional. It sounds kinda RPG, where the distinction between objects and activities can be a bit blurred.

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I like the implication that "weapons" is an activity.

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Yeah you’re right, I think. Or it’s a funny dual-meaning in that she is both proficient with and likely proficient against a broad range of weapons. So “at weapons” covers all that, lol.

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Although being intentional as suggested above is plausible, I think it's just a mistake on Jeph's part myself :). It's not like people use the word 'proficient' a lot outside of RPGs. Jeph seems familiar with nerd culture but not, say, D&D specifically.

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It's not like people use the word 'proficient' a lot outside of RPGs

I don't know about that. I've heard it in job settings pretty often "How proficient are you with Excell?" for example. RPG's maybe someones first exposure to the word but it's certainly not their only exposure to it.

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Sure. I don't mean that people will only associate the word with RPGs. Simply that in my life it's not a term that comes up often. So it's understandable to me that someone might use it in an odd way.

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Came here to post this :/

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