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I've grown up eating ramen since I was very young. Ever since then, I've only relied on the instant ramen packets to satisfy my ramen craving. However they are not so healthy, and have tons of preservatives, sodium, saturated fat, and MSG. Now I'm trying to make simple homemade ramen from scratch that's just as delicious.

Please note that I can't have alcohol and pork due to religious preference. Living in the United States, it's not easy finding Halal or Kosher ramen restaurants. Almost all veggie ramen includes Sake and Mirin, which I can't have. Even miso paste includes alcohol. So I have to rely on Halal Miso from Singapore - which is super expensive due to international shipping.

A good ramen is made out of several different key components:

  • Noodles (straight, or wavy)
  • Soup (meat or veggie based broth) <-- THIS DID NOT WORK
  • Seasoning sauce (sea salt, soy sauce, or miso based seasoning) <-- THIS DID NOT WORK
  • Oil (black garlic, chili, chicken oil/schmaltz, scallion, anchovy oil, etc.) <-- THIS DID NOT WORK
  • Toppings (could be anything from meat, seafood, veggies, eggs, etc)

I watched Alex The French Guy Cooking videos on Ramen, along with other YouTube videos and internet recipes. None of them are helpful because none of them worked.

I made my chicken broth using a chicken bones, wings, onions, leek, carrots, celery, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, and ginger in an Instant Pot. I saute the veggies to add some color and to bring out the flavor before starting the pressure cooking. I added a little bit of salt for taste.

I made the Shoyu seasoning by first preparing a Dashi using dried seaweed, and Bonito flakes. Then I cooked onions, celery, carrots, mushrooms, and scallions in a pot, added the Dashi, homemade Mirin (white grape juice and lemon juice), and lots of soy sauce.

I made the chicken oil/schmaltz by slowly boiling chicken skin with some dried thyme until they turn golden brown. After the water evaporated, I was left with the oil.

I prep the noodles. I pour the broth in the bowl, add several tablespoon of the Shoyu seasoning, add some drops of chicken oil, add the noodles, add the toppings, and taste the soup... I get nothing. Absolutely no taste. Everything is bland and tasteless. It feels like the soup is missing a foundation of some sort. There is no depth, no umami in my ramen.

I am not trying to add MSG to my soup. I know MSG isn't bad, but I get headaches from it. MSG also tends to drown out the subtleties of other ingredients. MSG also leaves a weird aftertaste in my mouth. This is also why I'm not buying a pre-made Dashi powder which includes MSG and other preservatives.

I've included pics of my failed ramen. Please help!

using black garlic oil

using chicken oil

charred vegetables and beef bones in oven

beef bone based broth. turned out a little better than chicken broth ramen.


Sorry for raw Japanese article, this article buzzed in JP twitter and many people reported it is easy and great taste cha siu recipe, so I will shared to you all.

Simple, easy way to make shop-grade cha siu guide plus bomus recipe in the article. May google translate could help you. Enjoy!


I am visiting Los Angeles for a week and I'd like some Ramen suggestions. I read Daikokuya is the best so I'll try that. Any other spots?

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