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Looks like strawberries from far away, but gets more delicious the closer you get.

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Yes delicious umami strawberries. Now I'm hungry..

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What's the max number of appreciation on that shirt? How much have you appreciated? I can't seem to count it all...

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WARNING: Never eat curry ramen while wearing that shirt. Unless you wanna turn it into a tie-die ramen shirt afterwards. Then it's probably okay.

I wish more places would give out bibs for curry ramen. They're more necessary than they are for lobster, that's for sure.

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I think this is true for any ramen! I don't think I've ever walked away from a bowl unscathed.

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Getting scalded by the broth just means you're slurping the noodles properly, to get the right oxygenation. You could argue that it's supposed to happen, and that it's just part of the ramen experience.

The issue is that when you get most kinds of ramen on your clothes, it'll come right out with a Tide pen, or a bit of soap and hot water from the ramen shop's bathroom. But if it's curry ramen, it'll almost definitely leave a permanent stain, especially on a white shirt like that. Some ramen shops actually do give you a bib when you order curry ramen! But not enough.

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Fun fact:

The sushi/ramen/sukiyaki restaurant I worked at for almost 2 years until they rebranded, started with a menu with a little section telling customers to slurp their ramen/sukiyaki.

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I bet not.

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Where buy?

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Forever 21 online!

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Link for the lazy. OP, I'm totally getting this shirt. Thanks for sharing!

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Send noodles

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So cool! I want to find a necktie with this pattern on it.

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I dont approve those eggs are not runny ;-;

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Will purchase this immediately

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I like it! It’s cute!

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I’m gonna grab this!

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I’m in like at Forever 21 getting this shirt right now

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I have this shirt, too! Love it!

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Totally dig it! I wish I had a similar ramen pin lol

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this is a siiick shirt

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Fresh, as in fresh new duds

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Must cop

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....the shirt? right?

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Yes. I spent time in Japan and ramen was my favorite thing.

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I'm going to Japan next month for my honeymoon and I'm SO excited to try some real Japanese ramen!!

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You don't want that. I can tell. You can give it to me.

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I can appreciate you.

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I thought my screen was frozen... sat here for a good 20 seconds before I realized what was going on.. NSFW blocker off has thrown my head into the gutter.

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    Ya just had to get creepy with it, huh?

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    Yikes, sorry for the mess in here. This behavior of some of these redditors does NOT represent /r/ramen. I think the shirt is super fun and you should 100% feel comfortable sharing it with our community.

    Everyone, we only have two rules here. One of them is to be NICE. This is not a place for harassment.

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    Good Mod.

    I'm just creeping through the "top of" and was looking for your recipe by way of hyperlink. Had to point out that you're doing things right.

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          More intrigued by the cute girl wearing the cool shirt