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Is it possible to setup retropie with my roms on the sd card on the pc then put it into the pi?


Hi guys, I need help getting my gamecube controller to work right. Right now it discovers the gamecube controller, but when I go to configure the buttons, some of the buttons dont work the first several times they are pressed, and the left C-stick motion wont work at all. some of the triggers, such as the up C-stick, are really touchy and will mess with my other button configurations. when i try to configure it in retroarch, the second i switch P1 to gamecube controller, the menu becomes almost unusable because even on a keyboard if you hit the up or down arrow keys it skips like 12 options. here is how i set it up so far:

  • I installed the gamecon driver
  • i used the control module and the sudo nano command to switch from 0,0,2,0,0,2 to 0,0,3,0,0,3. (i had an nes controller working before)
  • turned off the system
  • I plugged the GC pins in as shown below:

  • started my pi back up

also one last note, on Blugoo's blog, he states this:

Note that 3.3V is used for all controllers, even if SNES&NES pads nominally are operated at 5V. They should work fine with 3.3V so no level shifters are needed for data pins.

does this include the gamecube controller since it has both a 5V and 3.3V pin?

thank you guys for your help in advance, I'm trying to play super mario world with my dad but i only have 1 bluetooth controller and the nes controller is lacking some buttons.


Hello, I'm currently trying to configure a SNES controller using gamecon_gpio_rpi. After installing the module, following the wiring, running it on boot, and running modprobe to signal which controller it is, the controller is recognized as a SNES pad when I hold the B button (in emulation station). However, the only button recognized is the B button. If I run jstest on js1, pressing the B button will say that all 8 buttons are pressed. Neither X nor Y axes are recognized either. What should I do from this point on?


I have an 8bitdo retro gamepad that has a USB connection to the device. It is driving me BANANAS. Every time I accidentally press left on the pad + B, it restarts the game and I can't fix it. I tried re-configuring the controller and it's all fucked up now and it still keeps restarting the game when I press left B. Setting the start, A, B, X, Y, etc is fine but once I get down to left right up and down trigger it gets all confusing. I don't know what to do. I just want to figure out how to NOT restart the game by pressing 2 buttons at once. I really hope this question doesn't get deleted because of some stupid technicality.


So I changed the save directory for a game console and thought of something (that's probably already done, but curious if it has and if so, how well it works).

Is it possible to set up a server holding my save files in my home, then bring my Pi to someone else's house and access those save files?

The reason one might want to do this is to have more than one Pi playing with the same save that is constantly updated to the last one played.

Anyone ever tried it? How would one even go about beginning?


It shows the black bar on the bottom showing the download and when it finishes i cant click ok or cancel /back on my controller or esc on my wireless keyboard any idea how to get out of it? Or why its doing this?


So, I ordered a 5" Screen and case that I plan to use with my Pi 3B or Zero, and turn it into a RetroPie. I know both are capable of running the RetroPie and such(Obviously) but in your opinion, which do you think is better to use? I won't be playing much, just typical NES/SNES, GB/GBA, Genesis, etc. POTENTIALLY a PSX game or two. So because I won't be playing anything too bad, I fee the Zero would work just fine, but with the potential PSX game, not 100% sure how well the Zero can handle them without lagging/stuttering. I would test for myself but I only have 1 SD Card to use between the two, and wiping them to install the proper retropie onto the card and moving the games over is more hastle than it's worth.

tl;dr - Which do you prefer for RetroPie, Zero or 3B?


what are some DS games that won't suck ass to play with a 360 controller, or maybe even a SNES controller?

I'm thinking maybe Pokemon games are my best bet but not sure how well those run. Anyone got recommendations for something they play often on their Pi with little to no issues with controllers / frame rate?


I have a SNES-style controller that was working fine until about an hour ago. It still works in Emulation Station, but only keyboard input is accepted in emulators. This is true even if the keyboard is not connected.


Is there a good place to learn how to make my own RetroPie theme? I’m using a 4:3 monitor and want to keep things very simple. Here’s what I’m after:

  • 4:3 format
  • List games
  • Show screenshot
  • Show publisher and year
  • Custom background/header
  • Combine gamelists (so, for example, multiple emulators show up as one big gamelist)
  • no config options
  • no other menus (unit will be powered on and off using a momentary pushbutton). I want to boot to the one gamelist with no other options. If I need to tweak settings I will do it with a keyboard separately


  • video snaps
  • other game info/metadata

Hello Everyone,

I had originally had Kodi boot to an addon and wasn't working how I had hoped. I wanted to revert it to it's default interface/settings and wipe out the addon so I thought if I uninstall Kodi then install again it would accomplish this but it still maintains the add on interface. Any suggestions on how to get Kodi back to its default interface/settings?


Hey all, has anyone else had issues with Tomb Raider freezing at the end of level 3? I've tried 3 different ROMs - 2 PSX, 1 PSXonPSP, and all 3 freeze at the end of level 3. I've got the PSX BIOS, and have no problems with any other games. Does this sound like a ROM issue or an Emulator issue?


It seems like every aftermarket D pad I use sucks compared to the original Nintendo hardware. Is there a good controller that feels as good as the original?


does anyone have a working link for the level1online ISO for my retropie for 32 gig SD

or a roms list


Can anyone send me a working ISO link for my raspberry pi 3 model B I turned into a retropie I really need rooms. I would love a working torrent link or a Dropbox, something that works though , pleaae



I was looking into the directories and discovered that there were a bunch of OLD retroarch.cfg configs in the individual directories for the emulators. Deleted those and the "main" retroarch.cfg took over and my keys worked.

Hi -

For some reason RetroArch will obey almost any key change other than my hotkey mapping. The controller I want to use with the RetroPie is a buffalo SNES model but I cannot change the hotkey activation to be SELECT. It was only after I change the controller to an xbox 360 one and found that it automatically bound to the XBOX button on the controller!

Every other key looks like it binds fine but I cant figure out why the hell it wont let me change the hotkey.

I even verified that:

input_enable_hotkey_btn = "6"

Is in BOTH the /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg and the /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads/Xbox\ 360\ Wireless\ Reciver.cfg files

What I've done to troubleshoot:

  • deleted retroarch.cfg
  • delete everything from retroarch-joypads
  • immediately reinstalled retroarch from the retropie menu (as suggested by another post)
  • rebound the keys inside emulationstation and set SELECT as the hotkey
  • Fully updated the Retropie via the menu (as of 06/18/18)

I'm at a complete loss and while the 360 controller works - its not t he buffalo controllers i wanted. What could be the issue?

Here is my xbox controller.cfg

input_device = "Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver"
input_driver = "udev"
input_r_y_plus_axis = "+4"
input_l3_btn = "9"
input_r_x_minus_axis = "-3"
input_l_btn = "4"
input_load_state_btn = "4"
input_start_btn = "7"
input_exit_emulator_btn = "7"
input_l_y_minus_axis = "-1"
input_up_btn = "13"
input_r_y_minus_axis = "-4"
input_a_btn = "1"
input_b_btn = "0"
input_reset_btn = "0"
input_enable_hotkey_btn = "6"
input_down_btn = "14"
input_l_x_plus_axis = "+0"
input_l_y_plus_axis = "+1"
input_r_btn = "5"
input_save_state_btn = "5"
input_r3_btn = "10"
input_right_btn = "12"
input_state_slot_increase_btn = "12"
input_x_btn = "3"
input_menu_toggle_btn = "3"
input_select_btn = "6"
input_l_x_minus_axis = "-0"
input_y_btn = "2"
input_left_btn = "11"
input_state_slot_decrease_btn = "11"
input_r_x_plus_axis = "+3"
input_l2_axis = "+2"

If I go to raspi-config from the RetroPie EmulationStation menu, and then click script overscan settings, I notice that it seems to disable overscan_scale=1 in /boot/config.txt.

This setting seems to get disabled as soon as I change the raspi-config overscan settings at all -- regardless of whether I'm enabling or disabling overscan. Just changing the setting within raspi-config comments out overscan_scale=1.

This basically screws up emulationstation so that it stops following the overscan settings in /boot/config.txt. That is, unless /boot/config.txt has overscan_scale=1 set, then any of the other overscan settings will only apply to things like the shell, but not to emulationstation, which will remain unaffected.

Is this a bug? I just updated my retropie-setup last week, fwiw, so this is not an old version.


I'm pretty new to the whole pi thing and bought a couple to tinker with to keep my brain working. The first I have turned into a pi-hole, and the second I'm doing a portable retropie/kodi build and will eventually build a little case for etc etc.

Anyway I have a problem - I want to run the roms and the movies from a usb drive. I've set it up for Retropie without any dramas using the retropie-mount folder. But what seems to happen is I boot into Retropie with the drive connected and it doesn't see Kodi - I'm assuming it's something to do with the drive being mounted as the source for roms, so it's looking at the portable drive instead of the sd card.

I have to reboot the system with the drive unplugged in order for Kodi to show up as a 'port', load up Kodi and then plug the drive in. This is ok for a workaround but I really want to be able to show up somewhere with the case, plug in the hdmi and power, sit on the couch and easily move between Kodi and Retropie.

I've checked the wiki and googled to no avail - has anyone fixed this or know how?


So I purchased a raspberry pi 3 model B I have a 32 gig Micro SD card Does anyone have any torrent or a walk-through of what I can do to turn it into a retropie Would be cool if it also had Kodi but that's alot to ask for i suppose. Also do I really need the heat syncs?


I have RetroPie on my Raspberry Pi 3 and it works with a Bluetooth keyboard. However, I bought the HORIPAD ultimate controller to use with Apple Tv and have since tried connecting it to my Rasp Pi. I can get the controller to connect but I can't ever get it to configure the buttons (just the MENU button). Any recommendations or help?

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