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8 months ago
ArchivedStickied postModerator of r/RandomKindness

We have added three new rules:

  • No trades or reimbursement.

  • Do not use multiple accounts, the use of multiple accounts may lead to a ban.

  • Accounts must be 30 days old, have 300 comment karma, and have recent non spam or request activity in the past 30 days to post a request or enter to receive on offers.

The first rule was there to start with but under a different rule and after an edit to the rules got lost so it's now it's own separate rule. There was a lack of space to individualize everything in the sidebar but now that we have a rules section in the wiki we have the space to be more specific.

The second rule is kind of an unspoken rule in all giving subreddits, we're adding it to help be clear.

The last rule has been discussed at length in mod mail and we decided to give it a shot. It's based on a rule from /r/Random_acts_of_pizza but is not quite as high of a requirement.

Rules in full can be found here.

Edited to correct a typo.


Hi. I was involved in a car accident in August of 2016. It nearly cost me my life. I was 29 at the time of the accident and turned 30 while still inpatient. I had some major trauma, including multiple broken/mangled limbs, broken vertebrae, traumatic brain injury, tension pneumothorax and hemothorax, and other various injuries. My left (dominant) arm had fascial damage and needed grafting. A radial free flap was done, which left another large scar covering most of the interior forearm. To cover the donor site- the surgeon did an abdominoplasty to procure tissue. It was botched and left me with a 4inch by 14 inch horrendous scar. The recovery itself took nearly a year. I'm now walking. Thankfully! I've recently had my arm and leg hardware removed which left even more scars. I never had an issue with body positivity before, or self esteem. But being 31, divorced, with 2 kids (one with Autism), forced to be wheelchair or bedbound and move back in with my widower father has been one hell of a ride. I hope and have worked so hard to be able to be independent again by the end of summer. I've looked for photographers around my area (MS/TN/AR) and will look further away as well, but as of yet I've been unable to find one in my region that takes tasteful near nude or lingerie only photos that the sitting fee alone isn't way out of budget, much less actually getting photos. I would be so thankful to have photos to be taken to help me boost my own body positivity, self esteem, help me accept my very different looking self, and maybe feel like I'm still something to be desired again. Sorry for the long rambling post. Hope to find someone who's willing to share their talent in an act of kindness. Have a good day!


I'm not 100% sure if the code/link I my email can be given to someone else, but in case it can I'm offering it to someone. I have no need for it myself

The 'restrictions' on the website for it are

One month free trial offer valid for Limited Commercials or No Commercials plans only. Offer valid for new and eligible returning subscribers only. After free trial ends, subscription fees apply starting at $7.99/month unless cancelled. Cancel anytime. Terms apply.


Hey all, I am 19 weeks pregnant with a boy due in November. I don't have a lot of friends with kids (or friends in general). I have been buying the essentials myself. Just curious if anyone would be willing to send baby items. I would love hand-me down clothing if available.


It means a lot I appreciate all of the responses and wisdom people shared with me.


From my understanding there are a few subs for people that are struggling with depression and some of the community feels that the mods, or people that are usually there to help have left to do other things. Nothing against these people I'm sure they are busy with their own life and being able to provide consistent help to people on reddit can be a bit of a large task to handle. If there is anyone here that is willing to offer help the people of r/suicidewatch and especially /r/2meirl4cubed_meirl it would be greatly appreciated. Just a forewarning the sub /r/2meirl4cubed_meirl is honestly a fairly dark place. The subscriber base seems to be more of children that are coming to this sub for help to follow through with their suicide. It is a large task to take on and your kindness may be met with hostility however I really feel these subs could use a little more acts of random kindness. If you feel like you are able to provide serious words of wisdom these subreddits could really use it. Thank you for at least reading this submission. I hope we can find some help and offer some professional advice for these people. Again thank you.


A few years ago, my dad passed away. My mom has always been a stay at home mother, and because of a prior arrest, she couldnt find a job. She found work with a temp agency back in February and today they told her that Friday is her last day. She has two teenage kids and she is devastated and worried she will not find another job for a while because of her record. Thoughts for my mom would be wonderful, and I know she would appreciate them.


I have one combo that I can't use, so I would like to give it away to someone.

I only have one, and these will all go to the same person.

Comment what movie you would see if you got a ticket. Picking 13 people tomorrow morning.

EDIT: This is for the United States ONLY. I am so sorry for anyone who may have commented that isn't from the US. Good Luck Everyone!

IMPORTANT UPDATE : In honor of my 18th birthday (June 21st, 2018), I will now be giving away 13 ticket, popcorn and drink combo's.

UPDATE TWO : I am picking winners now. I will notify the winners they have won and update this post with the list of winners.

Winners - u/bitchnumber24 , u/gentlestardust , u/gigless , u/businessfreakt , u/IronDuck721 , u/maybeilllurkmore , u/Ryuenjin , u/neptunestatss , u/WhisperingFlame , u/strictly900 , u/ingyboy911 , u/ceelily , u/CrimsonNyte

I am so sorry I couldn’t give everyone tickets, I really wish I had enough. I will be back here when I get more for sure! I hopefully will be getting more really soon. I hope everyone has an amazing day, Thank you so much for letting me give these away! Doing things like this make me really really happy.

All Winners Have Been Notified Via PM.


this is an incredibly far-fetched effort but hear me out.

for years i’ve been wanting to experience this game, ever since i first got xbox live back in 2014. however due to an expiring licence the game is no longer available for download on xbla or psn.

if anyone has a code or an account with access to a download of the game they are willing to help me out with i will very much appreciate it :)

thanks in advance, gliitch


Just wanted to thank this amazing Reddit user for sending me her iphone 6. I recently got laid off and was planning to give my friend an iphone 5 or later to replace her broken/cracked screen/barely charges iphone 4. She's also going through rough times financially and this is going to make her Bday super awesome!!!!! MaryDillPickle - YOU ROCK!!! <3


Hello everyone! I'm back again! I do these every now and again, mainly to practice my skills and develop new styles. If you got a portrait last time, feel free to ask again! I'm testing out a new style!

Basically, give me a good quality picture of you or whoever you want via Imgur or whatever you use (Unfortunately I can't do animals with the new style I'm developing... yet.) and I'll make a digital portrait of you! Also, let me know if there's anything special you want (freckles, different hair colors, galaxy hair, simple backgrounds.) I'd post my portfolio link for a reference, but I don't want it to count as self promotion, so feel free to message me if you want to see examples of what I do. I'm working with a semi-realistic style. I eventually want to do commissions, because I'm a broke college kid with literally no summer money, so I'd like to practice and build up a small following before I start!

All I ask is that I can post the finished portrait on my art portfolio Instagram when I'm done. Also, I'll mark this when I've taken on too many, so don't worry about if I'm still doing this! Honestly, it gives me something to do during the hot summer days and long summer nights.

Thanks! Can't wait to draw some of your beautiful faces

Forgot to add: It would be best if it's just a headshot/waist up photo! Thanks!

Edit #2: Wow! I've gotten a lot of responses, but don't worry! Keep sending them in, and I'll get to them as I can! I usually just draw random people on Instagram, so it's cool to actually draw people who really want my art. So excited to finish these!

Edit #3: Okay, I woke up (I was up until 3 or so working on one of these) and wow, I've gotten a lot of responses and am I bit overwhelmed! I'll get to these as I can! I'm gonna close his now, but once I finish this big batch, I'll probably make a new post, so don't worry if you missed out! Thanks everyone!


I've had some low points in my life. But I've always found a way to land on my feet. Having to help take care of my mom and 2 brothers has been a challenge. It was one I thought I could handle. I have a strong amount of pride. It allows me to think logically in times of crisis, because I strive to keep myself in check. But it also burdens me quite a bit. And money has been ruling my life for the last few weeks. I was promised a better job than my old one. I was being treating poorly despite my impactful output. And was denied a raise because my company was in a slow period. Desperate, and yet hopeful. I took this new promising job thru a staffing service (which can be a huge risk) Well, turns out said job wouldn't start until the beginning of July. I went from working a few hours a day, to not being called for 2 weeks as I was promised in the time gap. I was able to find a cheaper insurance. So that helps. But my car note is huge, and ive been scrapping every penny I could to pay it off. But as the day goes by its become tougher and tougher. All while trying to put food in my family and i's belly. I also have bad asthma which effects my sleep. I sleep about 3 hours a day and have been for a week. Good news is I may get a new job out of state. But I will be away from my family for a long time. And like I said before, I have to wait. All my bills are already past due. I don't want to spend the last week I have with my family worrying and irritated. Its effecting me mentally. Help with some groceries, or help with my medicine would truly be a blessing. Either or. There are probably many more deserving than me. And for those people, I hope you help them before you help me. But whatever you could do, would be very appreciated. Thank you.


I am really stressed out because it's finals week, and I just want a fun video game to help me relax. I've heard Just Cause 3 is a fun game to just fool around and relax, so I'm asking anybody out there to help me with this. I've linked the page of the game on G2A, a cheap games site. If you can help it would be much appreciated.


I would be forever grateful if someone could drop some tickets on me to take my wife and daughter to see Incredibles 2. Usually I have money for fun outings and eating out but recently my wife's car died and the cost to repair it wasn't worth it given the age, mileage, and number of issues with it. I ended up buying groceries and sinking our savings into a new car to make sure they are safe and well looked after. That has, however caused us to be short last week, this week, and next without much to do but watch Netflix, go to the park, and swim. You can only do the same three things before it gets monotonous. I was hoping someone could come to our rescue and help us change up the game and go see Incredibles 2 tonight as a family at our local AMC. Thanks in advance for your consideration, reddit!


I just graduated from college and I’m independent from my family. I have put my resume in at a bunch of places but have yet to hear from anyone. My phone shuts off today and only have $5 to my name. Hoping someone can help out as I need a way for employers to contact me.


Hi. I am posting this request for one of my co-workers. She has a 7 year old son who suffers from Henoch-Schonlein purpura (HSP). While most children are able to grow out of the disease, their son has suffered greatly and is now in renal failure. Medical bills (US) have basically bankrupted the family. They went to see a specialist in Tennessee to see if there was anything that could be done to help the young boy, but now they have no money to return to home in New Mexico. They are literally stuck half way across the country with no ability to get back.

They have an appointment with the specialist on Thursday/Friday and are looking to come back Saturday (6/23) or later. I would send you all their information to be able to order the bus tickets online and send them an e-ticket. They have approved me giving this information.

As of today, the two tickets would be $366.80 for the 5:20 pm from Nashville, TN to Las Cruces, NM on the 28th. One Adult is $201.00 and the child is $160.80. If anyone is willing to help, it would be extremely appreciated!!


I’d really like some Snapfish codes from T-Mobile Tuesdays if you don’t need them. You can send them to me through PM. I have a lot of pictures I’ve been wanting to print for a long time and I’ll take as many as I can get. Been waiting for TMO to release some Snapfish codes.


I have an old Minolta xg-m camera that I got at a thrift store. I got it back in working order some time ago, but I have no idea if it took the photos correctly because I can't afford to develop the film and I'm also out of film as well. If someone could help me develop the film just once, that would be amazing


I have credits for and wanted to give away a couple boxes. They have meat/fish or veggie options. It will probably take around a week or two to arrive.

Note: These are not coupons or anything like that, I'l be ordering the box myself.

Gave away 4 boxes, done for now. I'l be back later!


Thank you, needed that screenshot for price protection and I won’t be back on my pc for a while, thanks for helping me out!


I made a purchase on HumbleBundle and received it as a complimentary "gift". My son has no interest in Warframe, so I'd like to offer it to someone who does play the game. The code must be redeemed by June 30, 2018 so I don't want it to go to waste by holding onto it. I have pasted the HumbleBundle description of the content below:

Warframe is a cooperative, free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. Get these Humble exclusives for free:

  • Foxglove Syandana cosmetic item
  • 200,000 Credits (in-game currency)
  • 3-Day Affinity + Resource Boosters

(I apologize if I'm breaking a rule since I don't have a lot of comments, but I'm not looking to receive "flair" for this and I'm not requesting anything. I just don't want this to go to waste.)


i’ve always been very good with math and budgeting and i’d like to put this to use to help people. i have excel and i could also make you a spreadsheet with budgeting advice and we could work together to find something that makes your life and spreading out your paycheck a bit easier. comment if you could use help with budgeting (monthly budgets or just short term/saving needs, really anything! just happy to help)


So today is my birthday and I feel that nobody, besides my mom, cares. My dad used to call me, but he passed away last year. I don't have sibilings and not a lot of friends.

So could I get some birthday wishes please? I would make me feel better about this day. Thank you.


I have been wanting to play this game for a while but I just don't have the money. I have never done this before, but if anyone was willing it would be awesome.

STEAM Profile I.D.: A friend randomly bought the game for me today to cheer me up. So I am removing my request.

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