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Fucking shitty old racist white guy that’s going to Starbuck just now

To provide some context, I’m Asian. But I’m an American that was born here. My dad fought in the Vietnam War and we all have US citizenships.

I’ve always encountered stereotypes and racism growing up, but nothing ever directly at my face and definitely not in front of my parents.

So today I’m going with my parents to a hospital in Beverly Hills and we stopped by at a Starbucks.

My dad had a lung disease and had to get a transplant and is currently on only 1 lung, and he has his own handicapped card that was given to him by our state (California).

A couple minutes ago, we parked in one of the two handicapped spots at the Starbucks.

Cue the old piece of shit coming up, driving some white long car and parked in the nearby handicapped spot.

He gets out of his car, as my mom comes back bringing coffee for my dad, the fucker starts flaming my mom (who knows limited English).

I couldn’t hear the first few words, but he started saying it was illegal to park in the handicapped spot (which it wasn’t because we were carrying my dad).

He then called my mom an “illegal” and the rest of us in the vehicle.

He proceeded to stand in front of our red van and take a picture of us. He’ll probably try to report us to the cops or he’s going to keep that picture for some suspicious use.

(So if you guys see some random picture online of a red van full of Asians, please let me know.)

Needless to say, that completely ruined our day already and I have nowhere to let out my anger.

Fuck racist old people.


My dad is retarded

We’ve been stuck at an airport for over 8 hours now and I shit you not he’s been looking through ifunny collective section for 8 hours straight at shitty unfunny content with his volume all the way up playing anime shitpost videos for everyone around us to hear


I am tired of all this incest crap on the internet

For years I was sexually abused by my own father, and you know what's the one thing I don't want to see on the internet? Fucking incest everywhere, on any porn site there's tons of videos like this, and there are even communities on this site and across the internet to discuss how "wonderful" it is or how "hot" it is. Well it's neither of those things, it's the fucking worst thing imaginable. Sure polite society would say it's wrong and sympathize with me, but then on the internet where everyone is anonymous, suddenly it's a joke and fetish to everyone, it's like society is secretly mocking me and anyone else who has gone through something similar. Even if people still don't think it's ok, it's still just a joke to people, on Reddit people constantly reference that story about that boy with the fucking broken arms and it's not ok, that's rape, it's not funny.


A rant about the Kylie Jenner GoFundMe page and how mindless people are

This. Wake up people. We have idiotic supporters of this so called "celebrity" brain washed into thinking she has talent. I say fuck everyone who supports this crap.

Everyone who thinks this person has any talent or deserves any mainstream success or is even a good person is GODDAMN WRONG. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING about this person is interesting in the slightest and the fact that they are even FAMOUS PISSES ME OFF. Tell me, what has this "celebrity" have done in her entire existence? Has she acted in a movie or TV show? Has she made music or sung? ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT. All this bitch does is is make shitty makeup products made for bitchy basic white whores. IT MAKES ME SICK.

We need to let people know that their money is way more important to other things than this talent less cunt. Why can't these dumbasses just donate their money to shit that ACTUALLY BENEFITS OTHERS like donate to a charity for starving kids in Africa, a cancer or AIDS charity or give out money to homeless people. It makes me sick that people choose to give their money to make this "celebrity" a fucking, goddamn millionaire. People are serious about turning Kylie "No Talent" Jenner into a FUCKING MILLIONARE.

To quote Dogma by KMFDM: "We fear that pop-culture is the only culture we're ever going to have We want to stop reading magazines Stop watching T.V. Stop caring about Hollywood But we're addicted to the things we hate"


Why are people my age so FUCKING loud in public places in front of strangers?

This drives me INSANE. I'm 16. Whenever I'm with friends in a public place they act like they have no concept of the fact that other people are there. Yesterday a girl I was with screamed "WHAT THE FUCK" in front of multiple families with children in a public park. I cannot comprehend how they don't realize how rude they are. Sometimes I tell them to quiet down but it's not cool. I'm always so embarrassed to be there. :(


People who don't listen to their real doctor, and instead do something with alternative medicine, make me SCREAM inside.

My summer job is at a hospital, and something that makes me SCREAM inside is when patients don't listen to their real doctor, and instead do something with alternative medicine.

If someone has a cold or the flu, alternative medicine is probably ok. Worst case scenario, you just take longer to recover. But for more serious conditions, you need to listen to your real doctor.

A patient with hypertension came in today, and his BP has gotten worse since last time. It turns out he hasn't been taking his medication, and he's instead been taking some garlic/cinnamon pill. It's so frustrating. And he's not the only one. Every week, we get like one or two of these people.

Steve Jobs' biggest regret was trying to beat cancer with alternative medicine. Can people learn from his mistake? It really hurts me when I see people doing themselves this much harm by not listening to their real doctor.



You literally should stand outside of abortion clinics and be REQUIRED to take on the financial and social burden of every single unwanted child that you cause to be born. EVERY, SINGLE, CHILD, as a result of your protesting.

In fact, I think we should pass a new law. If you want to opt-out of abortion, the burden of responsibility should be showered on large-scale anti-abortion groups that have PAC presence and lobby the government. To take that further, as those unwanted children progress throughout society up until the age of 21, the organization lobbying for their birth should reimburse localities for the education expense and anything else that public property taxes, etc should have taken care of. And finally, as a result of the anti-abortion protesting, the estates of those that changed laws, influenced politics, or intimidated women should be responsible for the college education of those individuals and in the event that person didn't become a benefit to society they should subsequently reimburse the government for healthcare, welfare, police action, and anything resulting from their anti-abortion activities! Let's bankrupt churches and republicans who want children to be born en-masse without a plan to sustain their longterm growth!


We should protect the desperate or disenfranchised, instead of exploiting them for cheap labor

Yes, there is a whole planet’s worth of people willing to be legally enslaved by low wages and/or debt, but that very willing attitude towards self-enslavement should preclude them from agreeing to the terms of wage- and/or debt-slavery.

It logically follows that any person who would agree to becoming a slave has lost— or never possessed— the intellectual faculties to agree to such a contract. The ineligibility of the deranged or intellectually disabled to agree to legally binding contracts is well established in the court systems of most advanced societies due to the ethical problems surrounding the exploitation of said contracts. By the same token, it is similarly ethically and legally established that taking contractual advantage of such individuals is ethically and legally improper.

However, our various western corporate entities freely exploit people who are willing to accept lower than market value wages for their labor, which in itself indicates a person who does not have full control of their intellectual capacities, and who is therefore ineligible to enter into a legally binding contract, as evidenced by their aforementioned overtly self-destructive behavior.

Upon these two simple propositions, I argue that all wage or debt slavery, and therefore all corporate practices, are legally, ethically, and logically incorrect and should on this basis be abandoned.


the fuck adult swim

Mostly 4 Millenials!? Ballmasterz!? Brad Neely's Hard Ballin Sclorpio whatever the fuck!? Hot Streets!? Williams Street Swap Shop?! Million Dollar Extreme!? Night At the Movies!? Fish Center Recap!? The fuck these aren't fucking shows they're non sequiturs! They have no jokes it's all fucking random shit for randomness's sake or god awful awkward humor that let's admit it, nobody really finds funny! Entertaining maybe, but funny!? Find something good to produce jesus christ, you guys used to have Moral Orel, Harvey Birdman, Space Ghost, Superjail!, Sealab 2021 and Boondocks! gggaaaahhh


Another movie theater rant

Go to see Hotel Transylvania 3 at 9pm showtime hoping for fewer kids. Nope, still a healthy amount. The parents ~6 seats down the row from me have the loudest girl in the theater. She’s yelling during scenes. I let it slide because I expected children and the pitch of her voice isn’t as intrusive as I thought it would be.

But then dad uses his phone to text someone a half hour in. Now, I’m agitated because you should already feel guilty for having a loud daughter you can’t get to be quiet.

Then, turns out, the little girl has those shoes that light up when you walk. And she starts banging her feet into her seat and creating a dim strobe light in the row. Of course she has those fucking shoes, why not?

I finally got up and confronted the father towards the end of the movie. I go to a dine in theater that delivers your check before the movie ends. This guy used his phone’s flashlight to look at his check and count out his cash. I had to get up to tell him, he can wait and do that when the movie is through because his flashlight is a distraction for everyone.

He apologized and the couple behind him gave me a thumbs up. But I’m just tired of being the person that has to address adults about their behaviour and remind them they are not alone in the theater.

And I’m fucking tired of the fact that there is no adults only time for these animations that get released. Just one fucking time, like a 10pm on a Wednesday night. That’s it, that’s all I want, one fucking time slot where it’s guaranteed that there are no children to hear whine or shout, that I only have to deal with oblivious adults.


People who knowingly fake mental illnesses need to die.

All they do is make things harder for people who are actually mentally ill by making the world think everyone is a faker.

No one around me believed I had depression for years, not even me, and that only made it get worse and worse until I actually got diagnosed. All because of these fuckers. So I can say from experience the kind of effect these pieces of shit have on people with real mental illnesses.


Bullshit Insurance After Being Hit by a Car

My husband was hit by a car a few months ago. He was in a crosswalk. Over half across. At an intersection right next to the train station where there are always pedestrians crossing there. There's even a sign, reflective neon, that says it's state law to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

He wound up in the ER with 4 stitches in his head. Naturally we billed the insurance of the dumb bitch who hit him. Our insurance instructed us to bill them. The hospital even gave us the paperwork for the other persons insurance to pay.

This insurance company writes us a letter saying that my husband is equally at fault for.... it being dark and for having a black coat? A standard black peacoat in February. In a crosswalk. With a yield sign. More than half across. He didn't jaywalk. He didn't run out into the street. But he's "at fault" in their eyes. The kicker is that we looked up the record of the woman who hit him - worst fucking driving record I have ever seen. So many accidents for which she was found at fault.

We didn't want to involve lawyers but are you kidding me with this shit? She could have KILLED him. So we hired a lawyer and they've been working on it. Now today we get a letter in the mail from the lady's insurance starting that WE owe $8000 to THEM. For what? For the dent that must have been left after she fucking hit a legally crossing pedestrian?

What kind if scummy, greedy bullshit is this??? We didn't ask for anything except for his medical bills to be paid. That was it. Now we're going to sue the everliving fuck out of this insane insurance company. Like how does the adjuster working on this sleep at night? In what world would the victim of an accident like this have to pay a fucking cent? I'm so angry I'm shaking.

I know that it'll wall work out in our favor but I'm just disgusted and furious.


My friend is terrible at video games, and wants me to congratulate him on every single minor accomplishment

This friend is part of my general friend group, and for some reason every small accomplishment is given a huge reaction by everyone else, but when I do it no one says a word.

Just today, my friend 1v2'd in Fortnite, and said "you gotta rate me on that 1v2". In the same game, I literally killed 7 guys in a minute, and the rest of the team didn't say a single word.

Also, when we played League of Legends, he 1v3'd the enemy team with Yasuo. The only thing was, the 3 other guys literally had a bar of health left, after which he got the biggest ego of himself ever, and said "you gotta rate the yasuo skills". Like always, my friends go crazy and when I got a pentakill in the same game, no one said a word.

Honestly, fuck my friends


I just hate myself, that’s all

Not sure if this belongs here but here goes.

I’m just so sad all the time and idk what to do about it. Therapists and pills haven’t helped. And to make it worse, today I got the worst haircut of my life. It may not seem like a big deal, but I already hated myself a lot and this is just making me hate myself even more. I’m not smart, I’m not good at anything, I’m ugly and I barely have any friends.

Additionally, I’m technically a girl but I don’t feel like one at all, regardless of what one might belive on that subject. I wish I was born a guy, I want to rip myself out of my skin, I just hate existing as the person I am. Every time I look in the mirror it just feels wrong.

Today I punched a wall and cut myself on my shoulder because it’s too hot out to do it properly. Once fall comes around I feel like I won’t be able to control myself, hell I feel like I’m already losing control now.


FedEx Ground FUCK YOU

Why, why and the fuck do you tell me to leave a note to leave the package only for your driver to pick a door to my building that no one uses. I'm not even sure why in the fuck you drove back there it's the furthest door from the fucking street and it's fraught with hazards that you make any driver with common sense say fuck no. Thanks for the fucking door tag.


Christian home schooling

We hear a lot about why functional able to provide gay parents with means to support children should not be able to adopt. HOWEVER, what is up with all the Christian home schooling situations where mass amounts of children are abused? WHY ARE MORE OF THESE FREAKS NOT IN PRISON? Seriously.... California is especially infested with these groups. And not for nothing, but I hear about more homeschooling shortcomings with good ol' fashioned americans than I hear from any other group. What the F* is wrong with you people?


Whys everyone such a cunt to me?!

All I try and do is live my fucking life. I'm a quiet guy, I keep to myself, I work a steady job and don't cause people any bother.

But it feels like the whole fucking world is out to get me.

•I live with a guy so get people wondering past the house occasionally shout "fags".

•If I walk through town I get people muttering stuff like "what's he looking at?" and muttering other crap about me despite keeping my head down and not bothering anyone. They'll never come up to me and fucking say it.

•My neighbours seem to hate me. My neighbour at the back sits outside all day smoking weed, shouting and balling at his kids as he lives on the dole. His property overlooks mine, he's very social and always talking with people in his yard, I often hear him slagging me off despite me not even knowing him. The only reason I know him is because you hear him all the fucking time with his shitty manc accent because he's sat outside like a sad act talking loudly

•Neighbours at the side get drunk on weekends and talk in the yard drunk every time when in a communal yard in high density housing slagging off each of their neighbours (including me). What have I done? I don't even know you! I'm the most decent fucking person around here! The guy thinks he's someone, is always whinging outside when I'm trying to sleep and have my window open (as it's summer and it's hot), the trampy sounding woman could be his gf or his mother, you hear her all the time. Never fucking seen her but I know exactly what that trampy sounding voice is like through a mixture of hearing them talk every day and hearing her sing to old crappy music when she's pissed. I won't be the only person they piss off. I've heard them slagging off their polish neighbours before at 12 o'clock at night, no one apart from me even bother to open their blinds.

•Happened to be walking down the street vaping the other day. Was near a nursery, not right next to it, across the road from it. Suddenly see some muppet start going into the shop at the end of the street saying "that guy from [place where I work] is smoking next to a nursery!". Outrage! Fuck the losers on my street keeping everyone awake at night by their drunken rants, fuck the workshy layabout at the back smoking weed day-in day-out, completely lose your mind that I'm anywhere near a nursery smoking Something that doesn't combust. Nursery next to a road spitting out particulates from petrol and diesel for fuck sake. How he acted it's like I just went up to a kid and blew asbestos up their nostrils! What pissed me off most was I didn't have a clue who this guy is but he recognised me from my retail job and decided he'd go and badmouth me to everyone! Smoking is the only thing that keeps me calm and I can't even have that! Fuck that guy!

•Walked home from work the other day. Went to the dentist after work, had fillings, lidocaine numbed my face up. Happen to see the workshy layabout out in front of his house staring me down with his poxy mate. Mutter "what the fuck is he looking at" because really, what the fuck is that scrote staring me down for? I'm meters away from them, poxy mate starts doing a war dance, trying to look bigger and "hard" like animals do. I just keep walking as I don't want trouble, I'd love to smash both their skulls but I'm not a fighter. I have thought about biting the bullet and sending them a Christmas hamper before for his Oliver twist children and to make amends despite doing nothing wrong, but seriously fuck them. When you're out every day making the place a miserable place to live, staring down your neighbours, seriously fuck you. I'd rather go round on Christmas and shit down the chimney.

•Drove back from work yesterday. Parked my car and some guy starts shouting something. I have shit hearing but given how hostile people seem to treat me I just presume he's badmouthing me, I just presume it's scrubber's poxy mate spoiling for a fight. Only this time instead of the usual badmouthing muttering and skulking off like a pussy like they always do he's proper standing there shouting something. He's a pretty rough looking guy, usually I would have carried on walking but he's looking right at me saying something I don't understand as I'm fucking knackered, had bad brain fog all day and barely slept the night before. So I approach him as he's really keen on confronting me and I'm not a fighter, I'd be the first to run but this guy isn't stopping, he obviously wants something. So I go up to him and ask him what he's saying. Turns out he's only asking for a coffee, think I must have intimidated him in my brain fogged state looking right at him trying to figure out what he was mouthing off because he acted all chill, fist bumped me and said he was only asking. Seriously the only pleasant experience I've had with someone I thought was spoiling for a fight, felt pretty bad for potentially intimidating him but with all the shit I get off people it's what I come to expect.

•Other day at work I'm on the car park. Hear some random person walk past my car say "his name's X from [my street]". I try to live quietly and anonymously so who the hell are these people knowing my full name and where I live?! I don't know anyone in this town!

•Walking back from a shop today. Look both ways for traffic like any good parent would teach, some cunt driving past decides to stick his fingers up as he's driving past. What the hell? Pretty sure I'd seen him in the shop. All these people suddenly get brave when they're zooming past or think they're out of earshot. Like what the fuck have I done to him apart from momentarily looked in his direction?

What the fuck is wrong with people? Why's everyone so aggressive and bitter? Is it just me, is it something about my face people don't like? I have social fucking anxiety because of stuff like this, I try to keep myself to myself, why the fuck can't people just leave me the hell alone?


Geez Mom, I don’t know why I try to make you proud

I was at petsmart with my mom today, and I was so happy seeing all the doggos and cats and just talking about how much I love animals, and would like to own a dog grooming place one day. “That job won’t make you money” Okay fine, it may never happen anyways, she shot me down, but it’s okay because CHECK OUT THOSE KITTENS!

I had just adopted my cat from here (the petsmart I have works with my animal shelter) and I saw another guy about my age looking at the cats. We struck up a conversation about cats and how to introduce them to dogs. I was having a blast. This guy’s mom shows up, and so does mine, we all talk a bit and then my mom and I go.

You know that kid is autistic right?

Yeah? So what? He was chill.

The final straw was when I saw these party hats and bow ties for the sweet sweet doggos. I got so happy I said something along the lines of “Look our dogs can have party hats and bow ties!”


what? Is our dog going to start questioning it’s gender? Why the fuck can’t my dog wear a bow tie? She’s just pissed that I’m queer and conversion therapy didnt change me and only added to my crippling anxiety.

It just pisses me off because she’s a school counselor. Kids depend on her for all these types of things, and this is the type of care she gives them?

Anyways, thanks Mom.


Fuck school, fuck grades and fuck Indians

Long post.

Before you call me racist, I’m Indian myself and I’ve personally experienced the mentality of Asians. I’m going to be generally talking about Indians though as with eastern Asians (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc., they seem pretty chill) I don’t really have personal experience with. Anyways, ever since I was little, my parents always told me to focus on grades, literally nothing else except “educational” hobbies like music and even then they wouldn’t let me do shit I liked, they just forced me to play a “respectable” instrument which was the violin.

They also encouraged me to get friends based on what level of classes they were in. What the fuck. Like whenever I tell them about stuff I did with some people, the first thing they asked me was “is he taking any advanced classes?” Why the fuck does it matter what classes they’re taking?they’re my friends because they are fun to hang around with, not because we take turns jacking off to quadratic functions.They literally made a social hierarchy based on stupid class divisions. Essentially, I couldn’t make friends anymore after years of isolation like this, barring me from having human relations ships based on people I liked and instead forced to mingle with people that were of my “class” and looking down on peasants that don’t match my intelligence or whatever bullshit.

Now you may say they only want the best for me. While I believe this is true, another part of the reason is status. Whenever we go to family gatherings, they argue who’s kid is more intelligent. Like my mom literally told my aunt on how I’m so smart and get A+ on everything (I don’t) and they want me to be a doctor. Speaking of career, they forced me to change my aspirations from becoming an astronaut to a respectable and “high class” surgeon.

Anyways, the other day we went to a family gathering and it was all Indians there. They then had a conversation about school, college and they straight up lied about my sat score to make our family look better. Like not even a close estimate, literally rounded 1340 to a 1400 lmao. And of course they had to make up a reason for why my score was so low. They said I didn’t study at all haha and he’s so intelligent he got such a high score for not studying. Fuck you, you forced me to study everyday and waste my goddamn summer (this was last summer btw), going through worksheet after worksheet trying to get a some 4 digit number that probably won’t affect me after I graduate.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the superiority complex Indians have. There are layers of irony here but I’ll get to that. Pretty much every Indian thinks they are better than most people because they take all the hard ap courses meant for smart people. For real, it’s like they form a big circlejerk and jack off too whoever takes the most AP’s, the most musical talents, and the highest SAT scores. It’s so fucking fake and worse,they literally give up on human connections, which in my opinion is the most important aspect of life, to get some meaningless number which apparently proves that they’re smarter then everyone around them.

This is kind of unrelated to grades but I’ve noticed that they like white skin a lot (fair skin as they call it) and they think they are better than white kids based on their grades but they use whitening cream all the time. They then argue about who has the fairest skin in the family and who looks the best. God fucking dammit I hate it so much. Anyways, the grade mentality actually rubbed off on me and I actually thought with this mentality which is probably what drove people away from me. Fortunately I’ve changed but the effects are still there.

This does stem from Indian culture itself. Generally, having friends is okay (as long as they focus on school) but having any type of romantic relationship is forbidden because they think that it distracts you from studying. Like Holy shit, like they literally think that humans are just there to make you look better and give the sense of status instead of being there to form intimate relationships with and perhaps have one life partner to be happy with.

What my parents told me is to wait until after college when I get my doctor job, then I can maybe get a gf. Fuck that shit, I really don’t want to spend 10 years of my life doing stuff I don’t even like. And to top it off, 10 years without forming relationships with anyone, just work my ass off for some meaningless job so I can apparently earn 300k pieces of paper each year.

The thing is, NOW they want me to make friends and have relationships because they see me at home everyday doing nothing and just going out by myself sometimes. Their lack of self awareness is astounding, I actually can’t believe it. And they think they are intellectuals and the irony is, they are both psychologists and know how the teenage brain works and how important it is for humans to make connections with each other but apparently I’m so intelligent I don’t need friends, all I need to do is stay home and read pages and pages of useless information everyday.

For real I know that not all Indians are like this but it seems like a lot of them are. I’m no self depreciating person myself and I like a lot of the Indian culture (food, well pretty much food, can’t think of anything else) but the fact is I don’t want to be associated with these kinds of people and honestly, if someone asks for my race I’m just going to say human race because I’m sick of being grouped with these maniacs.

And Yes I know that my parents love me and all that too.

That was a long post lol, TL;DR: parents forced me to focus on grades and now I’m lonely and may have been conditioned to think in a toxic mindset.


Every dipshit does this, even professional publications do it, I’ve even seen it done engraved at a cemetery, you all need to stop spelling the word “loser” (the opposite of winning) as “looser” (the opposite of tight)

The word is LOSER! And a loser is what you are if you spell it as looser.

Stop being dumbasses, just stop. It’s spelled “loser”. Or simply “lose” if you will.

This has got to be far and away hands down the most common fuckup imaginable in the English written language. I have no doubt that it is incorrectly spelled as “loose” or “looser” much much more than it is spelled correctly. 100% confident on that.


Stupid fucking neighbors still setting off fireworks at night, 12 days after 4th of July. In an apartment complex.

It's usually just one. Maybe two. But it's been every day since the 4th of July.

It's close enough and loud enough to startle the shit out of me, and set off my girlfriend's PTSD. I can understand setting off fireworks on the 4th. Maybe even the day after. But it's fucking 12 days on now, and they're still doing it.

It pisses me off especially that if I were to call someone about it, like the landlord, or the cops, they wouldn't get there in time to see who's doing it.

I'm pretty close to just staking out our apartment complex and driving around to try and catch who's doing it. I hate that I even have to consider doing that.


Where is she from? Uhhh here?

My god I'm so tired of my family asking where my GF is from. She's from here. She was born here. She is American. She grew up in the same country I did and experienced every thing I did in this country. So when you ask where is she from I'm gonna say here. You can get mad and ask no where is she really from and I'm still gonna say here.


Fuck you, Kierstyn.

You stole my Limited Edition Avatar: The Last Airbender box set that loaned to you. We would talk every single day for the whole school year, and when you mentioned that you'd never watched AtLA, I was stupid enough to trust you and lend you my shit and expect you to return it. Fuck me, right?

Whenever I asked for an update, you always had some fucking excuse for not being able to return it. Then, after our graduation, you just fucking fell off the face of the Earth.

PSA: Don't trust people with borrowing your stuff. Nine times out of ten they will fuck you over.



I hate profs who STILL give an "introduce yourself" assignment

Let's be honest, nobody cares about each other in classes, people just want to pass then go home,

And also there's nothing interesting about myself that I'm willing to share so these things are always such a struggle

Like cut the bullshit and just give us something productive to do


I'm so mad about my fucked up body!

"They" fed my hispanic grandmother untested, unregulated birth control under the guise of having more than 2 kids is dangerous then she had to have an emergency hysterectomy at 32 because she was bleeding to death. "They" fed my hispanic mom BC to improve her period experience then she had 6 consecutive strokes at age 36 and was in the hospital for a month. "They" had my hispanic dad and his hispanic parents work in cucumber fields that were fertilized with dangerous, reproductive organ damaging chemicals. Those chemicals caused my grandparents' and fathers DNA to mutate. My grandfather died of prostate cancer at 45, my grandmother beat breast cancer, but lost her breasts. Now, I have a reproductive condition that is impacting my ability to have kids. If you don't think there's a connection, you're as naive as I used to be. I'm so angry at "them".

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