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If you haven't figured it out by now, you are so subscribed to the Leftist religion that you can't even see beyond the far-Left MSM scripture.

To be clear:

While HRC was buying the DNC and rigging the primary in her favor, BHO allowed the weaponization of his government agencies once again, in order to swing the 2016 elections.

BHO's CIA worked with foreign assets and HRC paid operatives to filter in bogus info LIKELY FROM RUSSIANS through the State Department and DOJ via Fusion GPS. The corrupt (and now removed) political hacks that were running the FBI began surveilling and sending informants to interact with low level Trump officials no later than APRIL 2016. Using these informants and HRC's bogus information from RUSSIANS, BHO's FBI obtained a FISA warrant on Carter Page in an effort to mine and leak damaging info about the Trump Team.

After the election the massive and sloppy coverup began and Rober Mueller was appointed as the last best hope to hide all of the skeletons of the 0bama administration.

Robert Mueller will fail. The truth is coming out more and more every day. BHO will be exposed as a bottom 5 President. Some (but not enough) of his lieutenants will go to jail, along with a few swamp creatures. HRC will be reaffirmed to be the dirtiest politician to have ever lived. All just in time for the midterms.

Cheer up though, at least the left has the strong anti-Constitution and socialist platform that will certainly resonate with all of those middle of the road voters seeing extra cash in their pockets and and a booming economy after years of stagnation! MAGA!

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