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Hello, r/blind!

Over the last couple months, we’ve delivered some announcements and posts around our approach to New Reddit. How we’ve conducted hundreds of hours of user studies and established a feedback community on r/redesign. How our product managers, designers, and engineers have been building New Reddit with the community and their feedback for the past year. However, while we've talked a lot about wanting to make New Reddit the best for everyone, historically we haven't done a great job of supporting one of the biggest parts of that mission: accessibility. We haven’t fulfilled a 13-year promise with the updated site that Reddit has a home for everyone.

Where we are today

Accessibility has always been top of mind for our team. We began with constant iterations on our new color system by making sure we were marching towards WCAG 2.0 best recommendations. We followed this by having quick access to contrast-friendly colors within the community customization menus and will soon give you the ability to turn off custom styles for those that have subscribed to the super incredible, sometimes wild styles that communities create.

Trust us, we didn’t and won’t stop there. We know any sort of navigation or even consumption is impossible with New Reddit right now. But that’s why we’re here. We’ve worked with individual users on all the pain points and frustrations of our current rollout, conducted a full site audit with experts (who helped us develop a long list of everything we could do to make Reddit more accessible), and established an internal team to standardize our components and process so every product, feature, and component will work with any item we build moving forward.

Going back to the audit, all 150+ pages of hard feedback … we had the product tested for the following user type, browser matrix, and AT (assistive technology) combinations:

User Operating System Browser Assistive Technology
Blind Windows IE11 Jaws 16
Firefox NVDA
Mac Safari Voiceover
Mobility Windows IE11 Dragon Voice Activation
Mobility Windows Chrome Keyboard
IE11 Keyboard
Deaf Windows/Mac Chrome -
Colorblind Windows Chrome System Inverted Colors
Dyslexia Windows Chrome -
Low Vision Windows IE11 Screen Magnification
Asperger's Windows/Mac Firefox -
Cognitive Impairment/Panic/Anxiety Windows 10 IE11 -

We opted to cast a wide net, to ensure that we can implement the best experience for everyone as efficiently as possible.

First on the docket

So, what are we doing first? Well, we’re going to be making sure all the majority of components around navigation and consumption are properly tagged with the ARIAs (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) and establishing a tab index for quick jumping to the main sections of Reddit and then diving into each component granularly.

Update: We've released our work in progress global header on New Reddit for keyboard navigation and screen reader support. If you have access please to check it out.

Coming soon-ish and how we can collaborate

Once we’ve unlocked navigation and general consumption, we’ll be going after our forms, validation, scripts and applets, media enhancements (hi, Reddit Video!), and more.

This all can’t be done without you, our community. If you’d like to be notified of our in-progress builds—all in effort to provide feedback, pain points, and how we can generally make your experience on Reddit, yours—then fill out this quick survey. We’ll periodically email you with specifics on what we need help testing.

If you have an issue with the survey, you are more than welcome to send me a PM or Chat.

I'll be around for a little bit to answer any questions you may have ... and as always, cue the Huey Lewis and let’s work together to make Reddit some kind of wonderful.

Edit: Added a missed row in the table :)

Edit 2: Updated the survey link!

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Hi all,

The release notes focus on the major items we are currently working on or have recently shipped. You can view last week’s release notes here.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the notable items we are currently working on or have shipped recently:

  • New home for mod mode (shipped): We moved the mod mode toggle from the hamburger menu into the user dropdown.
  • Native mobile structured styles (shipped): Making it easier for Mods to manage their communities across platforms, especially on mobile, is one of the aims of the redesign, and this week Moderators will see their community styling and sidebars appear on iOS in version 4.12. This is only viewable to Moderators for now so communities have time to update their styling. In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching structured styles on Android.
  • Accessibility of the feed (in progress): We are continuing to improve the accessibility of new Reddit, you can view our progress post here. A couple weeks ago we shipped an update that improved screen reader consumption of the navigation bar. This week we will be shipping improvements for keyboard navigation and screen reader access to consume the feed and posts. This includes improvements such as an ARIA pressed status on the vote arrows so that you know if you’ve already upvoted the post (thanks to u/fastfinge for this suggestion). Next up will be monitoring the feedback coming in on our consumption surfaces and prioritize fixes around that, then we’ll begin to open up modals and community specific elements.
  • Modmail Search (in progress): We ran into a few bugs, but we’re still focused on making sure we get Modmail search working for y’all soon.
  • Lightbox improvements (in progress): Comments and discussions are important to Reddit. We’ve heard the feedback that the lightbox feels cramped and temporary. We are working on improvements to put more focus on the content and the comments. It will also have more community styling.
  • Navigation and the hamburger menu (in progress): Quick and easy navigation is important. We’ve found that they hamburger menu doesn’t meet those standards. We are working on a new experience where your favorites and subscriptions live in the top navbar. A big plus for this approach is that they will be keyboard accessible.

Also, here are some of the notable bugs that we worked on last week or are still being worked on:

  • Expandos jump (fixed): We fixed the bug that was causing the page to jump around when you scrolled the feed after expanding some of those expandos. Now you can expand and scroll to your heart's content.
  • Slow comments (fixed): A bug was causing comments to load slowly in the lightbox. It’s been fixed and we are continuing to work on improving comment loading times.
  • Calendar widgets (fixed): We fixed a number of bugs that were affecting the calendar sidebar widgets. See this post for a full list.

A weekly reminder that the community’s feedback is invaluable as we build the future of Reddit together. It’s difficult for us to respond directly to everything, but know that we’re listening, prioritizing, and working to solve the issues, no matter how hard they are.

If you have additional questions or feedback on these or other topics, please don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments below.



When you open the sidebar the transition is jarring.

Adding transition: margin-left .3s; to match the sidebar transition helps out a lot.


We've made the following fixes:

  • All-day events are now supported
  • Time zone is now correct. Events show in the user's time zone
  • Show up to 50 events on your calendar
  • We removed the three item "show more" fold
  • Events stop showing after the next sync after they have ended. If you want an event to show on your calendar for six hours after it starts, make the event last six hours. (We'll make another fix soon to make it stop showing immediately independent of sync)

Thanks for all the testing and feedback u/jofwu, u/flounder19, u/cahaseler, u/deadpoetic31, u/Moonwalking_Eren, u/dccdegruijter, u/deviouskat89, u/MajorParadox, u/FlapSnapple, u/pixelpushing, u/creesch, u/LackingAGoodName, u/random11x, u/LittlePlasticCastle, u/316nuts, u/miss_molotov, u/9Ghillie, u/emb3625, u/shiruken, u/magicwings, u/vincoug, u/reseph, u/Rocked03, u/Dessidy, u/tobiasvl, u/Georgy_K_Zhukov, u/namer98, u/turtleflax, u/nonstopflux, u/nonstopflux, u/laliw, u/fwump38, u/fumbler123, u/euric, u/DuckOfDuckness, u/Chap82, u/electric_ionland, u/gschizas, u/PlayTheFallen, u/aardwolf98, u/aardwolf98, u/kianworld, u/Reclusiarh, u/Alberto-Balsalm, u/cmays90, u/ClydeEdgar, and anyone else I missed!

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14 hours ago

For example:

I have the alt account /u/donzerly, and have created the subreddit /r/donzerly.

If I'm not a moderator of /r/donzerly, I see this (which is what I should see) when visiting /u/donzerly's profile posts.

If I am a moderator of /r/donzerly, I see this when visiting /u/donzerly's profile posts.

If I click that header link, it brings me to /r/donzerly.

Bonus: If I then click my browser's back button, I get the profile post, but with /r/donzerly's styling and sidebar widgets.


Simply put, when I browse the old reddit, clicking on a subreddit, I can see 10 to 15 posts right away in an easy to browse format.

When I click on a subreddit through the new reddit, immediately half my page is filled by 1 image post someone made. Even when the subreddit is all text posts, it takes more effort at a glance to discern where different posts begin.

I'm not sure why reddit feels the need to open posts in a subreddit for me. If I was interested in reading the content of a post, I would have clicked on it. Even most modern forums, which this so called rework tries to emulate, have it to where the text of a post only shows up when the user moves their mouse over the post's title.

Showing the full content of posts by default is a bad idea. Reddit's main advantage and unique draw was being able to sort through lots of different information. Displaying by default interferes.


I really enjoyed the old feature of keeping track (chronologically) of which redditors you added as friends, as on and also collating your friends' posts together, like with — currently both of these fail on

I do hope this is on the todo list for the redesign, because I use it all the time. There was a comment by u/HideHideHidden on this post saying there was a bug report filed, so I hope it's still kicking and on somebody's radar.

Bonus feature that would be great: highlighting friend activity across new reddit like on old reddit; super nice touch.


Would be nice to fill up a bit of the space and also be consistent with the other view modes


Just changed my password. On another computer that had been logged in, when I try to hit the front page, I just get "Sorry, we have failed you. Try refreshing!" Old Reddit still lets me see the page but does not show me as logged in. Logging in on Old Reddit seems to reset the cookie and fix the problem.

If it is relevant - my account is set up to show old reddit all the time when logged in.


When I go into my user settings I am unable to disable the safe browsing mode feature. I tried a few times and despite hitting save the features reverts when I navigate away from th settings page.


I made a text post just now and wanted to add a bit to the end of it. I opened the editing mode from the dropdown, wrote an extra sentence and pressed Cmd+Enter immediately to save it. The editor did not save about half my sentence. I did it again, and it picked up some more of my words, but cut some off when it saved. Then I edited the post again and waited a couple seconds before pressing Cmd+Enter, which worked fine.

This was in Markdown mode on the latest Safari on macOS High Sierra. This is on the 2015 MacBook with a Core M CPU, but I didn't experience any noticeable stuttering or any performance drop while typing.


Seriously, this redesign is very bad.

Not only they removed the sidebar, banner and CSS they also removed the short links and searching tool.

I know the sidebar and banner can be restored by hand, but what about the other stuff?


I've been using reddit on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and this extansion has been a very useful tool, specially as a moderator, since I could add a tag that on I could see if I need to keep an eye on certain users with bad behaviour, as well as keep track on the up votes and down votes I give to them. How can this be fixed?


Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to opt-out of the new redesign?

Before you ask, yes I have OPT OUT OF REDESIGN in my user profile set, yet it brings be back to the same new redesign. Cool, so that doesn't work. Also now my messages don't work anymore (they were working just fine yesterday). I have a notification, click it. It brings me to a page that says

Welcome back!

You are already logged in and will be redirected back to Reddit shortly.

If you are not redirected automatically, follow this link.

clicking the link, nor refreshing does anything.

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17 hours ago

I can think of some uses. But I am not sure what reddit is getting at by adding it.


I've seen this requested before, as far back as 3 years ago. What better time to ask again, than during a "redesign"?

Can we have the option, as a user preference, to default to "New" instead of "Hot", when clicking on our subscribed subreddits?


So currently, in light mode, when a subreddit has a colored header bar, the bar below it is colored by a lighter form of it. In dark mode it is just black. I think it should try to use a color overlayed over black instead.




I had a post up that simply asked who was in charge of the redisign and why do they ignore a vast majority of redditors who are against the redisign. Now that post is gone thanks to a moderator.


Description: In 'card' view, our header logo stays in the correct position, but when a user changes to 'classic' or 'compact' view the header logo gets pushed down away from centre. We use an 'additional background image' as our primary header logo (hiding the standard one) and this is an animated PNG, but this issue seems to occur on all subreddits with an additional background image.

Steps to repeat: Click on 'card' view, then click on 'classic' or 'compact' view.

Expected result: Header stays in the correct vertical/horizontal position as seen on the 'card' view.

Actual result: Header moves down in classic/compact view, which makes it look untidy and broken.

Screenshots: Expected result and actual result


When clicking the menu icon, it feels like it's opening after a short delay. The same delay appears when you collapse the side navigation panel. I'm using Safari 11 on macOS.

Unrelated: Is there a way to see the intro videos/modal for the redesign again? I accidentally closed it when I was onboarded into the new redesign.

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