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Oh hun, we have ALL been there. It’s obvious that you’re heartbroken over his disappointment, and that already tells us that your head and your heart are in the right place.

Give him time. He’s probably freaked out that his little girl is at the age where she’s not only thinking about sex, but talking about it. And, he’s scared shitless. Because, as I’m sure you’ve already been told a million times, sending nude photos of yourself to someone you think you can trust can end very, verrrrrrrrry badly. I can only imagine the fear your dad is feeling. It’s the easiest blackmail a love scorned teenage boy can get his hands on. Trust me, it may seem like all in good fun, but this is the kind of stuff that can haunt people for life.

Try understand what your dad is feeling, that he actually had to see what you were texting, and how awkward that must be for him. It would be the same feeling you’d have if you found sexts and nude photos of you Dad. Just give him time to erase those images from his mind, and prove to him that you won’t ever do it again... by never doing it again. I’m 30 years old and while it’s been a long time since I was teenager, I remember that feeling of invincibility that only a teenager can feel.

If there is one thing, just one thing, I can try my hardest to convince you of, it’s that you don’t want to send naked pictures. Please, pleaseee, no more. In 15 years I want to think that you’ll look back on this and be able to laugh and thank the gods or whomever that you took some sage advice from Reddit users.

Sext your little heart out, no one should judge you on wanting to explore that - again be careful about who you trust - but have fun, you’re young. That being said... one of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was to never write anything down that I didn’t want coming back to bite me in the ass. Don’t write it, don’t post it, don’t text it. Because someone with a grudge can get their hands on that and potentially ruin your life.

Good luck, and give your dad time. Take the time you have now that you’re grounded and had everything electronic taken away to do something new. I wish I had understood that there’s actually a whole world outside the drama surrounding my teenage years. It was such a shock when I finally realized, in my 20s, that high school wasn’t nearly as significant as I’d thought at the time.

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