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Don't forget about the basketball team (and all the othr teams)
3 days ago
Stickied post

Our football game threads were as popular as ever last year, with the national championship game (of course) tipping the scales of number of comments. I'm very proud that the NCAA Tournament appearance caused the game against Villanova to come close to the amount of comments you normally see with football cupcake games, and I hope the momentum carries on into next year and beyond.

However, I know u/shinglings has tried to get people to watch baseball, and all of his game threads had (pretty much) no other commenters (I stepped in a couple times), so at a certain point, he just stopped doing them, which got me thinking about game threads for the non-revenue generating sports.

Would you like to see game threads for some of the non-revenue generating sports (read: everything other than football and men's basketball); and, if so, what sports would you like to see? If there's a sport you'd like to commit to doing the game threads or series threads or what have you, this could be the place where you gather interest. Just as a reminder: the start of the basketball season had just me and maybe 2-3 people leaving occasional comments about the games, so don't get discouraged if there are low numbers to start out. Perhaps you just want to see game threads for if we make a championship game in a non-revenue generating sport, and that's OK too.

  • 2014: Reggie Ragland

  • 2015: Reggie Ragland, Reuben Foster

  • 2016: Reuben Foster, Ronnie Harrison

  • 2017: Ronnie Harrison, Rashaan Evans, Raekwon Davis

Player Fumble rate Fumbles
Josh Jacobs 76.0 touches/fumble 2
Damien Harris 119.0 touches/fumble 3
Bo Scarbrough 96.0 touches/fumble 3
Derrick Henry 123.8 touches/fumble 5
Kenyan Drake 49.8 touches/fumble 7
T.J. Yeldon 62.2 touches/fumble 10
Jalston Fowler 66.0 touches/fumble* 2
Eddie Lacy 65.0 touches/fumble 6
Trent Richardson 90.9 touches/fumble 7
Mark Ingram 211.3 touches/fumble 3
Glen Coffee 64.9 touches/fumble 7

This counts total fumbles, not just fumbles lost. Touches include rushes, receptions, and returns.

*Fowler was used the least by far, with only 132 touches; so feel free to discount him.

Drake had the worst fumble rate by far, and Yeldon is the second lowest. However, his numbers are basically the same as Fowler, Lacy, and Coffee.

And, of course, Mark Ingram is the GOAT. Though it's pretty funny how two of this three fumbles came at the worst times. Once against Tennessee in 2009 that gave the Vols a shot at a game-winning field goal (but led to Rocky Block).

Then there was that killer against Auburn in 2010 where it bounced along the sideline for 17ish yards and resulted in a touchback, giving Auburn the ball. I firmly believe we would've scored another touchdown that drive. We were averaging 11.2 yards/play, a touchdown would've put us up 28-0. Even settling for a field goal may have been enough, however.

Edit: Added Josh Jacobs since he's had multiple years

  • Yeldon ranks 5th in career yardage (3,322), more than every Saban back besides Henry.

  • Yeldon ranks 6th in career rushing attempts (576), more than every Saban back besides Henry.

  • Yeldon ranks 3rd in career yards/carry (5.77) with a minimum of 500 career rushing attempts, behind Derrick Henry and Trent Richardson. He's 4th with a minimum of 400 career rushing attempts.

  • Yeldon ranks 4th in career rushing touchdowns (37), behind Henry and Ingram in the Saban era

  • Yeldon ranks 8th in most 100 yard games (11), behind Henry, Richardson, and Ingram in the Saban era. He's one of three players to have at least 5 100 yard rushing games in two seasons (the only Saban player to have done so).

  • Yeldon is 1 of 6 players to rush for 1,000 yards in back-to-back seasons. In 2014, he sat out against Western Carolina because of a couple injuries; and he finished the year with 979 yards, just 21 shy of being the only player to rush for 1,000 yards in three seasons.

Ingram and Henry both won Heismans. Richardson was the first Alabama back to win the Doak Walker Award, and he was also the SEC Offensive Player of the Year and a unanimous All-American.

Yeldon was first team All-SEC once and second team All-SEC once. That's it.


Any news on this guy? I follow him on social media, and just realized he's been on radio silence for about a month. He's normally one to make posts daily but haven't seen anything from him since 5/28 or so.


And LSU. And Tennessee too. 15-0


Alright everyone, the end of this long battle is in sight.

CFB Risk has an end date in two weeks time (July 3rd) and we're in the final laps. 10 days remain, and we've finally made it back home. We're back at Tuscaloosa.

We're finally in position to attack Florida's capital at Gainsville, so we're looking to get all free hands to log on to CFB Risk and help out.

Come on down and play with us every day by clicking the link above, or joining us at /r/BamaCFBRisk.

Once you're in our group you can get orders everyday at , but feel free to hit anything Florida.

Lets keep it up, and show everyone why you don't fuck with the Tide.

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