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Jake Coker never gets enough credit

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Original Poster31 points·5 days ago

I was hard on Coker in the beginning but once he was benched in the Ole Mis game and then came back in...he was a different guy. He had an edge to him. I enjoyed watching his toughness. He made big time throws in the championship game that we would not have won without. He wasn't perfect or even great but he made clutch plays in big games. Coker needs to be remembered as an Alabama great imo.

That crater faced sum bitch had a bazooka for an arm.

RTR... and bbq4 points·4 days ago

And a voice like Elvis....

RTR... and bbq3 points·4 days ago

Ummm - compare Elvis and Coker....

Absolutely. He was who we needed him to be when it mattered most. He also knew when to call it quits.

I really feel bad for Blake Sims.

Why? Sims is still playing with the bucs. I'd do practice squad for a few years and get that money.

I still remember that play against auburn where he rolled out of the pocket and threw a damn rocket in mid-air to Ardarius Stewart

After Dominick Jackson blocked no one on the play, as was standard

When he threw that ball I said out loud “COKER WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!” And by the time I got to “doing” Stewie cake into the frame wide open in the end zone. That was probably the fastest I’ve ever gone from rage to joy. Second fastest is obviously 1st and 10 to 2nd and 26

He was great in the playoffs

2 points·4 days ago

His postseason stats were god-like.

The word coming out of the people in the know at the time was that Coker had the flu for the Ole Miss game and that's why he didn't start.

Totally forgot how casually he would throw 40 yard passes.

Yea dude it was unreal. Bazooka status

As amazing as some of those bullets he threw were, Coker scrambling and running was my favorite. Like a big ol’ ox.

Looked like Bambi on Ice.

Until he dropped that shoulder...

2 points·4 days ago

Everyone compared his athleticism to Blake Sims which created this meme that he was just a pocket passer. Before he transferred though, everyone talked about his legs. I remember an interview with him and someone asked him about how he felt about running out of the pocket and he said "It was until I came to Alabama that people called me unathletic"

Man I feel like if Coker would’ve gotten another year he would’ve made our offense extremely explosive. In no way was he as athletic as Jalen but his arm was huge and he wasn’t afraid to sling it when given the opportunity.

If it was the same Coker that played in the playoffs, yeah

We win back to back and he gets drafted decently if he had another year of eligibility.

Granted, he ended up retiring way early due to medical stuff, so I dunno. I'm just glad that he came back to his home state and won a championship before he had to give up the game. Quality dude.

I forgot how slippery he was. Like a bulldozer lathered in bacon grease

When he lowered his shoulder and layed that guy down... we need more of that

2 points·4 days ago

I mean, Jalen has been doing it for 2 years.

Dropping defenders? When?

Fairly regularly?

Oh, great example

7-8 yard runs where he runs down the middle and lowers his shoulder probably don't make his highlight reels and I don't feel like spending 30 minutes flipping around old games to find you an example. Maybe just keep an eye out for it the next time you find yourself watching reruns?

I've watched him since the USC game and he's never been Coker. He's not that badass statue qb. And he doesn't have that arm. I'm not pissing on Hurts but he's no Coker

I'm not saying that he is Coker, I'm just saying that he delivers good hits fairly regularly.

I loved how he could truck a guy and then throw a bomb. A wobbly bomb but he had definitely had an arm on him.

Coker scrambling looks like a crazed deer.

Gangling, awkward, unpredictable when changing directions, and if you get caught in front of him you are likely to get trucked.

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