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Where Alabama's 2019 recruiting class stands a year after a strange summer

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It was only a matter of time. Remember when everyone said Saban’s era was over and we are moving on to the Kirby Smart era? Not so fast!

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This class is going to be epic. We could very well land Daxton Hill and Faatui Tuitele this sumer too.

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I feel like that's a double edge sword. I'd love for them to commit and stay committed but we're still a long way away from these guys signing and coming in.

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The biggest problem this year is that we might have to pass on some really good players because they want to draw it out until national signing day rather than being willing to sign on the earlier date. That is a better problem to have compared to last year where the guys we slow played signed somewhere else on the early date, and then we wiffed on national signing day too.

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