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lol this was so random

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Wow presents serving up Ja’mie: “I’m so fucking random”

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I am so random, I can’t believe I just did that

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How much was WOW paid to post this

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This is the real question.

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needs more jinkx

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Lmao was she even in it? Or just on the preview photo gag.

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she had approximately 2 seconds of blurbs and i need at least 30 seconds to fill my jinkx quota

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At Dragcon they put Mamma Mia selfie ring lights in our seats at some of the panels. They really want us to go watch this

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This is amazing! But also, it's obviously an advert and has been sponsored by the movie/production company. Do WOW not have to declare when things are sponsored? Here the rules are a lot stricter. Even instagram people getting told off for not saying #ad or #spon for products.

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This thumbnail does dirty every single queen involved, me as a viewer, and God himself

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Okay, but more importantly cher

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Jinkx got 1 second in

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Hashtag corporate sponsorship.

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There's a shequel? 👀

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Ok but real talk, I've been listening to the When I Kissed the Teacher cover nonstop since it came out. It's the first song I put on when I get in the car now.

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And not a single mention of Christine Baranski!

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Ohh gurl this is so scripted, the girls have 0 enthusiasm.