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Feel free to join to ask questions about the sax, share a recording, or just hang out.

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When I try to play my altissimo G key, I have to hold my finger under the key in order for it to play correctly. I play a Jupiter Capital Edition CES-760 Alto. (I know it isn't the best horn, but it was the only one the music store I went to had.)


In looking for a yamaha yas 23 and I dont really know what its worth. Ive seen listings for $600 but I feel like it might be a bit more than its worth. If you guys can give me an approximation on the horn in playable condition that would be great.


I have an old Kohlert bari that I got used in pretty rough shape a year or so ago. I got it repaired and the dent work fixed, but I recently noticed a problem with the intonation. You see, I usually play by myself, but I decided to mess with doing some recording, and I noticed that my upper stack notes (A through C#) were noticeably flat. I’m not an expert, but it seemed like a big deal.

I’m planning on taking it to a repair shop over the summer to see what can be done, but in the meantime I wanted to pick your brains about what might be causing an issue like this.


Okay my into I'm a tenor sax player in my school band this is my first year so I've had more than 8 months of experience yet 0 lessons (I'm looking into lessons so "get lessons" isn't helpful). I used to always drop my jaw insanely to get notes out in the lower register and they were always 30 cents flat it was terrible but today I tried keeping my embrochue still while playing high and low notes and it was exhausting and my low c and d sounded very gurgley. Although i think I'm finally playing right now? If I thought about saying doooe as I played low notes it gurgled less so am I on the right track or am I driving into a wall guys


Hi all:

My name is Dan, and I’m currently a sophomore in university. I have been playing tenor saxophone for the better part of my life, since I was nine. I have been playing jazz since 8th grade, and have studied jazz theory since then as well. During my senior year of high school, I was selected as the alternate jazz-tenor saxophonist for New York’s All-State Jazz Festival. In turn, I was an alright saxophonist.

Fast forward almost two years, I haven’t touched my saxophone. I never had time, and I wasn’t able to play in university due to time constraints and my housing situation (however, I have still been studying music theory to this day, in order to expand my knowledge of music and jazz composition). But I told myself that this summer, I’m going to make time. I’m going to get back to what I love, and what I missed. So, earlier today, I picked up my saxophone, and I blew.

And I sounded absolutely ******* terrible.

I went through my major/minor scales, my major/minor triads, nearly all of my jazz scales (which I know by heart from theory and muscle memory), and I just sounded awful. I hadn’t played in two years, but I feel like I regressed four. And I thought “okay, maybe let’s play an old piece from high school, that should get me going again.” So I took out Maiden Voyage, a classic Hancock piece, and analyzed it: all the progressions, chord changes, and then went to blow. And it almost sounded worse than before.

To those of you who have ever studied mathematics or took a class in college calculus, it brings about the same feeling of truly knowing and understanding, and even loving a theorem, and attempting to solve a problem utilizing said theorem, only to discover that you forgot how to do algebra.

I don’t know, I feel that all of the hard work that I put in during my adolescence has been wasted. Nevertheless, I have the whole summer ahead of me to practice every day, but currently, I’m just so disappointed in myself, and as a musician, I feel that I’ve let myself down.

I’m sorry for this being such a long post, but I was just wondering/wanted to know if a situation such as this, or similar to this, has happened to anyone else. If so, how did it make you feel, and what did you do to overcome it (besides practice, practice, practice)?

Thank you all for your patience!


I used a tuner app to see if I play the correct notes. When I don't press anything at all, I play an Eb, which is what it is supposed to sound like, right? But when I play a "G", the app says I'm really playing an A. Am I doing something wrong?


Alright I'll be fast I've been playing tenor sax for a year now with my school band and I practice hour or two daily yet I suck and it's annoying but anyways I have an old used sax I'm renting and anytime I do an octave slur it never works. Everyone thinks I'm tightening or loosening my embrochue but seriously all that moves is the octave key and I can't go from a middle register c to a high c it just gurgles for a minute then evens out I'll take any tips but "buy a sax" is useless


Just look up the notes online and start playing or are there special notesheets to buy?


I recently inherited an alto sax, and I'm real excited to learn how to play it. I've tinkered around a bit with it, but I plan to put in 30 minutes to an hour most days this summer teaching myself how to play.

Realistically, how long would it take me to learn to play Clarence's solo in Jungleland? I've heard it is pretty difficult, and it was played by the big man on a tenor, but if i devote most of my efforts towards this song, is it something I can learn over the course of the summer? Or should I start simpler and attempt this song when I'm more acquainted with the instrument?

I'd really love to learn this song. RIP Clarence.


Hey guys I’ve been playing sax since sixth grade and am just graduating this year. In preparation for college I’m trying to get my own professional instrument bc I was previously using the one from my high school. The thing is though that I’ve been playing bari sax for like 3 years and haven’t really picked up my alto at all bc it was a trashy beginner instrument. The bari I play on right now is a YBS-62 with an optimum BL4 mouthpiece and 3 reeds. Now that I need to transfer back to alto, (bc that’s the fundamental instrument and that bari is actually worth more than my car), I’m thinking about going to a custom EX ll bc out of the horns ive tried I enjoyed it the most (rather than a YAS 62 or a Custom Z). Do you think I should look into the selmer series cause my budget really is on the low end about 4K? I’ve always been a Yamaha/vandoren kinda standard person. Also the main thing is for switching, would it be best to go with a wider tip opening for my mouthpiece or should I just transfer back and get used to the standard alto mouthpiece ( Optimum AL3 vs AL5). Any recommendations y’all could make would be helpful. Thanks :)


I don't know where to start. I am a struggling student that is fascinated by this instrument and I don't even own one. So some of things you guys could tell me is : 1. For a struggling student at a university , what is the least amount of money I need to spend to purchase a sax. 2. What type of saxophone do I buy for learning purposes. 3. What is the best source for getting lessons ? As in what are the critacally acclaimed YouTube channels or books etc out there? 4. How hard is it to learn this instrument ? Say for an absolute newbie with 0 knowledge, who is willing to spend at least an hour a day .

Any help will be much appreciated . Thanks for reading also .


I’m currently working on the William Albright Sonata and I’ve been having trouble figuring out a good trill fingering between the two notes mentioned above. Thanks!

Posted byTenor7 days ago

In the past month I've taught myself alto range. What are some excersizes I could use to help me up there? I can play up there, up to E, but the only note I can't get is G. Any good excersizes that can get me more comfortable up there?


So I’m a high school senior and I’m going to audition for my college’s marching band this August. I was wondering if anyone can help me find a good solo piece for tenor sax. The recommended length for the piece is around 3-4 minutes.


I was just wondering what’s the best mouthpiece I can buy for my alto. I’m not really worried about price, thanks!

Edit: ok maybe under $75/£50


When playing altissimo, I usually press down the f sharp key, my sax has it, is that a bad practice, or is it okay?


I've been playing alto for about 6 years and I just graduated high school and am moving onto a bigger professional ensemble, and my current instrument just isn't up to par for what they do. Would a AW01 yanagisawa saxophone be too much for what I'm doing? I'm also looking at a Yamaha YAS480 as a slightly cheaper option.


Would any of you guys mind making sheet music of the saxophone segment in Eb? thank you!


hey guys i was hoping you could help me out to get the notes from a song and put them in a music sheet. If anyone can help me it would be awesome.

Sorry for my english, im hispanic :( This is my FB account if there is any good soul willing to help. <3


Used rubber washers to prevent scratches and shrink tubing around the piece of metal i bent and drilled. It came out great, no movement while playing

Belt Pack on Belt Pack off 1 Belt Pack off 2


I'm 20 years old. I always wanted to learn an instrument, and I love the saxophone. I know it's one of the tougher instruments, but I'm willing to give it my all. I'm going to practice everyday, and go for classes as well. Any tips for beginners, please let me know if would really help

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