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You kept making all the stops?!?!

Well, people kept ringing the bell!!

One of the funniest sequences in the show for sure.

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I love it! I still laugh. I laughed at the meme!

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Definitely. That, and the opening scene where Jerry leaves Kramer in his apartment and Kramer rearranges the place and tries to move the couch out, and has a party, and pretends to be Jerry “what’s the deal with politics? I don’t get it, am I right people?” Those two scenes define Kramer so perfectly that that would be all I need to show someone who his character is.

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You're right, I am Batman!

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My fav part was the way he delivers 'and now IM drivin the bus'

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Where do you think you're going, Crackerjack?

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I got a toe here buddy! STEP ON IT

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"The drivers passed out, the bus is OUTTA CONTROL"

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I dunno... It always felt weird to me, actually.

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Me too. I always felt like I was missing part of the joke.