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For those of you out of the loop


Well that means we are a year away from new content, and that is a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. So now it is time for everyone to brush up on the rules while we go into the off season.

If any of you have ever noticed the sidebar where we have our rules, you would see the following.

Image macros, screenshots of other TV shows/movies, and reaction images/gifs are not allowed. Irrelevant posts like places you found the word 'hydra' or an octopus logo will also be removed.

It is a good rule and has served us well for a long time, but starting today, it is going to be taking a bit of a break.

Starting today the following rules are in heavily enforced effect

1) All shitposts must be labeled as such. I repeat, ALL SHITPOSTS MUST BE LABELED AS SUCH. This means at the start of every title you have to have [Shitpost] or [SHITPOST]. Not (Shitpost). Not {Shitpost}. Not any other variation. You use the square brackets or you get your post removed.

2) Don't spam. We know some of you are really enthusiastic about the show, and we are too, but pace yourselves. We have a year to kill and this is not a race. Got some killer memes to share? Cool, but if we see you posting multiple times a day or every day for a week, you run the risk of being banned. This is not a karma farm. It all depends on the mod's mood at the time, so you could be warned first, or you could just get the ban.

3) DO NOT MAKE THE FRONT PAGE ALL SHITPOSTS. Seriously, pace yourselves. If it gets bad we will go back to removing image posts and off topic stuff on sight. We may even end up making image posts banned all together if you guys abuse this. That means enough of the hair and lemon posts.

4) It better be funny. You better make us laugh, unlike the people in Thurston Koening's audience. We reserve the right to remove anything that is just not funny.

5) MARK YOUR SPOILERS. If there is a major plot point in your image or the text, mark it as a spoiler. We will not be relaxing our rules on spoilers at all.

6) Official Shitpost flair. If a post is particularly funny it may be granted the official SHITPOST flair. That means you can bitch, complain, or report the thread all you want, but a mod has seen it and hit the "ignore reports" button. Basically it means THIS.

And as last time, we will not be going full on shitpost forever. Once we get closer to the season things will go back to normal. So until then, we mods are going to be taking a well deserved break. We may even go to TAHITI.


~The /r/SHIELD mod team

Also, we will not officially be doing a rewatch. They have been tried before and activity/interest always falls off super hard very fast. It is not worth our time to do them. If someone else wants to step up then they are more than welcome and we will be happy to help them out.

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Hello! Just started watching AOS today on Netflix and I cou ldnt help but share my enthusiasm for Frank Hall aka Graviton and OMG that ending of episode 3 (I think it was)!? Does anyone know if Marvel or Disney have any plans for Graviton in the future thanks!!


So I just finished season 5, and damn it was prob the best season of that show. Definitely my favorite. I do have a question though. So I understand that fitz is still alive because he’s floating somewhere in space. But that confuses me, if he never woke up to get to them in the future? Doesn’t that mean he was never there to help them? Idk I might sound dumb but time travel is so amazing yet I get so confused.


This show is really damn good. I tried watching the first season when it originally aired in 2013 and I hated it but I love it now. Every season blended into the next almost perfectly. I love when something from the first season whether it’s an item or previous decision matters a lot in season 5. It’s great writing and not something I find often in TV shows.

Favorite seasons ranked S4 S5 S1 S3 S2

Season 4 hands down the best. I’d put it on par with some of the greatest seasons of any TV show in history. Aida coming alive sealed it for me. All of the human emotions hitting her all at once and her rapid change in behavior was masterful. The actress was great at portraying all of her characters really well. Leopold/The Doctor was great as well. The show hadn’t really had a evil doctor play a major role and having it be the alternate personality of one of the most pure hearted guys on the show was a cool twist.

The first half of season 5 was just as good as season 4. The 2nd half was slightly below it. I felt like they were in the lighthouse for way too long for some of it. Deke being the grandson of Fitz-Simmons was cool but overall I found his love for Daisy annoying. Glad he is gone. Elena was overbearing too but I understood where she was coming from. Talbot being the destroyer of worlds wasn’t something I saw coming at all. I thought it was hilarious up until he turned on Coulson on the spaceship. Ruby was a necessary evil for the show and I thought she played her part well. I hope this isn’t the end of Coulson and Fitz on the show. The Fitz-Simmons pairing is one that I loved a lot and the chemistry between the actor and actress was top notch. Coulson is my favorite character, and not having him around is gonna be hard especially after he and May became an item! They’ve both lived these long careers as 2 of the best agents ever and they can’t get a happy ending? Then again, that is the way of any spy agency. Very rarely do you come out with a good ending. Also not a fan of Mack being the leader from now on but I’m willing to give it a shot. I don’t dislike him but I’m not a huge fan of him either.

The revealing of John Garret as Hydra and infiltration of SHIELD sold me on this being a good show. When I watched it in 2013 I didn’t make it past episode 3. I regret not continuing it. The actor playing as Grant Ward was phenomenal and the way his character changed over the course of the show was excellent. He should have won an award for it.

S3 was good just because of how personal it became between Coulson and Ward. Phil physically crushing his chest was the perfect way to end him. Just a really great scene. Watchdogs were good villains. Not a whole lot to say about this season, still very good though.

S2 was good, but I just didn’t care much for Gonzalez and his team. He came off as bitter that Coulson was running SHIELD and was given the tool box instead of him. I also thought the Inhumans could have been expanded on a bit more since a lot of the show that season was spent on Afterlife. There had to have been plenty of people with cool powers and backgrounds but not everything can be fit into 22 episodes.

Overall, I’d give it an 8.5 out 10. Can’t wait for season 6!


Just rewatched the final 2 episodes of Season 5. In ep 21 - Deke is trying to change the guidance system for the missiles. Before he finds the right system to change, something pops out and he keeps a hold of it and says something like, "that'll come in handy" and he pockets it. Was it explained in an earlier episode what that might be as haven't seen the earlier episodes since they came out and I can't remember


I think this bold direction will lead to lots of new avenues to our characters and the show as a whole. For me Coulson is not the whole show.

So for people who are considering to stop watching the show, are you serious? Why?


Fitz is in space


I must say I was really relieved when at the San-Diego comic-con 2018 Marvel television confirmed that Clark Gregg made it to season 6!!! And also Jeff ward- also a great guy...


1) How exactly did they mitigate the explosion of earth? Was it when daisy was fighting Talbot and/or Coulson leaving?

2) Where are they trying to retrieve fits from? Floating in space to go get them from the future?

3) Who really was the destroyer of worlds? They had me thinking every moment during Daisy and Talbots fight scene that the world was about to explode?


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 5 is possibly one of my favourite Marvel TV show seasons I've ever watched..Well, at least for the most part.

Don't get me wrong, everything up until they returned to the present - I loved basically everything when they went to the future. Everything was so well done and completely fresh and new for the series. I was boggled as to where the series would go after season 4 with the framework and all as it wrapped up very nicely (with the exception of Coulson "getting back to work") but they really reinvented the whole series and gave it a whole new dynamic and introduced so many different factors. I couldn't of even thought of it going from an advanced AI who built herself an organic body with knowledge from a magical book and her being beaten by effectively the Devil to the world being destroyed. Also, I was completely in awe of how well they did the CGI and design of the destroyed world, it looks amazing.

Onto some of my criticism. Personally, I hated the whole Ruby and her mother story arc. Ruby just agrivated me for the whole thing and was relieved when YoYo took her out as she was just annoying me at that point, completely obsessed with herself and having power. After all the seasons I was just getting a bit sick of Hydra. I felt S4 built a hell of a ton on Hydra and it was a huge part of it and I didn't really enjoy how they had to bring it into S5, but things got better. I really did enjoy the continuity of how Infinity War linked in even if it was minimal near the end when Talbot went all Gravitonium.

Overall, I just loved it. Humorous, exciting, emotional, intriguing, suspenseful and overall great. Was a brilliant build on the series, can't wait for S6.

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