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Posted byT300 GT + TH8A | Assetto, DiRT, GT Sport, PCars 22 days ago
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Play in your game of choice and show us what you can do! The rules are simple: pick from one of the challenges below, get in the right car, get on the right track, record your best lap time and send us a screenshot! As a hot-lap challenge, you're encouraged to go around the track as many times as you see fit, rolling start recommended, and just send your best time. This is not a 1-lap challenge series.

Please provide screenshots to verify your time, and the details of your challenge run (name of the track, car that you're driving with, and the game you're playing). Top comments are to be used to show your times with a link to your screenshot, all other comments will be removed. If you are doing multiple challenges, it is encouraged to include all of your results / screenshots in one comment. Details of your run or comments on the challenge may be included in your top-level comment of course, so long as you include a screenshot of your best time.

If you want to ask a question, or suggest what cars / tracks should be included in the next challenge, reply to the stickied comment below.

Track Challenge

  • Nurburgring GP - GT3
  • Willow Springs, Streets of Willow - GT3
  • Circuito di Magione - GT3
  • Spa Francorchamps - LMP1 / LMP2
  • Imola - F1

Game Challenge - Project Cars 2

  • Wildcrest Rallycross - WRX
  • Dubai Autodrome GP - GT3

Hypercar Challenge

  • Nurburgring GP - Gumpert Apollo
  • Autodromo di Monza - Koenigsegg Agera

Gold Challenge

  • Le Mans Circuit - Ford GT (2nd Gen, 2016)

Last Week's Challenge Winners

Bathurst Mount Panorama


Silverstone GP

Le Mans Circuit

Spa Francorchamps

Gold Challenge Winner - Nurburgring Combined


- To those playing Gran Turismo Sport: for this week's challenges, you may use the Gr. 3 fantasy vehicles for GT3 challenges, and Gr.1 fantasy vehicles for LMP1 challenges. Your time will still be considered valid. Gr. 4 and Gr. 2 cars are still not to be used at all in any challenges, or your time will be considered invalid.

- [Update](Due to the limited track selection in Assetto Corsa, there will likely be repeats in selected tracks for F1 challenges. However, after this week, there will be two challenges for F1. One will be a track in Assetto Corsa, the other may or may not be available in Assetto Corsa.

- The Game Challenges have been added due to the number of interesting tracks that are exclusive to one game; in attempt to make these challenges as accessible as possible, tracks that have wide game availability have been focussed on. For the sake of variance, game challenges will be for tracks that are only guaranteed for the selected game. Please keep in mind that even if the tracks in a game challenge are available in other games, the hot-lap must be conducted in the selected game, or your time will be considered invalid.


Hi everyone,

My dream comes true and I was lucky to drive Formula 1 car (Williams FW29):

let me know if you have any questions about car handling or how to rent F1 car.


Just wanted to share, since this was something I tried looking up and couldn't find much info on it. I originally purchased the Wheel Stand Pro last month for a Logitech G29. Well, I discovered that I LOVED sim racing, and wanted a better setup, but wanted to keep the Wheel Stand Pro due to it's compact form and ease of use, and I just like it's overall design. So I returned the G29 and purchased a Fanatec setup: ClubSport Wheel v2.5, McLaren GT3 wheel, and CSL Elite Pedals.

I was planning on drilling whatever holes I needed to make the wheel base fit, but the CSW v2.5 comes mounted on this angled mounting plate, with 4 holes on the bottom that line up PERFECTLY with the G29 Wheel Stand Pro. I'd go as far as to say that it fits even better than the G29!

The pedals of course do not hard mount at all, due to where the holes are on the bottom. So the best solution I found was I bought some strong zip ties at Home Depot, and the way the pedals sit on the wheelstand pro, there are very good points to strap them onto the bars on the wheelstand. I zip tied the pedals at 4 points, and they don't move an inch while playing! I just ordered the Load Cell kit to add to it, and I've read that the pedals tend to "tip over" because of the force exerted onto the pedals. But this doesn't seem to be a problem with this setup, mostly due to how you're sitting with the wheelstand and where the weight is distributed, etc.

So just wanted to give a quick PSA. I know most people prefer more fleshed out rigs and cockpits. But for us newly weds who are still renting and don't have the space for a full blown cockpit, I think this works out just fine!

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Thought id post my rig and review the SRS ShakeKit while im at it, thanks once again for the subs help whenever needed.

Started with the g920 and went through a few parts such as the g920 shifter and pedals, the GTeye spring kit and a shifter kit.

i then moved on to the CSL elite wheelbase with pedals (LC) and upgraded to a TH8A, after a year i moved up to the CSW v2.5 and Fanatec shifter and handbrake.

Recently i have retired my laptop and invested in a decent PC with a 1070ti to run oculus rift, this has made by far the biggest difference and after going through the feeling sick period i like others cannot go back to screen driving.

I started researching tactile feedback after feeling as though something was missing as id feel alot through the wheel but the rest of my body had no feedback.

Bit the bullet and ordered the ShakeKit, it was dispatched and arrived quite quickly, Installation was a breeze and setup very painless.

I dont think it adds as much as either the CSW or the Rift but it is excellent as an immersion tool, its very satisfying to feel the rumble when you go over the ripple through a corner or the thud of changing a gear, i wouldnt go back to racing without it.

PROS: - 4 transducers NOT one buttkicker on the rig - CBD apartment noise approved!
- SRS software is impressive and easy - All in one package including soundcard - Customer service is top notch

CONS: - Minor nitpick but build quality could be improved slightly - Not as powerfull as id expected, having not used tactile feedback before

Worth noting that to make the install cleaner i ended up cutting away foam from my seat and installing the shakekit inside the seat cover. the way it is put together makes it very easy to service and modify mounting positions.


Ok guys, I gave the game a 2nd chance tonight and started a career. Feels good!! I was pleasantly surprised with the ffb after I'd been disappointed last week and wrote the game off pretty much.

I'm after wheel setting suggestions though. I have the t300 and Ive set the flavour to 'informative' with the FX turned up to 80 and the gain on 70 I think. Front end still feels a little dead though. The moment of grip loss (understeer) is still vague in the front and the rear end feel predictable enough but there is no rumble through the wheel to indicate drifting? The car starts to rotate but without any ffb sensation other than the wheel getting light. I'm expecting some rumble from the tires as they screech in agony?

Anyway, let me know if this makes sense at all. Dont get me wrong, overall it feels good!


I have this old steering wheel Logitech Formula Force Ex. What I have noticed recently with newer games is that that the center of the wheel is always off and I have to lower sensitivity in every game from Euro Truck to F1 series. It feels like it is super sensitive at the center, only game that seems not to give me any problems is project cars 2. I did not have to go in settings at all, the steering wheel simply works perfectly with the game. Maybe the steering wheel is not broken or too old. The game I play the most is F1 2017, I have done some 5 seasons with keyboard (80% difficulty with all assists on) and I really want to use the steering wheel but I have the same sensitivity problem in the game. If I want to drive in a straight line, I have to set the "Steering linearity" to 70. It makes the center much less sensitive, but as soon as I turn my steering wheel more than some 30 degrees in any direction it becomes super sensitive again and it is simply not possible to control the car like that.

So is something wrong with my steering wheel or is it simply too old? At the moment I have some 50$ to spare at the moment and as far as I understand I cant get a better wheel with 50$? Maybe someone knows how I could fix the issue with f1 2017?


Seeing the graphic with their release plan, is it really planned that way, that they will be only releasing the huracan and 1 circuit first and then roughly every month 1 more car and circuit (+gameplay Updates, Multiplayer etc.) ?

That way we would get the full car roster at like end of next year?!

Didnt see the 911 or AMG for example even announced yet judging by that graphic.

Or will there be more than the huracan for 12th Septembre EA Release?

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Hey guys - So I already have a gaming PC (couple years old, but 980ti still worthy), Oculus Rift, and used to do a lot of sim racing (quite some years ago), which got swapped out for real life sports cars. Now children get in the way of that, I want to satisfy them urges.

I'm looking to get into it again, and I'm trying to decide how best to spend the money. I really would like a decent wheel, pedals, and shifter - and option to use a formula wheel as I love F1 too (although I'm bitter there's no VR support in 2018). I'm a little out of touch with the current market, and I don't think I can go Direct Drive with my budget considering I need everything. So far I'm thinking a Fanatec setup...

CSW 2.5 - £500

SQ 1.5 - £235

V3 Pedals - £325

Formula wheel - £250 (or McLaren + QR which is the same cost, I cant decide what's better)

Total = £1,310 - I find it annoying they don't allow custom bundles tho! As I don't want support for XBox their Forza bundle seems pretty pointless (for around the same money).

I'd probably have to get another wheel though as well, so I'll be mostly playing other racing games in VR. That's why I wondered if the McLaren wheel would suit everything (for now) a bit better as its a bit larger than the formula wheel.

Rig wise, as my home office also needs to cater for me working (and playing non racing sim games), I really need to be able to move it to the side of the room easily. The room is all carpet, so I think either casters or something that will slide on carpet without needing 2 people. It's not the biggest room either, and id also do well for having it be 'attractive', as to prevent the other half having problems with it (sorry 80 20 rigs, but I do think they look ugly).

I did look at the RSeat RS1, but after contacting them - they told me it would not handle casters and would break if I tried after a while. Puts it out as an option really. They did recommend their new RSeat S1, but I can't find any reviews on it - and I really rely on other peoples experience to know if its a good buy! Plus its a bit out of my budget, at around £850 + casters + delivery + I think you need the shifter kit as well (extra £100 - bit lame if you ask me). I also enquired about the Simetik K2, but that also cannot have casters.

There is the GT Omega Art, which can have casters - and may do the job for a very modest price. I'm just worried that as I have budget to push for more, I don't want to regret the purchase later if its just not good enough / future proofed especially if I do go DD later down the line.

What setup would anyone recommend if you were starting from scratch with my budget and requirements??


I am an online and hot lal type of player. I need to play a sim that has activity online, decent graphics and a solid selection of tracks and cars. I know Iracing can get expensive but that is not an issue as i can fork out say £200 on it on day 1.

But which sim should I go for? I have played Pcars1 and 2 on the ps4 and have to say it's decent but not exactly what i need, the feel is a bit off


Hi all,

I would like to know one is considered the best for driving Formula 1 cars:

  1. ___etto Corsa with Sim Racing System (Didn't see any Formula 1 races there just Formula 3 & 4)

  2. Rfactor2 with

  3. Iracing - Found only (2-4) races that occur on weekends in the official series based on my research

  4. RaceRoom Racing Experience

  5. Another one?

(Would prefer to hear from people that have used all 4 for a fair comparison but it would be okay if you have just tried a couple too :-D

Thank you.


I've got a TX 458 Ferrari Edition. I haven't used this wheel for a couple months, and it was working the last time I had it installed. It doesn't calibrate when I turn my PC on. The mode light which is usually red has turned green. It shows up on my device manager as a generic game controller, and isn't listed at all on the firmware updater.

I don't want to assume the worst, but I've run through most of the troubleshooting options on the Thrustmaster website and haven't found a working solution to whatever's wrong with my gear. What do you think I can do to get it working again?


TL;DR I would like suggestions on an expensive yet not out of control expensive sim rig. VR and Motion rig is a must.

So my Uncle is the only person I personally know who is into driving as much as I am and the both of us have been competing to see who could master the heel and toe technique first. So when I told him I mastered it, he was very interested in hearing how I accomplished such a feat. Bait cast. I started telling him about how I'm a sim racer and how I built my rig and before I knew it, he was telling me that if he's going to do it, he wants it to be as realistic as possible. So my question for you good folks is, where do I start? I have been through the page that has all the info on gear but I'm looking for a bit more personal of a touch. Maybe info from first hand experience. But really all info/tips are welcome. Thanks!


Terribly sorry. First time posting on here. Wasn't sure where I should post this but this seemed like one of the better places to ask it seems.

Long story short. My gas and brake pedal act together. I have to press both to make the car go (in any game I've played). The only thing that fixes this is if I remove the brake onto another key. Anyone have any idea as to what's going on? I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers the Logitech program countless times and nothing seems to fix it.


So I am looking to build my own home made rig and was wondering if there is 80/20 framing that is as cost effective as wood or if I'm trying to stay under $100 for the rig wood is the only way to go? It's not going to be anything crazy, just a TS-PC Racer with T3PA Pro Pedals. I've seen a lot of homebrew rigs on here but is there a nice site that has some plans to know how much wood is needed or framing and the cost associated with it?


Hey guys,

Been looking at RaceRoom for quite some time, GTR2 veteran and often play alot of Automobilista. The buy track and car model has never appealed to me but an official online racing series or at least leagues that operate in a professional manor have begun to interest me more and more as i finally seek to dedicate time to proper sim online racing. I've also loved the TCR series, and have seen that RaceRoom has released the new pack for this years series.

So let me get to the point, how are the online leagues for this game? Is it an active community generally? Would it be worth dropping the very reasonable 15 euro on the pack and getting straight in? Iracing seems to be where its at as far as sim racing online "careers" go, but i cant justify the sub and i do like racing with authentic series cars over the smattering iracing seems to have.

Any thoughts on this would be very much appreciated. On a side note, im sorted for gear and set up this is just about where to start in the proper online sim racing world.


Hello Assetto Corsa drivers,

Chicane Online Racing is a league which hosts championships in both Assetto Corsa and F1 2018.

We are currently recruiting new drivers for next season which will start on the 29th of August.

The car we'll be driving is the Ginetta Supercup 2017 mod by Shaun Clarke.

Here are some of the key details:

- Races are held every Wednesday starting August 29th. Practice session at 18:00 GMT/UK Time, Qualifying (15 minutes) at 19:00 GMT/UK Time and the race beginning at 19:20 GMT/UK Time. Each race is about 40 minutes long.
- 24/7 Server, enabling users to practice on a level playing ground.
- All mods required for driving in this league are provided on our website.

If you are interested in joining an active and friendly community, write me a message or add me on discord:

ziplyy | Luke #2174


I am relatively new to simracing and I acquired some thrustmaster T3PA Pro pedals. I love these things to DEATH and they are such a pleasure to drive with. I have a minor problem with them that surfaced recently though. The clutch pedal has begun to squeak every so often when I press it and it is pretty loud and obnoxious. I am afraid to open up the pedals or use any types of grease/oil for fear of damaging them. Is there anything you guys would recommend to fix such an issue?


Hi Guys -

I sort of have my new motion rig working and am having some issues that I've heard others have as well. Problem is, I never find a solution to the post :(

Issue: I have my camera or sensor mounted on my rig. So in theory, when I get tilted 30 degrees back, it doesn't really matter as my camera is being tilted as well. The problem is I guess Oculus had some kind of update that has the camera constantly re-centering or something like that? Essentially, the entire time I'm racing I'm constantly being "thrown" out of the car, or underneath the car and I need to reset my view every 8 - 12 seconds.

Does anyone know of a solution?

I've seen videos with folks where they have the camera mounted on a stationary object (like a wall or something) and they have software which cancels out the movement. Anyone know anything more about this, or how I can get this working?

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