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Sorry pals I got caught up in work resulting in late post but anyway WIP as usual! To anyone adding events, it would be very helpful if you put the usual info (name, date, time, place, price) in the comment itself because sometimes it's difficult for me to access sites due to wifi blocks. Still, thanks a lot for the contributions so far! :-)

Also, I will be taking applications for a new pal to handover/co-manage this post series with starting in roughly September, because of a whole bunch of Busy Reasons. Please submit your CVs in Arial size 12, single-spaced (or just drop me a PM, that works too).

[Update 03/06, 11pm: Thanks for all your responses (there are a lot of events to slot in, oh boy)! :-) It's late so I'll slot the bulk of them in tomorrow morning.]

Public Holidays

Hari Raya Puasa
15 June, Friday | Hope Ramadan is going well pals

School Holidays

26 May-24 Jun
School holiday promotions, etc. Places of interest, etc. probably crowded.


Jane's Singapore Tours @ Various locations
Walking tours of Singapore, featuring iconic Singapore landmarks, historical and food tours! | Dates, times and ticket prices vary

Urban Redevelopment Authority Heritage Trails @ Various locations
Dates and times vary | URA heritage trails of older neighbourhoods in Singapore | Free

My Community Heritage Tours @ Various locations
Every Saturday and Sunday | 8.30am | Free

Overjoyed Saturday Art Workshops @ Overjoyed
Every Saturday | Workshop timings and prices vary

Art from the Streets @ ArtScience Museum
Until 3 Jun | 10am-7pm | Admissions fees apply

NAFA Arts Festival 2018 @ NAFA Campuses
Until 3 Jun | Performances, exhibitions and markets | Timings and prices vary

Tian Tian Exhibition @ Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
Until 3 Jun | 10am-8pm | Workshops on alternate Saturdays, 10am-12pm, English and Chinese | Free

Italian Film Festival in Singapore 2018 @ The Projector & GV Plaza Singapura
31 May-9 Jun | Timings & prices vary

Underground: Singapore's Next Frontier Guided Tours @ The Urban Redevelopment Authority Centre
4-28 Jun | Timings vary | Free

Mexican Film Fest 2018 @ The Projector & NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House
7-13 Jun | Timings and prices vary

Love Travelling and Writing? Be a Travel Writer! @ Goodman Arts Centre
9 & 23 Jun | 9 Jun: 9.30am-1pm; 23 Jun: 2pm-6pm | Tickets priced at $155.70

Handmade Readymades @ STPI
9 Jun-8 Sep | Opening hours apply | Opening night on 8 Jun, 6.30pm | Free

People Illustration Workshop @ Kith Millenia Walk
10 Jun | 10am | Tickets priced at $90.95

Father's Day Special: Wood Construction Workshop @ Kith Millenia Walk
16 Jun | 9.30am | Tickets priced at $136 (Father and child)

Singapore Design Archive @ National Design Centre
2 & 16 Jun | 11am-2pm | Free

Japan Creative Centre Cinema 66: When Marnie Was There @ Woodlands Regional Library
16 Jun | 2pm | Free

your ghosts from yesteryears visit me once in a while by Ezzam Rahman @ ArtScience Museum
21 Jun | 8pm | Free

Changing China: The Defining Years @ Objectifs
21 Jun-22 Jul | 12pm onwards | Free

Read! Fest 2018 @ Various locations
22 Jun-28 Jul | Talks, workshops and more | Timings and prices vary

Changing China: The Defining Years Artist Talk @ Objectifs
23 Jun | 2pm | Free

Drawing for a Living: Opportunities and Challenges @ Goodman Arts Centre
23 Jun | 9.30am-12.30pm | Tickets priced at $42.99

Sirri Na Pesse: Navigating Bugis Identities in Singapore @ Malay Heritage Centre
Until 24 Jun | 10.30am-6pm | Free

Francois Ozon Month @ The Projector
Until 30 Jun | Timings vary | Tickets priced at $13.50

Angkor: Exploring Cambodia's Sacred City @ Asian Civilization Museum
Until 22 July | 10am-7pm; 10am-9pm (Fri) | Tickets priced at $12 for Singaporeans and PRs, $20 for Foreign Residents and Tourists

"In Search of Golden Shoe Fortunes" Heritage Trail @ Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
Until 4 Aug | 5pm-6.30pm | English and Mandarin available | Free with registration

Imaginarium: Into the Space of Time @ SAM at 8Q
Until 26 Aug | Opening hours apply | Free

Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Superheroes @ ArtScience Museum
Until 30 Sep | Opening hours apply | Ticket prices apply

The More We Get Together: Singapore's Playgrounds 1930-2030 @ National Museum
Until 30 Sep | 10am-7pm | Free

Aurora — Lights of Wonder @ Science Centre Omni-Theatre
Daily, closed on Mondays | Opening hours apply | Ticketing charges apply


Dragonflies by Pangdemonium @ Victoria Theatre
Until 3 Jun | Timings vary | Tickets priced from $40

The Moon is Less Bright by the Second Breakfast Company @ Drama Centre Black Box
Until 3 Jun | 3pm & 8pm shows | Tickets priced at $28

Eric Chou 22PLUS Asia Tour @ The Max Pavilion@Singapore Expo
9 Jun | 7pm | Tickets priced from $98

City of Tomorrow presents: Kumar Goes Silent! @ City of Tomorrow, CityLink Mall
9 Jun | 3pm & 8pm | Tickets priced from $40

Extreme Asia Tour 2018 @ Zepp@Big Box
11 Jun | 8.30pm | Tickets priced at $98

Ultra Singapore @ Ultra Park
15-16 Jun | Timings vary | Single day tickets priced from $120

Guan Gong @ Esplanade Theatre
22-23 Jun | 8pm | Tickets priced from $58

Natsu Rock: Japan Music Festival @ Siloso Beach
22 Jun | 8pm | Tickets priced from $88

The Lion King @ MBS Theatre
27 Jun-26 Aug | Timings vary | Tickets priced from $65

SSO Subscription Concert: Gil Shaham Plays Tchaikovsky @ Yong Siew Tong Conservatory Concert Hall
30 Jun | 7.30pm | Tickets priced from $15


Website for tech events, sorted by date!

The List SG
Another website for tech events.

Sunrise in the City: Fitness Classes by HPB @ Various locations
Daily morning exercise classes of different kinds, including yoga, piloxing, etc. | Free

Tech Saturday (Upsized!) @ Suntec Convention Centre
3 Jun | 11am-7pm | Free

Yong Tau Fu Lunch Party @ OUE Social Kitchen
4-22 Jun | 12pm-1pm | Make your own Yong Tau Fu lunch | Tickets priced at $15

WOMEN Think Next: Singapore @ Microsoft AHQ Auditorium
6 Jun | 6pm-9pm | Free

BLINK_live APAC @ Grand Hyatt Singapore
7 Jun | 8.30am-5pm | Free

Sounds Better: An English Pronunciation Workshop @ The Salvation Army Tanglin Family Hub
7 Jun | 7pm | Free

Day X by The Apprenticeship Collective @ Lifelong Learning Institute
9 Jun | 10am-6pm | Free

Seafood Masterclass — Chirashi @ FiSK Seafood Bar and Market
9 Jun | 3pm-4.30pm | Tickets priced at $32

Global Reddit Meetup Day in Singapore @ East Coast Park
9 Jun | 5pm | SAPPORK SAPPORK | Bring food as appropriate

Asia GAME Festival @ Suntec Convention Centre
9-10 Jun | 11am-10pm | Tickets priced at $15 for 1 day pass, $22 for 2 day pass

RPG Day Singapore @ Cairnhill CC
9-10 Jun | 11am-8pm | Tickets priced at $5

Please Don't Bomb Us Day @ TBC
12 Jun | It's the Trump-Kim Singapore Summit if it wasn't clear

Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar @ Geylang Serai
Until 14 Jun | Food stalls, merchandise, etc.

Intro to DJing With Vinyl Records @ Katong Point
16 Jun | 4pm | Tickets priced at $60

Wartime Kitchen By Lee Geok Boi @ Former Ford Factory
16 Jun | 2pm-3.30pm | Free

Mindful Qigong @ Singapore Shopping Centre
20 Jun | 7.15pm | Free

FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour 2018 @ Siloso Beach
21-24 Jun | 9am-6pm | Tickets priced at $20

Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Singapore @ Singapore EXPO
22-24 Jun | Timing TBC | Tickets priced from $70

Big Data and Machine Learning Festival @ Lifelong Learning Institute
23 Jun | 1pm-4pm | Free

Sake Festival Singapore 2018 @ Suntec Convention Centre
23 Jun | 1pm-6pm | Tickets priced at $40

Eid Special at Mama's Kitchen @ Bedok South Ave 3
23 Jun | 6.30pm | Tickets priced at $65

UFC Fight Night Singapore @ Singapore Indoor Stadium
23 Jun | 4.30pm | Tickets priced from $48

NTU Arts From The Heart Charity Run @ Gardens by the Bay
24 Jun | 12pm-8pm | Tickets priced at $30

Risotto Nights @ OUE Social Kitchen
25-29 Jun | 7pm onwards | Hand make your own mushroom risotto | Tickets priced at $15

Beyond I Maker's Market 2018 @ Dhoby Ghaut Green
29-30 Jun | 11am-10pm | Free

DJ Scratching Workshop @ Katong Point
30 Jun | 4pm | Tickets priced at $60

Feel Fab Fest 2018 @ Suntec Convention Centre
21-22 Jul | 10am onwards | Free

A Librarian's World — Early Advertising in Singapore @ Central Public Library
26 Jul | 7pm-8pm | Free

Adobe Symposium 2018 @ Marina Bay Sands
21 Aug | 8am-6pm | Tickets from $175

Novena: Paper Art Course @ Brahm Centre
Until 24 Aug | 10am-12pm | 12 session course on paper art forms | $240 full course fee, $12 materials fee


A one-stop calendar listing environmental events and activities in Singapore, so anyone can see at a glance what is going on at any given day!

Wild Happenings Singapore
Events everyday, including nature tours and birdwatching at parks/nature reserves island-wide. Most events are free or at nominal cost. Suitable for kids and the family.

Yong Nautilus Public Nature Walks @ Various locations
Dates and times vary | Aimed at families | Tickets priced at $25 (12 and below), $27 (adult)

Nature Appreciation Walk @ Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
16 Jun | 9.30am-10.30am | Free

Nature Appreciation Walk @ Windsor Nature Park
23 Jun | 9.30am-10.30am | Free


Cartoon Network: Animate Your Life @ Gardens by the Bay
26 May-10 Jun | 3pm onwards | Child tickets (2-12) from $12.50, student tickets (up to tertiary) from $15, adult tickets (18+) from $18

StoryFest 2018: Story House @ The Arts House
3 Jun | 11am | Free

Digital Arts Bootcamp @ MAD School
7-8 Jun | 10.30am-5.30pm | Tickets priced at $110

Apple Camp @ Apple Orchard Road
11-29 Jun | Timings vary | Free

BORED KNIGHT Junior | Potato Pirates Card Game: Coding with Piratey Spuds! @ Katong Point
16 Jun | 5pm | Single tickets priced from $16

Tintin and the Puzzling Whodunnit — A Books Ahoy! Party @ Books Ahoy!
17 Jun | 4pm-6pm | Tickets priced at $15

Code in the Community @ Various CCs and Libraries
Until 30 Sep | 10 week programme, 2 hours on Sat or Sun | Refer to link for full schedule and venues | Free

Early Bird


Today is a day that I will remember forever. I am m,22, currently still serving national service in the navy. I was eating my breakfast at 5:30am in the morning at a hawker when I heard a "plang!" sound.I looked over and saw this dark looking fellow on the ground shaking uncontrollably.His eyes were shut and saliver was coming out of his mouth.What I experienced next is life-changing.The aunties and uncles who heard the sound, just looked.Yes, they JUST LOOKED at him and did nothing.I recall my poly days where I learnt about the basics of human psychology, where in situations like these, people would be afraid to be the first to act. So I put my half-eaten noodles on the return tray and rushed to the poor fellow.My mind went blank for a moment before I called the ambulance.The medic at the end of the call guided me to tilt the fellow sideways (to enable his breathing).I held him sideways until the ambulance came and handed him over to the pros.


TLDR: saved a guy experiencing fits, realize that most people are onlookers and afraid to act in situations, wasted half a bowl of good noodles but saved my soul

P.S. if the medic at the end of the phone is somehow reading this, thank you for guiding me and not get annoyed when I kept saying "he is still breathing" while panicking inside.

Edit:For all those who are wondering, he regained consciousness before I handed over to the professionals on site.


There are many options from FREE helplines to rather cheap counselling at $40. Don't be afraid to take the first step to seek help!!!


I'm looking for advice. Oral contraceptives or IUD? I heard docs here don't prescribe IUDs to younger women who haven't had children before. If you're using any, did you experience any side effects?


so I'm PES E and I'm suppose to report on 26th june. I lost my notice letter and I have no idea what time and where to report to. I called mindef and they said they had no records and I was like dafuq. But any of u are enlisting on 26th? I need some help


Entering uni soon and was wondering what the general opinion was

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