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There are the usual suspects, Google, Facebook, Amazon, NVidia, Intel, IBM, etc.

It is unlikely that the Singularity will come from a minor company, a minor country, etc.

The reason is that the market for the most talented people around the world are cornered by them.

Google got Kurzweil, Demis Hassabis (the guy who created DeepMind), etc. Amazon, etc got their share of hotshots.

The smaller companies won't be able to match the salaries, perks, resources, etc these hotshots crave (and would be given in the big companies).

As a student of history, I have studied its progress for quite a long time. Just before the First Emperor of China (the guy who was buried in the tomb of earthen soldiers) unified the land, which was kind of a Singularity since up to then China was never really unified, all the talents of China from various countries went to the Qin capital in what is now Xian to serve him since they knew they were backing the winner. A few generals fought him to the end, and paid the price. (And don't get me started on the Xiang Yu shit which occurred just after this. Qin Empire just changed its owner.)

USA has cornered the market of the world's most talented people, and even those who are talented in other countries tend to have at least some US education and work history, meaning they are not likely to go against the norms set by USA's giants.

Reaching Singularity needs a lot of very, very exceptional talentS (I capitalized the S since the more talents there are, the better), and lots and lots resources. These major companies do have the talentS and the resources, and that trend will only accelerate as smaller outfits, unable to raise funding, will surrender to the big companies one by one.

Eventually, unless a nuclear war destroys all civilization (and I have already shown that Singularity can occur in an out-of-way college town as long as it has hydropower strong enough to run all the servers), Singularity will come from one of the major outfits.

I will talk about how the road to Singularity will be open without any restriction in another post.

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Everything pertaining to the technological singularity and related topics, e.g. AI, human enhancement, etc.

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