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My friends mom is a tad esl and was giving me a recipe for some Mexican barbacao. I can't for the life of me understand what Bailey's rum cream does to the recipe to make it better. Also what size bottle? She said to only use one, so i used the smallest bottle the liquor store had, but it tasted really strange with the meat. I feel like she meant a glass?

Any help is appreciated


Last weekend I had decided to risk opening a rift in space-time. I made the same dish in my Instant-Pot and CrockPot at the same time.


4 Lbs Chicken breast

1 Lb Potato medley

1 Lb Baby carrots

1Lb Red split lentils (aprox 4 cups)

3 small Onions

2 cans diced tomatoes, not drained

6 cloves of Garlic

Aji Amarillo Paste

Everything above was split in half for each pot. Start by dicing the onions, which can go into the IP on Saute with a little olive oil. Chop the garlic and add it to the onions, then cut the chicken and the potatoes into 3-4 cm chunks and add the chicken to the onions and garlic. Toss this around until the chicken has whitened on all sides. Meanwhile, warm 2 cups of water, and mix in a heaping tablespoon of the Aji Amarillo Paste. Once the chicken is ready, turn the IP off and add in the potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and lentils. Stir to mix, then pour in the water and paste. Cooke for 15 minutes on high pressure.

For the CrockPot, Put everything into the pot in the same order, but without the sauteing. Cook this on high for 4 to 6 hours.

Both dishes made 5 servings. The IP turned the split lentils into a semi porridge. The CrockPot mellowed out the heat of the Aji Amarillo Paste, so I think I might add a little more to it next time.

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The little rubber insert for my Hamilton Beach's thermometer probe fell off and into a black hole somewhere in my kitchen. Now the hole is too big, and lets out too much steam. My current solution is to stuff it with a paper towel, but was curious if anyone knows where to get a replacement. Thanks!


Hi gang!

So I made this and followed it to the letter (OK so except I added a tablespoon of worcestershire sauce).

It came out super soft, tender, shreddable etc. but just NO flavour other than beef.

What did I do wrong?

It has great texture so I'm sure I can add it to another recipe and add flavour etc. Is it simply not a flavoursome recipe and I'm expecting too much?

NB: my slowcooker does have a habit of producing excess liquid but I put in slightly less than 1/2 cup chicken broth.

So appreciate any advice!

Edit: Sorry I posted before completing the heading and can't work out how to change it so it's more relevant! Sorry readers!

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