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Posted bysnoovatarer3 years ago
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We recently made a change to Snoovatars that means every asset on your Snoovatar can have a custom color. This means that if you love, for instance, purple - you can do make a Snoovatar like this.

An unfortunate byproduct of this update is that existing Snoovatars have been reset to the default. If you had already created a Snoovatar you'll need to recreate it. However, I hope this gives you an opportunity to explore the new color picker and make a Snoo worthy of you.

As ever you can find your Snoovatar at /u/username/snoo or by clicking the view/edit my snoovatar link on the sidebar of your userpage.

Happy Snooing.


How can it show up anywhere, how do people see it? Even if I want to see it, I have to click a link. That's not fun.


Thank you for the opportunity to add a little personalization. Since you asked for suggestions, I kinda' wanted a Shasta daisy or a Black Eyed Susan for a plant, but I can only change to overall color of the flower, not the center vs the petals. Being able to change the petal color would be good.

I thought the "Snoovatar" would show up on the page. Hrmph.

One last thing, I had to go to "Old Reddit" before I could even create this thing. That seems like a major flaw to me. Unless I just didn't see how. If that's the case, never mind.


Im on the computer and cant find a link or any info as where to go to make a snoovatar.

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