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Welcome to the Weekly New User & first Cook Thread

Please leave a comment telling us about who you are & why you're here! In addition, share your first cook stories, recipes, and photos/ videos! We love to see them

As new users, we understand you may have some questions Our best source of information will be in the sidebar. Besides that, please leave comments and questions here for the community to answer!

Enjoy your time here!

Oh...And welcome to our Sous Vide Community!


I'm hosting a brunch party in a couple weeks. I'd like to serve scrambled eggs, and have all the cooking done prior to guests arriving. I'm afraid a crock pot or chafing dish will overcook the eggs, but I'm thinking of using the circulator, maybe set to 140F, to keep them warm and serve. Anyone tried this? Thoughts?

Posted byAnother kitchen gadget?5 hours ago

I've got a Strata and I've been looking to get a container to cook in (mainly for a bigger cook I'll be doing soon. Since i use ziplocs, I'm thinking a rectangular container would be better so I have more space to clip the bags around the edge. Is this right?

If I go with the rectangle, it looks like my options are the Rubbermaid 12 qt (although the description says square, the pic definitely looks like a rectangle) or the Cambro 4.75 gal. Are there others? The Rubbermaid 16 quart and Cambro 16 qt both look square, and deeper, giving me less space to clip bags to the sides.

And do you you have lids you like for those containers (or whatever container you recommend)?

I appreciate the help.


Been having an issue when it comes to searing lean meats after sous-viding and I am ready to ask for help :)

I cooked sirloin steaks earlier at 135F for 1hr, dried them with a paper towel and proceeded to sear them in a cast iron pan with butter. I could tell when I was cooking them that they weren't searing efficiently and ended up being fairly tough with 1/4"+ of grey banding all the way around. The pan was sufficiently hot, but it didn't seem to matter.

Short of getting a searzall any suggestions on how I can get a good sear on lean meat without creating problems like the above?


Looking for ideas on how to use weed in sous vide (i.e. infusing oils for baking/cooking). Any tips on optimal temp/time for extracting would help 🐿


I bought a joule recently and I've been using sandwich bags for cooking small portions ( I know most people recommend to use freezer (thicker) bags for cooking, but I was wondering if should be concerned about leaks or anything else.


Or should I just use a slow cooker?


Sous vide is my new go-to for my favorite spring veggie. It comes out so juicy and delicious, no more stringy asparagus!

I’m looking for ideas for something delicious and maybe crispy to sprinkle over simple asparagus that was cooked in butter for an upcoming dinner party. I’ll also be serving chicken thighs, grilled with crisp skin and maybe a baked potato, and salad with radicchio and figs. The one idea I have thus far, is browned butter with slivered garlic and capers.

Guests are gluten and nut free, otherwise I’d add almonds or pine nuts...

Any other ideas? Think sage would go well?

Thanks in advance👍


Ralph's in my area has $3.77/lb NY strip on sale this week. Grabbed 3 steaks this morning. Seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder. Cooked at 129F for 1.5 hr, torched. Served with white rice and roasted asparagus.

Sorry forgot to take a pic of the inside cut. Couldn't wait to eat it. I didn't put enough salt and pepper. Too scared to make it salty. I was wrong :(


I have a side gig selling small batch perfumes and colognes and tried the Anova in an attempt to accelerate my infusion process, which normally takes 1-2 weeks. It was successful and possible after buying another Anova on sale. I would have tried earlier, but didn't want a cross contamination of ingredients. The oil infusion is really sensitive to extra ingredients and I also wanted to avoid any weird flavors leaking into our food, so I have two rigs dedicated to their respective purpose.

I still have to see how the top, middle, and base notes interact with the new process, but I'm hopeful it speeds things up. I've had to no-show my booth at a local market because I'm bottlenecked on my infusions.


Ok, in the last month or so I've done two different roasts with my Sous Vide that had some mixed results. First one was a Tri-tip roast that I did at 132F for 8hrs, then let rest for 15 min and finished for a few minute on each side on the grill. Generally, it was great, but it had some parts that were great and perfect, but a few spots, the meat was just mush.

The second was a boneless leg of lamb that I did. This one was a little higher (145F) as that's MR for lamb. I wanted to do a 24-48hr cook, but was only able to do it for 8 or so again. Again, I let it rest and finished on a hot ass grill for a minute. Again, most of it was great, but there were a couple spots that had the mush. Is there something I did wrong or missed or is that because of some spots on the meat that were maybe going bad? I'm just confused. I've done other pork or beef roasts and even turkey and chicken and never had this problem. Most things have been perfect, just not these couple things.


FDA says 140 is the top of the danger zone. I've still never understood, due to this, how you can cook for extended periods of time safely. For example, tomorrow I plan on doing a prime rib that is 4lbs. joule says I need about 8 hours. So how is it safe to do this at 135 for so long? We are looking for it to be just about medium rare + so I figure 135 is ideal given it will raise a little during sear/broil but if it isn't safe, I'll do 140.


I'm trying to decide between the Joule, Anova and Mellow. I just want this to cook beef and maybe lamb and nothing else.

The Mellow sounds interesting with the delayed cooking, but I'm not sure how much that helps, because sous vide is already supposed to prevent overcooking when it uses the keep warm function for quite a few hours?

I guess if the cook times are a few hours and you want it to be ready right when you get home though that could be a problem with a conventional cooker.

I'm a little reluctant to get one of these devices like the Mellow or Joule that rely entirely on smart devices or special wifi connections. The mellow also doesn't have blutooth and I think both need an internet connection to pair with the smartphone. I always have my phone, but still it seems a bit weird that I couldn't eat if I didn't since I intend to use sous vide for everything once I get a device.


Have any of you ever used the Dash Chef Series Sous Vide?

What are your thoughts?


I'm making 4 steaks tonight. Requests for medium, well, and medium rare (mine)

I may sacrifice medium rare to make this easier... And just make them all medium. But from there, is there an easy way to take a medium top sirloin and make it well done, without taking the others out of the pot, and ensuring they are all ready to eat at the same time?

(my plan is to pan sear them on high heat in a cast iron skillet)

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