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So as the title says, here’s my image from last Sunday nights SpaceX “Zuma” mission. You may have seen some other very good images from this launch already. This was shot from a private dock overlooking the Banana River. I am particularly happy with how this one turned out, especially considering that the last time I tried to photograph a SpaceX launch from this location (SES 10 in March of last year) I had all my gear stolen out of my car while waiting for the launch (that still hurts). Much better results this time though! Also, if you’re interested, more of my stuff can be seen on my Instagram. Thanks for looking!

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Awesome work on that shot! Sorry about your gear, that's absolutely awful! I am pretty sure we follow each other. I'm @marcuscote_photo!

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Thanks! Yeah, we do follow each other. Yours is really good as well. I know it can be tricky to find the right spot with the sea oats so that they frame the shot right. You did a good job with it.

Definitely sucks about the gear. It was at my girlfriends parents house, where they never have had a problem in 15 years there. I left the camera bag in the car to stay acclimated since it was so cold out. We were in the house and napped for like an hour and a half. Came out to the car and it was broken in to. Got my girlfriends car, and her moms, and some people across the street. So the moral of the story is even if you think your gear is safe, it's not....

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You the guy whose photo was used by the NYT without credit?

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Not that I know of haha. That was u/marcuscotephoto.

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Is there a high res printable version of this on your site anywhere?

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Proof that the mission was a success on SpaceX’s side ;)