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Hi, can you help me identify those peppers?

There were labeled as habanero in a general store, but seemed so different and i wanted to know what kind of habanero they might be.



Tl;dr on bottom

>Be me, inept at critical, basic life skills

>Find Reapers at Whole Foods, remember lots of funny videos and challenges

>Eat spicy food all day, have lots of soda, end up taking colon cleanser later in day to help indigestion

>Also decide to work out in evening

>Midnight later, decide F-it, eat small, hot looking Carolina Reaper whole

>Don't eat/drink anything for 5 minutes to challenge myself, felt like I was maced in the face, stomach feels like it is melting inside of me

>Drink lots of milk, eat ice cream, drink lots of water, have Tums

>I'm golden, that wasn't so bad, kind of felt euphoric, taste was robust but definitely wouldn't ever dare anyone to do it

>Go to bed

>Wake up at 5:00AM in unimaginable pain

>Stomach cramps and sharpness in stomach

>Call out of work [<-Darwin nominee], roll in excruciating pain literally in fetal position on floor of apartment, crying, moving about

>Literally felt like I was about to die like my stomach had burst

>Called paramedics

>Operator sounded like she rolled her eyes after I told her what happened (lol), transferred to local fire department

>Guy on line sounds unimpressed, repeats what I did slowly, almost as if he is attempting to make me hear what I'm saying, literally says it was "stupid" to do

>Says I have to wait it out, no doctor

>Finally calm down after a few hours of pain, crying, completely destroyed

>When it finally comes out, it has a quite hot temperature burning the exit, feels like crapping out liquid hot steel

>Regret life

>Got lectured next day about taking day off after weekend, feels bad boss's trust in me got brought up, feelsbadmang

>Question existence

Tl;dr 0/10 My goldfish brain decided to do easily top 3 worst decisions in my life. Overall great flavor, mouth burn isn't bad, actually felt a bit euphoric and a nice warmth in head afterwards, but stomach pain is what makes it bad. Wouldn't be opposed to preparing it right with a mix, but on it's own no way.


My buddy is growing scotch brains, some other brains, and a bunch of other peppers. Does anyone have any recipes I can use to eat a bunch of these? They’re hot as fuck, but I’d love to incorporate these into things I like, and also recipes that anyone who likes semi-hot food would like.

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