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Saturday afternoon walk at Inokashira park in Tokyo. Spicy vending machine appears full of rice crackerish hotness (Carolina reaper amongst others), and warning signs.

And yes, I noped out of there like a chicken.


I'm a huge fan of hot sauces but sometimes a dish is already pretty nuanced and just needs heat... any suggestions?


  • Hot, pepper mash hot
  • Doesn't alter taste too much
  • Relatively inexpensive

I've dabbled around a bit, watched a lot of hot ones, and want to really go off the deep end. So far I've tried most of the restaraunt sauces (stuff like Tabasco, sriracha, yucateco etc.), I've really liked some of bravados stuff, but it's a bit runny for me. I can handle da bomb pretty well, and I ate about a tablespoon of crushed reaper flakes with some buddies (felt that for a few days). Looking for something that won't ruin my week, but something I'll feel. I've heard good things about secret aardvark, and I've already got that on the list. So, what should I buy?


Basically I want to get into eating more spicy food to keep my snacking down to a minimum and I was hoping you guys may have some recipes/brand recs for a broke-ass college girl.

I use salsa Valentia religiously, I order my Nashville chicken at medium, but that can be a bit painful. I love wasabi almonds and habenero BBQ almonds.

I have a hard time with straight up heat- but no issue if there is a good flavor combo. Sweet and spicy or smoky and spicy are my favorites.

I really appreciate the help! Sorry that I'm so new to this. I really want to learn to make an actual hot hot sauce.


So I was wondering if there are any good cookbooks specifically for making hot sauces. Do you guys have any recommendations?


What are some of your personal favorite hot sauces? I have been using Blair's ultra death a lot lately.


About a decade ago, my friends took me to a wing joint in Virginia for spicy wing challenge because I loved spicy food. The wings were covered in dark purple sauce and it was the spiciest food I've ever had back then. I can't remember but it was either 14 or 24 wings to tie the restaurant record and I matched it. I sweat like a pig and cried nonstop involuntarily. I drank gallons of water while eating the wings as I was inexperienced and never had anything spicy enough to require drinks before. Once we were done, I got in the back of my friend's car and lay down and tumbling and yelling at my friends to call an ambulance or take me to the hospital. But we ended up just going back home and it was all good eventually. Few hours later, I took a leak and although I washed my hands half a dozen time and made sure to not touch any part of my body, my junk was on fire. I've never taken piss with pain before and didn't even know something like that was a side effect of eating extreme spicy food.

Since then, I haven't done anything like that until two years ago not because I feared these challenges but there weren't many places like that where I lived before. This time, my coworkers took me to Brick Lane in NYC to try their spiciest curry challenge. I ordered the curry and I had a time limit of I think 15 minutes to finish the food to get a certificate and a free beer. It was definitely not long enough to enjoy the food but there was no flavor to enjoy it either way. It was just packed with spice and that is all I tasted. I guess I would describe it as a bowl of dozen different peppers boiled in water. It was spicy but tolerable and I finished it with ease. I got my certificate and free beer. We paid for the meal and we left the restaurant. But as soon as we exit, I started to feel horrible. My stomach was bloated and it felt like it was going to explode. I could barely take a step so I went up and leaned against the nearest light pole agonizing in pain. I had to ask one of my friend to run to the nearest Bodega to buy me some tums. She came back with a bottle of liquid tums and I chugged that thing down. But thankfully, I didn't have as bad of an experience later when I had to cleansing my body. I don't mind the pain eating spicy food but this curry just has no flavor and I wouldn't try it again or recommend it to anyone.

These days, I just enjoy my food with Dave's ghost pepper and insanity sauce on everything. I recently found out about the Korean capsaicin sauce and ordered one but it's not that spicy and not very flavorful.

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