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Cholula just sent ‘Hamilton’ creator Lin-Manuel Miranda this fan note

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Comment deleted4 months ago
Comment deleted4 months ago
Comment deleted4 months ago

Its actually pretty good stuff!

Yeah I enjoy the Sweet Habanero quite a bit

Not to be the downer but they didn't send him a fan note. They sent a free sample to a celebrity and asked him to promote it on Colbert... There's nothing wrong with this, but it's not a "fan note".

Damn, I signed up for Cholula's fan site because they promised a free bottle of Cholula, except when I got the package it was empty :'(

That's some Big Baller shit right there.

Delicious! hope it goes national!

Missed chance for Hamilton references.

My ideal existence now involves hot sauce companies fighting with one another over my spice usage.

hot sauce guy2 points·4 months ago

Good luck with that. Although one just gave you a mildly snarky response, so I suppose that’s a start? :)

Ok if u/maddog357official or someone comes now it’d be perfect 👌

And what’s your best sauce high on heat?

I hope this helps you achieve your ideal existence lol. Our hottest sauce currently is our Gold Edition sauce. Not sure who that question was directed to haha.


And really this is amazing lol. I’ll definitely grab a bottle or two from both of you folks (when I have more than $3 in my bank account)! 😁

Glad we could help! 😜

hot sauce guy2 points·4 months ago

Black Label is my hottest sauce, but I’m not sure how high you are - that’s kinda personal. As for “best”, I think all 10 of my varieties are my best, but I’m a bit biased. Pink Label is best on Carnitas, Black is best on Fosh Tacos, Green on eggs, etc.

Well, sadly despite my interest I can’t buy all the sauces you sell :P

But I am a sucker for hot foods (100-200k scoville is my fun heat spot) so I definitely will give that one a shot when I have more than $3 in my bank account!

hot sauce guy2 points·4 months ago

Sounds good! i think you’ll enjoy Black Label. It really features the floral flavor of the scorpion pepper and while very hot, it’s not so hot that it overpowers food. And it pairs well with just about anything.

Actually, do you guys happen to have any sweeter sauces? I’ve been looking for a sweet yet hot sauce to add to my collection lately.

hot sauce guy2 points·4 months ago

Black Label & Pink label are both sweet-heat sauces. The Scorpion Pepper is a naturally sweet pepper, and the sauce has apples for natural sweetness. Pink Label isn’t as hot, but is made with pears & dates. Neither are overly sweet - both are savory & naturally sweetened with fruits & veggies. Year of the Dog is also on the sweet side, but is sold out for another week-ish.

Cholula isn't hot enough for me. I really like it to buuuuuuuuuuurn.

Make It Buuuuurn2 points·4 months ago

I am not throwing away my... sauce.

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Im gonna need some of this

Chipotle Cholula is the tastiest sauce out there. Not spicy really, but the flavor is outstanding.

If you like that, try El Yucateco Chipotle...

Haven't seen the El Yucateco Chipotle.....I'm sure it's delightful. Their other sauces are excellent.

It's my favorite Yucateco sauce...and my favorite chipotle sauce.

I have got to get me some of that stationary.

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