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Looking good!!

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You mentioned Hellfire. Try some of these! http://www.hellfirehotsauce.com

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Damn - Really no in between for you! I'm afraid to try Painapple and Exhorresso.

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Painapple is delicious...and you should be afraid.

It kicked my teeth in on only a small swipe on my pinkie. The flavor is great before the magma kicks in though.

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Painapple was opened last night. Did the ol'toothpick test and yeah, it's the hottest thing i've ever had without extracts.

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I don't have a tolerance that high yet. I just opened Hornet Bomb and it's one of the hotter Hab sauces I have. Habs/Bonnets are basically my threshold right now.

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Enlarge for clarity.... I have limited counter space. Can't afford a larger kitchen due to capsaicin considerations.