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New season of Hot Ones started today and...

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I can't... She reminds me of a young version of my mom.

I'm sorry. I had a hard time watching it, myself, but to have lived through someone similar? Hot Ones trophy to you, my friend.

I agree.

That security guard is a beast. Took down those wings like a champ.

Not my favorite episode, but she didn't bother me like she seems to have others (based on the Youtube comments and such)

Didn't bother me either. Some people get uncomfortable too easy.

At least she beat DJ Khalid.

May that record stand for eternity.

Comment deleted4 months ago

LOL !redditsilver

She is a lot more extra than I was expecting her to be.

Original Poster17 points·4 months ago

I think she had a bit more Crown Royal off screen

She is a lot more extra

... what does this mean?

Being extra means being very dramatic, over the top, eccentric and not necessarily in a good way.

Well, TIL. Thanks.

But not necessarily in a bad way, either. I thought she was very entertaining and sweet.

I've seen a couple of her other interviews, and I feel like this is a common thing for her.

First episode Ive every fast forwarded through. That was unbareable.

I have no idea who this is but she looks like she could be the “black mom” from like every movie and tv show.

Original Poster11 points·4 months ago

This has got to be the most annoying episode yet, she made it difficult to sit through. Give the security guard an episode besides her.

I found her really funny and charming!

To each their own I guess.

I'm with you on that. Quite annoying. I skipped through most of it.

Didn't make it past wing five.

I was really excited to see who was going to be on the first episode when I woke up today. I can’t say I enjoyed this episode.

Oh god, she's just too much.

She acts like a drag queen, but drag queens are supposed to be a parody.

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