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For any of those curious the restaurant is called 900 Grayson and they are locally known for their chicken and waffles plate called the demon lover.

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I used to live near there and I always had to get the demon lover with gravy and douse this hot sauce all over it. It had a nice slightly sweet tang to it. How much is it for a bottle?

PS, Guerilla Cafe on Shattuck near Cedar ave used to make their own roasted tomatillo hot sauce that was really good and they would occasionally bottle and sell it too.

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Nice man! Ill check your recommendation out! The bottle was only 7 dollars

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I edited it now, but I thought I should tell you the Guerilla Cafe thing is a hot sauce, not a salsa. It's been a couple years since I was there last so IDK if they still have it.

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I grew up in Berkeley! Small world. Don’t remember Grayson’s, but I moved away about 13 years ago

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I dont think they were around back then! The restaurant was started by two young brothers. I have been patronizing the establishment for 6 years now.