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I forget what it's called but their black cherry/scorpion pepper sauce is amazing, I put it on everything.

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I have one with Black Cherry and Reaper's, same one? It's Muerte something, tastes a little like HP sauce :p not even close to as hot as this and reaper's are the first ingredient, while here the 7 pots are second or 3rd :p

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Right, reapers, not scorpions. I haven't had the other one, so I can't say, but I hardly think "HP sauce" is an accurate comparison though.

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There is definitely a similar taste, not exact but something in it reminds me of HP or worcestershire sauce.

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Looks hot. Did you burn yourself?

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Then follow a talking coyote on a psychedelic desert quest?

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The first time I took down a table spoon yes :p I've since learned my lesson lol

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It's definitely warm, it's made with 7 pot primo's :p