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What's the best palate/heat cleanser?

As you can imagine, we taste a TON of hot sauces. What's a good palate and heat cleanser? I can only drink so much milk in a day!

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Chew on a lime wedge, rind and all. The citric acid helps to neutralize the alkaline capsaicin oils.

My teeth ache just thinking about that

Original Poster1 point·4 months ago

Never heard of that but going to have to try!

2 points·4 months ago

Beer. A nice strong Weizenbock (high ABV & capsaicin is alcohol-soluble + silky texture is easy on the tongue) does the job especially nicely.

I ate raw scotch bonnets while intoxicated and it made my beer taste like Apple juice until we ran out. Win win

1 point·3 months ago

Oh, gross! Lol I would hate for my beer to taste like apple juice

Never tried it with overly spicy food, but Ginger is used between types of sushi to cleanse the palate.

Plain white bread or crackers

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