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Title. I don't have a lot of experience eating really spicy stuff. I had a decent amount of the 1 million Scoville mad dog 357 on a chip the other day and it wasn't that bad. A co-worker just ordered me the death nut challenge. I am assuming it will be way worse. What is the best stuff to get the heat out of my mouth when/if I finish it?


Hi all -

I'm looking to branch out from my usuals, and am looking for suggestions!

My favorite hot sauces are Crystals, Yucateco Black, Cholula Garlic and Chipotle, and Garlic Sambal / Sriracha. My highest heat tolerence (on average) is the Yucateco XXX Chile Habanero.

My three favorite peppers are Jalapeno, Bird's Eye , and maybe a tie between scotch bonnet / chipotle. I like gochugaru flakes a lot too

I hear the Aardvark sauce is pretty good? Maybe something easy I can buy on Amazon

Thanks a million!

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