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Standupshots Commenting Rules & Guide 2.0: Fitter, Happier, More Constructive...

Here are the few things you're not allowed to criticize about the submitter:

  • Appearance: Age, sex, height, weight, race, gender, etc. The picture is there to keep the comic from making jokes they would be ashamed to do in real life, and to make it slightly harder for facebook & twitter "celebrities" to build followings based off uncredited material. It is not an invitation to /r/roastme.

  • Career status/Talent: Comedians with major TV credits don't get special treatment in this sub - comedians without them don't deserve special abuse. You can criticize the joke - just don't extrapolate your criticism to blanket accusations of talentless hackery. This includes accusations of buying upvotes. Attack the joke, not the joker.

  • Comedy is serious business, but at the end of the day we're just trying to entertain & have fun. If your definition of “fun” includes making our submitters feel like shit - go somewhere else.

Things you CAN shit on:

Literally anything else. You can rant about politics, religion, Amy Schumer, or whatever your heart desires. You can call other commenters cucks and SJWs. You just can't call the submitter one.

To make the comment section better:

Upvote criticism. Downvote abuse and pointless negativity. Criticism is acceptable, but it should provide something beyond a downvote. “Not funny” is not useful criticism, nor are insults or unsolicited career advice.

  • Upvote: This is a simple misdirection. Any time a word has two meanings, the audience will assume the punchline involves the unexpected one.
  • Downvote: This is a stupid pun.

  • Upvote: This isn't a joke as much as a pandering. There is no unexpected reversal or reveal, simply a snarky opinion designed to elicit applause from a target demographic, rather than laughs.

  • Downvote: Where's the punchline?

  • Upvote: Speaking as a special snowflake tumblr otherkin who identifies as an Aeropress, I feel alienated by this bit, and wouldn’t laugh in a live setting. If you changed the target to something else, it would be less offensive to my demographic.

  • Downvote: Buh-dumm-tsss, Booooo, crickets

  • Upvote: This joke is sexist and racist. White men face significant challenges in today’s world. Their politics aren’t driven by racism or misogyny, but by a desire to provide the best life possible for their families.

  • Downvote & Report: Fucking white knight niggerfaggot SJW cucks virtue-signaling polly-waddle-doodle all the day.

Examples of sentiments that could get you banned/blocked:

  • “Oh I get it. It’s OK because he/she/you’re black/brown/asian/fat/thin/gay/trans/democrat/republican/hold a different perspective from my own. I’m not offended but… here is a 500-word torrent of abuse about that particular demographic. Accept it without question or you are fragile and oversensitive and I win at logic forever.”

  • “You’ll never be funny. Give up. Kill urself. If you were a real comedian, you wouldn’t be spamming reddit with your stupid “jokes.” Everything about this place is terrible because I personally disagree with the fundamental premise of a subreddit with 200k subscribers.”

  • “Is that supposed to be edgy/cool? Fat fucking loser. Look out, we got a badass over here /s”

  • “You’ll never be successful if you don’t compromise your principles and tailor your act specifically to me. Here is career advice that you need to follow if you want to be Bill Burr and not a fat fucking virgin neckbeard.”

  • “Cry moar u oversensitive pussy faggot open-micer. My abuse is making you a better comedian. My favorite comedian is an insult comic, therefore it is the defining attribute of all real comedians.”

  • “Freedom of speech! Moderating a comedy forum is a slippery slop to fascism!"

TL;DR: Be nice, fuckers.

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Wil je aan de slag in de IT, maar heb je geen IT-gerelateerde studie gevolgd? No problem! Wij geloven dat jouw andere studieachtergrond je juist geschikt maakt voor een functie in de IT.

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12 hours ago

Not #MeToo

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