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3 months ago

Drake Vulture gameplay preview (not really)

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That's perfect !

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Well now I kinda want one.

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Gotta love Wall-E.

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1 point · 3 months ago

Brilliant, portentous and sinister film.

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Whaha amazing xD

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Having just purchased this set, I feel like the vulture release is far too perfect of timing not to pass up.

Sorry my little buccaneer you may be upgraded to a vulture.

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Well, now i got the name for mine at least.

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In my opinion this probably falls foul of a rule we have on this subreddit:

Submitted content must be related to Star Citizen.
Content with an indirect relationship to Star Citizen must be a text/self post and must attempt to provide meaningful discussion of Star Citizen

You could probably resubmit this direct link as part of a discussion text post instead. That'll give you a chance to go into greater detail in the submission body section and clarify exactly what you mean and why people should consider it important.

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Comment deleted3 months ago
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