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The tunnel that housed the ark ships fully breached Aiur's Crust and dug into its mantle. It was barely stable, but Artanis' launch of the Spear of Adun released so much thrust into the planet that the crust has begun rupturing near the Voidshade Hybrid. Now lava erupts from the ground and causes the weather to become erratic. You must destroy the Void Slivers before finding a way to stabilize the crust.

Map: Scythe of Amon

Tornadoes move across the map, damaging and knocking back player units in their path.
Lava Burst
Lava periodically burst from the ground at random locations and deals damage to player air and ground units.
Time Warp
Enemy Time Warps are periodically deployed throughout the map.


Video Replays on Brutal:

[CtG(Raynor's view)] - [Hunter(Vorazun's view)] <- Speedrun 8:36
[CtG(Tychus's view)] - [Hunter(Abathur's view)]
[CtG(Nova) - CYCY89(Fenix)]
[CtG(Dehaka) - Iswald(Artanis)]
[CtG(Han and Horner) - Chomik(Zagara)]
[CtG(Alarak) - Hypernut(Stukov)]
[CtG(Swann) - Windrunner(Karax)]
[CtG(Kerrigan) - (True Solo)]

Other Notes:

  • Lava bursts appear as small circles and dissipate in random spots, and deal massive damage to anything caught in them.
  • Twisters randomly roam the map and throw units around, rendering them uncontrollable for a second.
  • Lava Bursts hit air units, like in Vermillion Problem.
  • The Lava Bursts appear all around your expansion, but not in the mineral line. It is probably wise to build your expansion on-location, rather than pre-building and flying/scuttling them over.
  • Twisters go into the players' expansions.

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Use metal instead of Open GL. MY MPB gets an extra 15-20FPS

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This is something I would highly recommend to players since it not only allows you to see what you visualize in action but it allows you to learn more about how units and abilities work on the data level in the map editor.

It's very common where things are proposed that look great on paper turn out to be bad in practice. Test before you talk.

Maybe some of you exploring the map editor trying to do changes might even go on to make some great Arcade maps.


I'm asking for the name of the artist (or artists) that designed the original Marine Power Armor from Starcraft and also the artist(s) responsible for designing the Starcraft II CMC Power Armor. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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After searching through TL, r/broodwar, and the Blizzard website, I can't find out if KSL quals are being broadcast like last season, and if so, if there will be an English broadcast along with the Korean one.

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The Overmind


A unique zerg swarm based on the older swarm before kerrigan took control is able to build cerebrates that can be dedicated to a unit to make it greatly empowered at greater cost.

Starting hatchery replaced with the proto overmind and his early cheap units make him adaptable in the early game where as his powerful heroic versions of his units as his transfer to a terrifying late game army comp. Every unit from the humble drone to the terrifying ultralisks have enhanced possible versions. There are a lot of references and balance ideas from the orginal starcraft to enjoy..

Doc here

Example Units Zergling and Mutalisk


Mineral cost 50 pop cost 1, Melee damage 5 attack speed .65, Hp 35 Armor 0 Speed 3.6

Devouring One (Heroic Zergling)

Mineral cost 100 pop cost 2, Melee damage 10 attack speed .65, Hp 120 armor 3 speed 3.6

Upgrades both (zergling and devouring one) ,Metabolic Boost +33% speed, Adrenal Glands +20% attack speed

Heroic Upgrade, Hunger after a nearby biological unit dies heal 10 hp.


Mineral 100 vespene 100 pop 2, Range 3 damage 9 Attack speed 1.86, Hp 120 Armor 0 Movement speed 4.3

Mukulza (heroic mutalisk)

Mineral 200 Vespene 200 pop 3, Range 3 Damage 18 Attack speed 1.86, Hp 300 Armor 4 Movement speed 6.8

Upgrades both (mutalisk and mukulza), Small Form gives 33% evasion, Terror flock gives +2% attack speed per muta in 8 range max 40%

Heroic Upgrade, Acid Spray replaces glaive wurm with Acid spray deals +12 base damage but glaive no longer bounces.

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Started playing Starcraft vanilla I think around 98, Diablo got me hooked on trying out Starcraft (played Warcraft/Warcraft 2/Tides of Darkness single player when I was younger). Loved it, played BGH and all that shit, and nothing makes somebody feel more bad ass than massing carriers and cannons and killing shit. Would even do those 7v1 comp stomps, then deselect allied victory - which means once you killed the computer the game wouldn't end, but you also wouldn't attack your allies (unless you unchecked the alliance towards that player). Then you'd have people start killing each other and, "WHY IS THIS GUY STILL BUILDING AN ARMY?!" and then you'd kill everyone and be victorious. Or they'd guess it was you and they'd kill you. Fun times.

Then I started playing Brood War August 2001 (easy to remember considering the following month) when I was 14, mainly because more and more people were playing Brood War and when you'd be in a clan chat channel and everybody is playing and you're left with maybe one other person who has vanilla SC, you're like, yeah, it's time.

Y'all know how crazy this shit was back in the day? Replays were just coming out - that shit was unheard of. USEast and USWest just happened, it use to be just 1 server. Then you had Europe and Asia. I started playing low money maps when I played BW and it'd be like "Wow, I have a 14-50 record.... fuck. I'm terrible." Although to note, it was interesting being a West player, and going onto East (once I started to improve and understand the game), and you'd have people say, "You must be from West," I think because a lot of people on that server played more aggressively if memory serves? Like, if you had an opportunity to kill someone, you would, rather than let the game go another 5 minutes and do the killing blow there. So those different styles were interesting back then.

I remember when I first started BW though, just making cannons in my main because I didn't want to die. Or you'd play PvP and die to DTs and you'd be like, "Okay, let me copy what he did," and you'd learn from that stuff.

WGTour was a thing - it was THE ladder (because Blizz ladder was laggy [couldn't play on fastest] and full of hackers), C6-C0 and then B6-B0 or A? Can't remember.. but I remember seeing the [pG]'s and ToT)'s and Country A teamers had A next to their name or something, all those teams and players. Remember Hovz? Maybe 3 people that read this might. Kid was so BM and full of himself. Shitty Terran player. Think he wound up in jail or something? I think I did a deep dive of him on TL a year ago and I think he might have wound up in prison. Yikes.

But see, if you wanted to play WGTour you'd have to go on the Europe server, and do it all through there, think you'd type /whisper player a vs player b and then they'd be like /confirm and all that stuff. The things people did for competitive games back then.

I would do what I did a lot in my BW and even early SC2 career was I'd get to a certain point and then stop. I'd get to C1 and C0, which was easy, and then /reset and do it over, which was dumb because I could've kept going and obviously better competition you get better. And WGTour near their end made it so if you finished at certain points, during the next ladder season you'd start higher. What would happen is every new season everyone started at C6 (think of everyone starting in Bronze at a new season). Not enjoyable for anyone because it's basically newb bashing until ranks sort out in the first couple days. But there were quite a few people that liked it because they would never get to play against those kind of players anyway. So they'd get to brag to their friends that they got to play against Socke or something.

So about 2 years into playing BW, WGTour comes out with this WSL thing, where you pay money to play in the ladder, four different two week seasons, and top players get paid or go into a BO format and then winners get paid, and you had a lot of big names there for obvious reasons. First Korean progamer I ever beat came in WSL. He was playing for the Korean Dream Team, which were all korean pros, P(9)vT(12) on Lost Temple, I lost. Second game P(6)vT(9) I won, and the replay got downloaded so many times. I fuckin' showed that off to everyone. Joined a clan called [FD] which was Flame Dynasty, who had nobody but Doomer who was WGTour Puerto Rico winner, and to join I had to play him, and 3-0'd him. Was so fucking cocky thinking I was hot shit at that point. I really wanted to go to WCG Chicago in the Spring (I live in Minnesota), but I chickened out, I really think I would've done well and I still think about what might have been even 15+ years later.

So like 3 months (think around winter 2003/spring 2004) into that I deleted the replay of me beating the Korean pro because I wanted to not use that as, "Okay I've done that, I'm done forever," but to move on and keep improving. Here's the thing, I use to weigh a lot when I was younger, like 210-220ish back when I was 15-16? And I played baseball when I was in grade school, but stopped, and I wanted to start up again. So, I completely stopped playing Brood War and focused on baseball and getting healthy. I wound up being able to throw in the mid 80s as a lefty, which isn't bad, but the story doesn't end there.

August 2005 start up college, decide to load up BW - and it was really cathartic, great way to unwind and blow off steam. Definitely wasn't as good as before because there wasn't a host of information like there is now (I didn't really visit TL much back then at the start), so it was a lot of starting from scratch as I had moved entirely away from the game for 2 years and it had changed a lot. From 2005-2009 it was like just playing with no real sense of improving. You'd stomp pub newbs because that's easy, but really started to trying again when iccup was a thing (maybe played a bit of PGTour - only thing I have from PGTour is I still have one of their avatars as my discord picture. It's actually pretty legit), and WCG.

Now WCG USA (they had them for other countries as well, although Canada may have gotten fucked in 2010 iirc) was one of the only things foreigners would get a year (aside from clean leagues and stuff but this is different), so you have this thing that comes around once a year, with 6-8 qualifying spots? And that's it. Pressure? What pressure?

Now again at this point, myself, I'd do the thing where I'd play up until B- on iccup, then stop. Best compliment I've ever received was smashing, completely smashing an A ranked Korean Terran player on Fighting Spirit, and at the end of the game he was like: "Korean?"


"But you Korean?"

No, white guy from Minnesota

"Wow, gg"

You don't make people that high look silly very often, so it was like, fuck yeah! A lot of koreans were so fucking BM on iccup (think they all went to League of Legends, the amount of BM and toxicity in Korean solo q... yikes), y'all missed those heydays of Korean iccup bm, I'm telling you. So fucking funny playing a Korean during korean hours and fending off their cheese because they see the USA flag and then they say "Fuck you" and leave or they disconnect when instead of an easy win they get smashed.

Also things to note: Peruvians... ugh, the lag x.x they'd always get banned. China... doom drop crack lings, always, it was like every Chinese zerg loved to do that. Seeing USA flag from someone you don't recognize, "Alright, free points,"

So, in 2009 I only made 1 qualifier finals where it's 4 people double elim, and I lost to Kelby (EG Inka). The qualifiers, again, would go the whole week and then the weekend was qualifier finals.. and I played amateur woodbat townball, so - and I kid you not, I would play the first couple days, then have to drop out on like a Thursday because we had a 7 pm game and had to be at the field by 5:30. Some people would reschedule the match, most wouldn't. Which is totally fine, but those 6-8 qualifiers all of a sudden turn into maybe 3-4?

2010 rolls around and I made the final 4 twice. First time going 1-2 Sheth and 1-2 Machine (THIRD GAME I SHOULD'VE WON! 3 gate goon reaver on python and reaver duds twice lose the first reaver as hydras are coming up the ramp rip the dream. Drug out the game longer but it was over ~few minutes later). By this time SC2 had been announced, and it was obvious who was playing the closed beta or whatever the case was - I wasn't too keen on getting SC2, made the absolute last qualifier and - let's put it this way. I lost because I was really fucking stubborn.

I get the way Idra plays, especially in BW. There's an optimal way to play, hit these benchmarks and you're good. And then he plays against F91 and well, that happens. In the same vein that, I would run through a build and then the opponent does something that requires an certain response at a certain time and it's like, "Well the game shouldn't play out this way they're terrible," but they're putting the onus on you to react appropriately and if you don't you die so get fucked. So I got fucked, I knocked out my buddy Luckyfool (going dts twice, which I never do, which is why I did it), effectively ending his BW career, to get to final 4, where I got smashed by Terran both games. Boy was I mad :)

Starcraft 2 comes around for me in October, I had to get a new computer. Second day of having it, play a custom with Wasif (Combatex) him disconnect as he was losing. He was top 100 on the ladder at that point. Yikes. I 5-0'd placements like any good BW player would do, and then I faced what I think quite a few people faced... and that's that you start losing to people that never played BW before. Maybe they played Warcraft 3 and you looked down on them for that (which there was some of that going on early on), or they didn't and they're like, "Wow this is so cool, I've only ate crayons before and now I'm winning," and you're like, "I SHOULD BE FUCKING DESTROYING YOU!" it was very aggravating, but the scene became insane very quickly.

There were tournaments everywhere! Fuckin' everywhere! There were small 10 dollar tournaments everywhere. The University of Minnesota put on tournaments - winner going to MLG Columbus. I was the only one to go 5-0 or 6-0 during the first stage of the tournament, had people ask for my fucking autograph there man. How fucking crazy is that shit?! First tournament I ever attended. Then it went on for like 10-12 hours and I got really tired and lost 3-0 to someone I 2-0'd, and I took 3rd place because I am bad :).

First place already had bought a MLG pass, and 2nd place wasn't going to attend, so I got to go to MLG Columbus in 2011! It. Was. Awesome. I really wish everyone who loves Starcraft - or even remotely likes it, could attend a live event. They're insane.

So 2012 rolls around, finishing up college, participate in Alienware Spring 2012 tournament, take 2nd (select first, QXC 3rd, ThisIsJimmy [who I played to go to finals] 4th), win 400 bucks for getting stomped on. Playing a bunch of old names from BW, playing against korean pros, joined compLexity Academy, got lucky enough to live in the pro house there for a few months, shit was so much fun - except for the game.

SC2 pro house, you know how dope that is? Go back 8 years ago and talk to anyone playing Brood War, "Hey would you like to live in a pro house sometime?" they'd all nod their head. But at this point in 2012 Starcraft 2 was fucking shit. Brood Lord infestor ruined it and Blizzard did nothing for a long time to fix it. It killed the passion of not only pros, but the semi-pros. And when you're sitting in a half million dollar house in Texas and you're waking up at noon to practice, and after practice you play League or do anything else that isn't Starcraft related, you know it's time to not play anymore.

So, participated in MLG Dallas 2012, ran into more old faces, met some friends that I had never met before, all of that was well and good, but I knew once I went back to MN I wouldn't really touch the game. And the reason being was specifically BL/infestor. It was shit and I'll tell you why it was shit. The comp was unbeatable once Zergs realized two things:

1) Don't bunch your broodlords all in one spot

2) Throwing in a bunch of infested terrans into the vortex was what was needed if the first thing happened

When you have to play out that scenario banking on your opponent messing up in order to win, it becomes so fucking stupid

PvZ banked on ending the game through any means necessary* before it got to that point, or hoping the zerg was lazy enough to not properly sim city their main with spore/spines to protect the hive and greater spire from warpins or again, bunching their units and getting caught with the vortex and not having enough energy for a lot of infested terrans to throw in the vortex. Remember at this time that fungal was instant and it rooted, so if blink stalkers tried to blink under broods they would evaporate quickly unless you had a bunch of colossus and archons killing brood lings but then zerg can neural parasite and they'll also have corruptors.

It was not fun to play against at all. Literally killed the passion of many people.

*Any means necessary meaning any sort of gateway all in, +2 blink all in, stalker/double robo immortal all in off 3 base, and the sentry/immortal/warp prism all in aka soul train.

The game also promoted getting to 3 bases and 200/200 and attacking, and then repeating for a few more times because you really didn't have to take a 4th for quite a long while.

So about 6 months of not playing, and working, decided to give HOTS a try.. and that last for about 600 games? Was able to get good enough to beat players like Bunny (Korean Bunny on Europe server), MVP Tails (NA server) and stuff on ladder, but only managing to get 2nd place at the last UofM Tourney in Jan 2014 (Puck took first, winning 2-0 and 2-0 in finals/grand finals, of course he also had a few thousand games of HOTS on me by that point, Puck imba zzz). But swarmhost were a thing and it was still sit on 3 bases and not enough changed overall with the game to make it worth wanting to play.

And to anyone reading this, if you're playing a game and it's absolutely not fun, just don't do it anymore. So I went to League, got good but not enough to go pro, was offered a NA LCS coaching spot but turned it down (but the guy I referred did absolutely amazing and he's still kicking ass because he's legit. He's super talented and the team he's on is lucky to have him).

Then I came back around April of this year, because LOTV actually looked like fun (and they had just fixed ling drops).

THIS GAME IS BY FAR THE BEST ITERATION OF THE GAME! It's fun, amazing, the storylines are great, foreigners are doing better. It's an amazing game.

Honest to God if this game came out first (imagine having in game tournaments and co-op, and chat channels and the ability to watch replays with friends etc... etc...) and the way the game is now, right at the start? Would easily be top 3 esport. And hey, top 5-6 still isn't bad, with the way this game is, viewership and player base growing again, it's great. And it's easy to see why, because:


And after 4+ years of being away from the game, I'm happy to be playing it again, to be watching tournaments again, to be buying skins, to be buying the TotalBiscuit stuff, absolutely love it. Take all my fucking money.

Absolutely love the game, here's to 20 more years.

Love you, Starcraft.

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