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WCS Valencia Viewer’s Guide

The final European WCS Circuit Event of the year is upon us with WCS Valencia bringing elite StarCraft II play to the Iberian Peninsula beginning July 12.

Format and map pool:

Broadcast Schedule

July 12 at 1:00 PM CEST / 4:00 AM PDT: Ro80 coverage (community streams only)

July 12 at 3:45 PM CEST / 6:45 AM PDT: Day 1 – Pre-show, Round of  64, & 32

July 13 at 10:45 AM CEST / 1:45 AM PDT: Day 2 – Pre-show, Round of 16

July 14 at 11:45 AM CEST / 2:45 AM PDT: Day 3 – Pre-show, Round of 8 + Championship

Broadcast Streams

Broadcast Streams – Day 1, Off-Stage Matches Only


  • Sue "Smix" Lee
  • Nathan “Nathanias” Fabrikant


  • Leigh “Maynard” Mandalov
  • Geoffrey "iNcontroL" Robinson
  • Yoan "ToD" Merlo
  • Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi
  • Nick “Tasteless” Plott
  • Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski
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GSL vs The World - Vote information here!

As per popular request, this thread is all about the GSL vs World vote.

On the 2nd of August 2018, eight players from the WCS Circuit will challenge the reigning champions from Korea in an epic showdown. Make sure to do your part and vote for your favourite!

How does it work?

  • You must visit and login with a valid account there.
  • Voting will close on Tuesday, July 17th 7:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)

  • The Team Korea fan vote can be found here.

  • The Team World fan vote can be found here.

Okay, so who can I vote for?

Each team will have eight players representing their region. The top four in the WCS Korea and WCS Circuit point standing have already earned a spot.

That means, for WCS Circuit Serral, SpeCial, Neeb & ShoWTimE and for WCS Korea Maru, Classic, Stats & Rogue are already qualified.

The highest vote recipient of each race will earn a spot on each Team. The fourth and final spot in Team Korea will go to the runner-up from the race-specific polls who received the most total votes after the three, first place finishers. The eighth and final spot on Team World will go to Cyan, who represents China.

Available Korean participants:

  • Terran: TY, GuMiho, INnoVation, ByuN, aLive, Bunny
  • Zerg: Dark, soO, Solar, Impact, Leenock, Losira
  • Protoss: Zest, Dear, sOs, Trap, herO, Patience

Available World participants:

  • Terran: HeRoMaRinE, Kelazhur, uThermal, Seither, MaSa, ExpecT
  • Zerg: Elazer, Nerchio, Snute, TRUE(ha), Lambo, Scarlett
  • Protoss: MaNa, Nice, Has, DnS, Probe, PtitDrogo

Overlord homemade piñata (wife made for my 30th bd)


I know this sub isnt huge on editor stuff, but we just made a technical breakthrough by developing a level of detail system for my huge RPG project and the results are amazing. Even PCs that were only able to run the game at 5 FPS can now run it at a stable 60. Short video, infos in the comments!

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Join the free Warparty Beta on Steam! A brand new real time strategy game coming out soon.

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Artosis: “There was one day [in the GSL studio] where just one guy came into watch. We’d gone from having a full studio to just one guy”


“The decline definitely hurt,” Plott adds. “Everything was getting diced up and our show’s ratings fell, and, with that, our paychecks. There were definitely a few moments where we were like ‘Like oh god, do we need to do something else? Is this doing poorly?’”

So, all GSL VODs are available on YouTube. Does anyone recall which day and match this occurred? Just want to see what it looked like for curiosity reasons. Obviously GSL is doing a bit better now, which is why Artosis was willing to admit something like that.

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The story of getting my friend into Starcraft II

Recently one of my friend started learning Starcraft. I was really surprised when he was hooked on it because, well, it just seems so foreign to me that one of my friends would enjoy the game.

He started off with a bit of Terran just learning the mechanics of the game and all that jazz but then decided to try Protoss and really enjoyed it (I didn't suggest it to him, I promise :P). Surprisingly to me he beat every single AI within a few hours of playing lol. I was hoping to see him smacked down cause he was getting kind of cocky :D. He plays Dota 2 at ~3k MMR and is a great typer so the mechanical ability is there which might have helped a lot.

He'd mixed in a few multiplayer games in unranked by now and I'd already seen some hilarious stuff like him spamming stim on his bio until it was deep red then all of it dying to tank fire xD or seeing him try to macro just making marines and failing, but this time round I taught him a couple of Protoss cheeses (Terrans seemed a bit hard to execute) like proxy SG and DT rush and he was having a blast lol. Oracles killing entire mineral lines, mass Void Rays and sneaky boi's wreaking havoc on workers. It was great to coach him.

We tried some 2v2's after that and I got tilted as fuck in a lot of the games but it was still pretty fun. I taught him the 2gate PvP opening and we Stalker rushed some kids until I'd had enough of fucking ZERGLINGS and taught him how to wall, which he picked up on pretty fast to my surprise. This was kind of the point where he started actually learning the game, I taught him that Adepts are better than Stalkers vs lings and about what we should be doing when we scout stuff. This was a pretty fun stage but also tilting for me because we'd be losing to stuff like ling or marine rushes because one or both of us would fuck up.

I decided I was done with 2v2 and told him I'd coach him on his 1v1 so I walked him through the 2gate opener into a mass Stalker all in which did pretty well and he could do the opener to probably high Plat/low Dia execution by himself after around 10 games. This was getting kind of stale though, a lot of the wins he would kill them with the first 4 Stalkers so I offered to teach him a proper 2 base strat since he didn't understand production yet (3 robo on 2 base LUL).

2 base Colossi was the build of choice vs Terran. For PvZ I was mainly using my own game sense and knowledge to tell him what to do since PvZ especially is pretty hard to navigate when you know nothing. PvP, we kept the 1 base all in strat. 2 basing vs Terran got pretty interesting because of drops and harassment, he also faced some ah, interesting, builds (Seriously what is up with mech TvP in Gold league?!) and got into some scrappy games.

He fly's home the next day and at this point we've played for probably ~10-15 hours total over about 2 1/2 days. To my surprise I get a bunch of messages the day after he gets home.

Bruh I suck so much at sc



(He got drone rushed LOL)

I got lots of other messages about invis units killing him or getting screwed over by weird shit like BC's or a Broodlord rush and other stupid crap. It was pretty funny for me to read them but it also made me realize just how much stuff you have to know to play the game at a decent level. Most of his games he wasn't even getting outmacroed, he was just losing because he didn't know everything yet (Planetary Fortress in the main was a new one even for me). I guess it kind of gave me an appreciation for the knowledge I have and made me think of that post someone made a little while ago congratulating anyone who's decent at the game.

I went through a few replays with him today as well. It's really fun for me to watch his replays and point out what he should be doing to play better, like how to micro his first 2 Adepts against Zerg or what to do in late game vs races. There's just something enjoyable about sharing my knowledge with him.

Overall it's been really cool so far to introduce someone to the game and teach them from scratch and it's given me a renewed perspective on the difficulty of the game. He's even talking about watching some SC so he can learn everything a bit better so I'm hoping he stays with the game!


A Starcraft 2 Story Dramatization Has vs Showtime : Siege of the mad Protoss.

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Incredible Miracle
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What do you think, how close in skill is Serral currently compared to top tier Koreans?


How to get back into SC2?

returning after a good few years break, was a Diamond Protoss, hadnt played LotV before 3 days ago.

Whats the best way to get back into the game? So many new units for all races, new strategies, build orders, maps etc

Do i go into AI games? or just say fuck it and try ranked?


Twelve-step program to quitting your Terran addiction

  1. Select Protoss at the race selection menu.
  2. Queue up.
  3. Build pylon.
  4. Build gateway.
  5. Build cybernetics core.
  6. Build stargate.
  7. Build fleet beacon.
  8. Select stargate.
  9. Mash the "C" key.
  10. Press F2.
  11. Press A.
  12. Select area in the general direction of your opponent's base.

Congratulations, you have broken your Terran addiction!


Bug report: Scourge can't kill cloaked units

At least in coop. Just verified, manually detonated a cloud of 16 scourge right on top of a cloaked banshee, no damage. I know banelings can destroy cloaked ground units in a similar fashion, so... please fix, Blizz.

Edit: someone said the aoe upgrade is bugged. Considering how many things were bugged by the latest update, I'd totally believe it. I'll have to try using the aoe explode on a non-cloaked unit.


Where to get nice Starcraft shirts


I do like to show my affection to StarCraft but I can't seem to find any nice shirts online. Most shops only have things like full size images of units, race logos or the Starcraft logo. I don't really like those. I'm looking for shirts like this one [1] that you can wear any day without looking like the biggest nerd, but still people who do play the game will recognize it. I already have a TL-Shirt and the shirt at [1], but I also have to admit that I'm not really a fan of Team shirts either, because most of my favorite players often switch teams and most teams sadly don't have a long life expectancy :(

I hope I don't sound to picky :)

I would really appreciate any suggestions. A shop location in europe would be nice too, because shipping from outside of the EU often comes with hefty shipping costs.



Your active hotkey profile is stored on the BattleNet and is avalible from any machine you log onto.

Hey, so I just figured out, that I have lost all my hotkeys, when I formated my PC. And since blizzard has this message when you make your hotkeys, i just figured that it would be true. If I am supposed to just grab the config, it's no problem.... but I believed guys, you know, that they would be synced from the cloud, since they say so...

Anyway, with my frustration vented a bit, seems like its time to set up my custom hotkeys, since I changed literally everything but A move. Look out guys, grab your hotkey file and hide it under your pillow

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What is the Protoss' hard counter against mass marine tank armies?

I am a low level player that play protoss mainly and have trouble when facing mass marine tank armies. What unit composition is the perfect answer for this threat? When playing zerg I tech to brood lords and even a few of them turn the tide of battle instantly. As a protoss though even with big immortal counts I find it difficult to counter them. Switching to air needs time, resources and requires a critical mass to be effective, which is not easily done.


SALT Save And Load Tool not working?


have not played sc2 in 5 years. want to practice BOs. found a site that has BOs and a code for a custom map named SALT to practice those BOs. map does not seem to work, i can load it but can not select my spawn point. is it outdated? are there alternatives?


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Congratulations to the winner of WCS Valencia 2018

Serral takes it 4-1 over Has!


(StarCraft AI) SSCAIT Report 86: CIG updates are in, come and see!

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Why do you play Starcraft? Personal reflection video, may be relatable


Will there be major game design changes this year?

Do you guys think there will be new game design to test this year? The game is in such good state now. What would be the areas Blizzard will look into? BC?

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WCS Valencia sees a 30,000 viewership increase from 2017.

WCS Valencia 2017 English stream peaked at 28,000 viewers while the 2018 tournament English stream peaked at around 58,000 during game 4 of Has vs. Serral. With language streams taken into account ( with an addition of a Taiwanese stream that peaked at 10k ) the total combined viewership was around 80k. None of these numbers include Chinese stream numbers.

Here is the 2017 Valencia stats. The more in-depth stats for the 2018 event should be out in a day or two.

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