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1 month ago
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/u/thelastmeheecorn has put together a little survey about steak if you'd like to participate.


The results will be posted in a short while.


Hi. Just found out about this sub and I'm afraid (not really) that I've got a new hobby. I've been into cooking steaks for like only a month now and I've tried cooking twice with my first attempt being a failure while my second was a success being able to cook some tenderloin to what I would think would be medium rare. I used butter, thyme and rosemary after searing the steaks and I was quite satisfied with the results. Now I'm looking to up my game by asking for tips. For the record, I'm still a student so I'm not ready to shell out too much. Any tips in making the most out of my steaks given my situation?

P.S: I've already read the Steak 101 thread so it would be helpful if anyone could add tips beyond what was said in the thread. Cheers!


I'm visiting Vegas and I'm really craving a dry aged steak, preferably a ribeye, and preferably aged at least 40 days. We'd be doing the steakhouse on Sunday. Here is the list of restaurants I've found from this article.

Edge Steakhouse - This seems like it hits everything I'm looking for. Ribeyes aged to 40 days, good prices, great reviews. Unfortunately not open on Sunday. :(

Emeril’s Delmonico Steakhouse - Dry ages for 14-21 days which in my experience doesn't provide the flavor I'm looking for. They do have ribeyes though and I love butter! I'm concerned about their creole seasoning as I don't like spicy. I'm also concerned with the yelp reviews at this place.

Capital Grille Steakhouse - Dry ages for exactly 18 days. Only dry ages NY Strips and Porterhouses. Much better yelp reviews though.

Carne Vino - I've been once but they were out of dry aged steaks when I went. I was NOT impressed with the steak they had. Their "lardo" bread was absolutely disgusting. I think $170 for their dry aged ribeye is asking way too much too. I won't ever give them service again.

Gallagher's - Only dry ages new york strips. 28 days. Concerned with the Yelp reviews here as well.

SW at Wynn - Can't find much info out there but seems like they do 28 days and includes NY Strips, Tomahawk 40oz Ribeyes, Kobe, and a few other cuts.

Are there any other steakhouses that I may have missed that dry ages their steaks? Thanks!


Most info about steak found in tv shows ,internet, and books recommend not seasoning your steak. Seems to me the general talking points when speaking of seasoned and highly seasoned steaks only mention not to do it, as if seasoning steak is the mainstream thing to do. A much greater part of people do not season there steak to the point you can't find a seasoned steak. But everyone warns you not to do it which seems pointless it's like warning people not to eat cereal without milk, not seasoning steak has become the standard.

This is because they are probably repeating something someone has told them before. But I once had a old man make a steak that was highly seasoned and it was the best steak I've ever had. I've never had such a good steak either highly seasoned, or barely seasoned, it was even casually cooked on the stovetop while I was spending the night with one of my friends as a kid. The cook of the steak seemed to be a cowboy type guy who ate steak alot.

I think there's a lot of talk about not seasoning a steak that seems to have caught on so no one even tries it, but I can't believe there are no highly seasoned steaks that don't taste good in the world.

I have a guess why this is, in french cooking seasoning is not used and French food is good for the most part. But there is also food that is good that is highly seasoned. I don't think you should say seasoning steak heavily is bad, unless you have tried it yourself with many seasons, and if you really have tried it you can say things like you don't want to hide the flavor of the meat or you just like steak with no added flavor. I recommend trying it if you can, and since there is a lack of recipes and things it may be hard to find something good. Meaning theres probably a whole lot of ways to mess up a steak with seasoning, but I know there are some good ways to season steak heavily that don't hide the flavor and you should try it


I am going to be cooking two rib-eyes today and all I have is some extra virgin olive oil and vegetable oil. I know neither are great to use but which one would you recommend?


Due to heart health restrictions I’m on a low sodium diet but obviously since I’m posting here, I love cooking steak. I often season with garlic and onion powder, occasionally add smoked paprika and always include ground pepper.

What do you recommend as an alternative to salt though which has benefits beyond taste?


I placed an order for two sirloins and am looking to post again when I cook them. I'm curious if anyone else has had experience with them though!


Hi all,

Due to a recent casualty, I have no real meat thermometer. My old one was a serviceable digital one that was pretty simple.

I'm not considering getting something that can maybe report to my phone over bluetooth or similar. Amazon (Canada), search reveals quite a few possibilities but I don't like to just guess and buy.

Anyone have any experience with one of these guys? I think ideally there would be the ability to have the phone alarm or message when the expected temperature is reached or imminent. I'm currently using iOS.


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