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No.1 Bitcoin Mining Android App Mines 0.1BTC Monthly (100% verified)

EARN 500 Bolts Every 30 Minutes ,once u claim ad will come and fill captcha it will be credited,if u dont have to wait means

Booster Pack of 1000 bolts valid for 2 hours

Earn 500 Bolts Every 10 Minutes for 2 hours

Storm Play, which used to be called Bitmaker is a quality Bitcoin faucet app that pays you every 30 minutes. You can earn Bitcoin, Ethereum and Storm Tokens with this free to install app. This app has a nice interface with a lot of extra features compared to its rivals. Storm Play has offers that reward you with Bitcoin and has a scoreboard where you can compare your earnings with your friends and other users of the app.

Storm play is easily the on of the best apps that pay you Bitcoin.

All you need to get started with this app is an email address and add your Bitcoin Wallet address. You can use Xapo or Coinbase wallets to receive your payments

Enter referral code VTX5IQto get a bonus of 6500 Bolts on signing up.

To receive your Bitcoin, Ethereum or Storm Tokens, all you have to do is click on the time timer to claim your reward. You will have to watch a video or view an ad, then you will receive your Satoshi.

Remember if you use referral code VTX5IQ to earn 6500 Bolts Only when you join, you will get a big welcome bonus.

Minimum Payment Withdrawal Limit for

Storm = 187,500 Bolts

Bitcoin = 4,375,000 Bolts

Ethereum = 300,000 Bolts

Payment Threshold Limit May Varies According to Price


Bolts not awarded on multiple paid offers

This is the third time I've accepted an offer where I have to spend money to earn bolts in return and was never awarded. Granted, there have been a few support tickets that ended up awarding me months later, but that was always for free games where you just have to play to a certain level to get paid out. I'm not as concerned with those, even though it technically is freelance work. When you're enticing someone with an incentive where they need to spend their own money to earn it, then those offers need to be paid out. Storm's support is kind of ridiculous. If you're going to run a "global freelance marketplace" then you should at least make sure incentives are awarded. It boils down to straight up theft of services.


Release the Tokens!

As you may have noticed, we've begun send out for the Loyalty Program!

Keep your eyes open for your tokens and a final confirmation email as we continue to verify forms and release bonuses.



If you havent already, check out our most recent blog post where Simon recaps the Storm vision! ⛈


Join us on Discord!

Come join the conversation in our Discord channel, a place where Storm Players from around the world can share their experiences and feedback about the Storm app and talk about the future of gamification and the global gig economy!


Why this STORM marketplace went with on-chain order books

Ethex is a DEX for useful tokens. STORM is one of the few tokens listed as it has usability on main net. We like to support useful tokens as well as give their community a reliable, fast and minimal friction place to invest in their project.

Our exchange uses on-chain order books — here are some reasons why


Blockchain Basics, for anyone that is interested. (5 min read)

I wrote this brief and high level article on blockchain. Friends/Family that want a basic relatable explanation now have one. I figured I could share it with everyone. I also wrote a follow up article explaining the value of the Ethereum blockchain and how it is different to Bitcoin.

Comments, feedback suggestions are welcomed


ConsensusPedia: An Encyclopedia of 30 Consensus Algorithms

ConsensusPedia: An Encyclopedia of 30 Consensus Algorithms.

Contains a detailed explanation of algorithms with their pros and cons and list of platforms using them.

Check it out here:


Time's Running Short for the First Loyalty Bonus

Hey Stormers, if you're eligible for the first Bonus don't forget to sign up for the Loyalty Program with your original Storm wallet/email address and get your W9 or W8BEN forms in, they are required to receive your tokens!

If you aren't eligible for the first bonus don't worry, you can still sign up to qualify for the next 3!

Click here to sign up and learn more:




Is the airdrop rewards over with now? I was waiting patiently for MONTHS. Then Storm messes up the airdrop and releases a statement on the 2nd of June leaving us a 5 day window to receive our airdropped tokens.

I missed this announcement...does this mean I can no longer receive my airdropped tokens?


STORM marketplace adds local currency, mobile and more language features

Hey, Elise with Ethex here. I'm excited to share a few new improvements on Ethex (STORM marketplace) this week:

  1. More language support (total of 5 now incl. Spanish, German, Japanese, French and Maylay). More to come!
  2. You can now select from several Fiat currencies when viewing the wallet/portfolio.
  3. We're responsive on mobile - trade anywhere!

Read more here. We're always improving, so let me know about any feedback/suggestions.


Storm iOS app

Since the app was supposed to be released sometime in June, how confident is everyone that they will deliver? I’m doubting we will even see it in July. Can someone get my hopes up for the iOS release.


How many storm tokwn do you have ?

Ive managed to get about 500 through the app wondering how I compare to others in the sub ?


Completed a task for 1M bolts more than a month ago (Storm app). Never got the reward. No answer from support.

So, I've completed this task for 1M bolts around a month ago and never got anything. I sent a message to support with a picture (proof of completion) and everything. Never got an answer back. What should I do in this case? More importantly, how can I recommend this app when it's not working properly and the customer support is non-existant?


Hey guys. I've completed many goals that were never payed out. Put in tickets months ago.

Any hope of still getting these bolts or should I just give up on this app?


Here's how other tokens like STORM can get listed on the first DEX for useful tokens

Ethex, a new dex, is listing useful tokens like STORM. Since STORM is all about decentralization, it only makes sense for it, and tokens like it to be listed on a decentralized exchange.

There's no listing fee, no deposit, and I think it's a pretty straightforward process to get a token on the exchange.

If this sounds interesting, check out this step-by-step guide (it's really short):

If you have any questions, let me know!


Please, send help, this is vital!

Can someone please tell me the proof type that STORM uses and also if there is a finite amount of STORM token (like bitcoin) or unlimited (like ethereum)?


STORM listed on DEX for useful tokens

Hi all, is a decentralized exchange that focuses on useful tokens (tokens that have utility today). This is still a pretty exclusive list, and we count STORM among the few. We’re currently fee-free, and totally decentralized with no signup, deposits or withdrawals.

Take a look at the STORM market here:


Poor experience with Storm Play

After buying some Storm token not long ago and learning about what the project aims to do, I downloaded Storm Play and gave it a shot.

What I found was interesting: An opportunity to try new games and apps, accomplish quick missions, and get paid for them. Cool! For a few weeks, I was hooked. I completed a number of tasks, amassing a decent sum of bolts.

I also found a number of areas in dire need of improvement.

First, there are unclear and ambiguous instructions for task completion. For example, "complete level 30" sometimes means "reach level 30" (i.e. finish 29); other times it really means "pass level 30."

Second, making the first problem all the more problematic, there are unreliable payouts. When you finish the task - or think you did - you eagerly wait for the notification that bolts were received. I estimate at least one in five tasks you complete will result in no reward, forcing you to go a back-logged and frankly slow support staff for help.

Another problem: Ads displayed for the quick payouts are unpredictable in their length and intrusiveness. Some can be skipped almost immediately, followed by a math problem, to complete. Others are full 30—second videos which are barely worth anyone's time for the payout. Others still are painful experiences that linger on frustratingly difficult to close.

Finally, as I ticked games off the list one by one, I noticed my options for new tasks were growing limited. Complete missions by paying for new subscriptions? No thanks.

Overall I found the user experience of Storm Play to be severely lacking. I will likely not return without seeing great improvements to the design and user flow. The idea is fun but the execution is clearly in its early stages.

EDIT: Previously I posted that I thought I'd lost Storm tokens by sending STORM to an ERC-20 address. I can confirm that you can indeed put an ETH address in the field to receive STORM tokens. It took 48 hours to receive.


Storm Loyalty Program

If you qualify for the Storm Loyalty Program don't forget to sign up with your wallet address and email here

You will receive a W9 or W8BEN form to complete, once they're fully processed you'll be rewarded your bonus Tokens!

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Storm is the creator of Storm Play, a mobile app that uses blockchain technology to match people with tasks, letting them complete small gigs in five minutes or less, from any mobile device, anywhere in the world, and be rewarded in cryptocurrency. The Storm Token Crowdsale successfully ended with over $32 million in participation, enabling the Cayman Islands based company to greatly expanded its product and development team in Seattle, the Philippines, South Korea and Brazil.

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