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Since Storm Tokens will be airdropped soon to virgin wallets we deserve to know how many unsold Storm Tokens are there? If the amount is in Billions then the price will take a huge hit because of the inflation.

Team please answer this, could not find anything about it anywhere.


I knew HitBTC was bad, but not so bad! As soon as I found out Bittrex listed STORM, I tried to move my tokens away from HitBTC discovering the hard truth: 497 STORM withdraw fee!

So to avoid to being robbed, here is what I did: 1. Sold STORM for BTC 2. Bought XRP 3. Sent XRP to Bittrex (0.5 fee in just a few seconds) 4. Sold XRP for BTC 5. Bought STORM again

The whole process costed me just 30 STORM, and now I feel safer holding them on Bittrex.

I wrote this just in case anyone wants to move thier tokens away from HitBTC.



I have 0 ETH in my wallet. My gdax won't be funded until end of next week. And I have a pending withdrawls of storms in my stormplay.

i was wondering if there was anyway to change the pending withdrawal to ETH. any thoughts?


Storm is listed on bittrex


7 months post ICO, no updates, no news on the airdrop, no iOS and no updates to the product.

What could they possibly be doing?


Any update regarding the Storm airdrop that is scheduled on June 7th? When are the eligible addresses going to be published?


I have been playing with the StormPlay app and have completed a few big tasks (almost 2,000,000 bolts worth), but they still show up as In Progress. I have submitted tickets through the app, but haven't heard back on either issue. One is over a week old, and now shows up as expired in my Storm Task history. It is a huge load of crap to complete the tasks, and then not be rewarded for them. Has anyone else had issues? I am trying to be positive here, but spending a few weeks leveling up in a game to get no reward, and getting no response from customer support is pretty crappy.


Maybe during the hot months people will look at storm as a nice way to have fun and earn money....i really hope that it can hit .15 by the end of year. It holds solid over other coins I have. I like that you can actually earn money on it with so many fake apps out there ...


I just requested my first withdrawal, and it says it will be received by may 18 2018. why does it take so long?



I saw a reddit post from December 2017 where Storm team member said that it's already in development. Now it's almost 6 months later and there is still no IOS application or a comment about the date of release? Or even status update would be nice.

Also i can't seem to find a detailed roadmap anywhere. This was talked by the team in September 2017.



Hold your stormtoken. Price is going to moon


Any updates from devs on app dev? Seems like lots of people aren't getting paid out, amongst other issues.


seems to be moving slowly at the moment are there any events announced that might cause a rise in the future or is this looking like a pump n dump coin now?

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Storm is the creator of Storm Play, a mobile app that uses blockchain technology to match people with tasks, letting them complete small gigs in five minutes or less, from any mobile device, anywhere in the world, and be rewarded in cryptocurrency. The Storm Token Crowdsale successfully ended with over $32 million in participation, enabling the Cayman Islands based company to greatly expanded its product and development team in Seattle, the Philippines, South Korea and Brazil.

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