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Reasons to sell STORM now. READ!

ZERO! 0 reason at all.

But there are countless reason to HODL.

  1. iOS app coming before Q1 ends. That's next week!

  2. Bittrex is coming! That happens when it gets listed on upbit.

  3. Speaking of upbit, STORM is currently traded on upbit with a volume of 100,000BTC! Don't want to believe me? Check Upbit site and coinmarketcap. ATH on upbit is 998 sats. Now stable at 700 sats.


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Every time in the past that a coin has spiked in this fashion, it has crashed. Every. Single. Time.

24 points · 3 months ago

150% in the last 24hours, whoever is not selling at this point is delusional, if you believe in the projekt you can just rebuy more later.

Delusional? I think you mean Redditor Crypto Genius extraordinaire. "TA is worthless""HODLGANG"

Or a long term investor??

Did you not read what you replied to

Great day for daytraders the way it's been fluctuating today.

Indeed, STORM just paid for my new car ;)

If your long term investor it’s better to hold than try and play the market.... remember how cardano did 10x in a week? Plenty of people were screaming sell after the first 200%

0 points · 3 months ago

You seem a little too sure there. If it works every time people will exploit it hard and it won't work anymore. Besides you never know where the peak is. I can play it safe with my 500k storm because its just one of 100 coins I hold. In this case the purchase was mainly based on their team. I still trust them. My observation is all traders lose on the long run.

Traders lose in the long run. Yep. I started today with 1.1k and saw storm was up 87% I have no idea why I bought some but as soon as I did it started towards the moon! I now had 1.3k! Then it started going up again and I got so excited, and then I lost it all and was back to 1.05k. Yay! Now at the end of a day stareing at my phone not getting anything done around the house I should have, I NOW HAVE $815. Was it worth it? NO! I am a fool :( But I did notice one thing that makes me believe that storm coin should be held for the long term! I noticed that most of the limit orders are at .08 cents and something really crazy too! Limit orders of .11 - .70 cents and then a limit order of $623 per coin!!! ??? I believe that is a trick to get people to buy, but the other limit orders are at such a large volume they may just be real. One thing that makes me wonder though is bot's trading or something. When I would limit order buys and sells around a wouldn't go anywhere. But as soon as I cancelled the limit orders. The price would start to fluctuate again! Very concerning.

Let them hodl man. Maybe people hope to get x3 in 2 day or something :)


This time it is different. The stories are in fire. We are seeing dec level of activity. Money from stock market will be in the weekend watch

5 points · 3 months ago

Be smart about your investing and you will do well. Your up about 100% if u sell half now u have all profit rolling that tide. Then u can buy back if it falls or ride it up higher with the extra.

Yes. To be more precise, you are talking about risk reduction tactics in business. I totally agree. :). Farther, I think differently.

Original Poster0 points · 3 months ago

It's so hard to sell. Every damn soul is bullish. We haven't reached the peak yet because of this healthy retracement happening now.

"every damn soul is bullish" theres your sell signal

Really! Forget everyones bullish opinion, including the articles that you have all of sudden been seen re: STORM... That is how the pumpers get a coin ready to pump!

(Unless their is legit news from storm about storm that something POSITIVELY SIGNIFICANT) IS taking place.... If not, it is a Pump!!!

They should be you're number one source... Btw: adding an exchange is cool, but NOT SIGNIFICANT!

Good Luck....

Maybe its just traders again selling too early and they get run over by the holders like every fucking time

Hey there. can't even consider due to the fact that a coin that averages 3-4 Million daily trading volume, all of a sudden out of nowhere jumps up to well over 2Billion in a matter of hours. That is crazy. The only way that can be remotely be possible. 1. They just created the new greatest technology! 2. It's a well executed Pump and dump... They are a very good group for sure...

Good luck to you... Oh btw: if you have not sold out of this.... (Make sure you put in a decent stop-loss before you go to bed).

If you fomo in right now, you'll get slaughtered. Wait for at least a 50% retracement from the high and start to scale in if you really wanted it. Never buy a lump sum all at once. That more often than not will result in disaster and you holding the bag.

So be careful out there. Only risk what you can afford to lose. Personally this looks like a P&D.

Maybe search for good projects instead , like the early bitcoin investors. Trader and gamblers always lose over time

3 points · 3 months ago

shill me on STORM.

from a tech perspective.

"get paid for doing some stuff on your phone" seems legit lol, reminds how people used to watch ads online to get "paid"

Can't see any good reason to hodl.

Sold at 690 sats.

Smart move... by back in when it settles. This a very good coin to pump... they will be back promise. (Unless their is legit news from storm about storm that something POSITIVELY SIGNIFICANT) IS taking place.... If not, it is a Pump!!!

Good way to to make money when they pump you're coin... just got the recognize the signs... One i just mentioned above.

(Btw: being added to an exchange is nice but NOT significant)!

Google Pump and dump. It will tell you all the signs.

Good Luck...

now 710

It will be well below that by tomorrow.

ive put sell order at 724


Whatever I'm selling when it hits one dollars.

Me too holding for a $1

Okay so lets say one day it will hit $1 or even more BUT, it won't happen today, or even close. Soon the price will be right back around 0.025

(This is a perfect coin to pump)! but, (the pumpers have already made their load of you're money) They are gone.... If will now go up and down slowly until it get back to 0.025

Look I HAVE no REASON TO FUD YOU.... (Some of us are NOT those idiots).

Personally every single time a coin goes up like this, it will come crushing down soon!!! Every single time!! You will not miss out....

I had to learn the hard way too...

I already have plenty of winners... Just trying to help out...

Good Luck...

It will go down sure, but it won't be back at 0.025

I'd say it'll spike up more and then correct at around 0.042ish.

well, It is you're coin. So it is for you to see. I was just stoping by... I just hate to see people that don't know better get burned...

Good Luck....

Nah it's not mine as well, I only got here from seeing huge volumes on CMC

This is a well organized pump group. Shit! they have re-pump this sucker like three times...

I just cannot bring myself to jump in once it has hit a high and begins coming down. Even though we know, they could pump it a few more times... just depends on how much people fall into the trap and continue to buy more...

Well, for now they are having a blast over there Lol

I hope not too many of them get burned over there!

I check everything on that coin. The fundamentals are the same as last week, except that little app they are adding, but that news came out last week. Hum...


Reasons why you should buy and make the early adopters rich.

It is 200% up and in a week it should be up 1000% .

This is on fire


Should be up x50 or x100 thats when I start to consider selling a few. Something's gotta be the next eth


do you think it will hit 30cents by end of this month?

5 points · 3 months ago

Are you crazy? It will be back between 2 and 3 cents. Anytime a coin goes parabolic for over 100% in a day, it goes back down the same. These are the times you fucking lock in profits, and either double your position when it crashes, buy back your original position and move the profits elsewhere, or just get the hell out of the coin with all the profits.

i'm not crazy :( i bought it for 7cents, so worrying what to do.sell or hold?

Have some faith and wait to see what happens over the next couples of weeks.

couple of weeks... by end of today or so it will be back to 0.025

Well, I wish you all the best with whatever you decide to do :)

oh thanks! No i would not jump in a pump 25% up or has already hit a high, then goes back and forth, attempting to catch people off guard. I truly was trying to be helpful. These pumpers burn people for 100s of millions...

Perhaps we will ck in when this is over with in 2-3 days... Btw: The way they have done this.... in a very slick way. but, if all goes as i've seeing before if should gradually begin to go down over next few days.

I hope I am wrong on this one. Either way, Good luck....

sell, it will dump to 300 satoshi in a few hours, you will be rebooted again.

ICO price - 1 STORM = 0.0113 USD;

Sell it now. it is at 5 cents.... You would have made most of you're money back.... Then if you choose rebuy when it settles back around 0.02 0.025 Then wait for the next pump in a few weeks... In the mean time google pump and dumps... learn all the signs of a pump and dump...

Btw: the reason you are seen it go up and down 10-25 sats is because people are buying into the pump, but it won't last or go far.

The pumpers left with a ton of money around 935 sats....

it's at 6 cents now... lol bet he is glad he didn't listen to you

Okay. I will bet you one BTC that it will begin to gradually get closer to 500 sats then up a bit then down further... until it gets back to close to where you begin if not a bit lower after around 72 hours.... How bout it. Smarty :) we can put the money in paypal as an escrow account....

You're a gambler. You do it for the kicks. Not to create wealth. See the early bitcoin holders? They got rich not the traders as you. I bought storm a long time ago because of their team. So what it goes x3 or crashes 80%? I don't have time to micro manage every coin I put a couple thousand in. You need to learn from the best and its never the traders.

Oh you know who I am. That is amazing. Ok mr big shot. There is a way to show how much BTC i have on Binance. I will pick a line to put up a ton of my BTC which I bought roughly 2 yrs ago. on that line I will blink it three times.

You will do the same Mr big shot. (Keep in mind) you stated this shit, not me!

Okay, you will do the same as I do. If this trader has more BTC then you then I get half of yours and if you the mr big shot holder have more then me then i will give you half of mine.

Sounds like a fun gambling, trader-risk taker way of shutting you're big mouth up.

You see, (I have never got in you're business, but you have got in mine) three times now!

If you are not willing to put up then i would expect you to be a respectable young man and leave me alone... Please let me know... I can do it right now.

The Trader :)

Mr holder. One thing, I have NEVER been disrespectful to you or anyone. Just because we disagree why must you be a mean spirited person!

Be nice to others and you will be treated the same.

Peace to you....

I get my kicks from buying coins cheap that then go x50, or even more.. I actually pretty much believe some of my coins will go x1000 in 2018. So I am not sure what you are trying to tell me with your ramblings, can you just try and form some complex thoughts on why your strategy is good? How would you ever have a x50 or more coin if you always sell them after having some earnings?

It is like a rocket! My offer still stands.... However, at this point i just might have to bet against myself :)

Your offer is already laughable since you mention PayPal and escrow in the same sentence. Either you're pretty naive or you're a scammer.

Oh aren't you special... :)

At least you will have learned a valuable lesson when it comes to trading and FOMO. (Fear Of Missing Out) Imo, I've seen projects that are fucking rock solid dump after a pump like this. When you see waves like this coming, you buy in early and sell out before getting anywhere close to where you bought in. Imo, even at 7 cents you could have made a decent flip if you sold at 900 sats.

When is the time to get in early tho? I think I made x30 on verge. Did I do that right? Because I just bought it when it was still very cheap with a couple thousand like all my other coins including storm. Because I rather buy coins I have potential in than listen to gamblers

It would be stupid to hold now imo.

This makes sense to me, but do you think the impending Bittrex listing might remain built in, and delay the inevitable, "combined crash" until after Bittrex? (And how long until the Bittrex listing happens? Are UpBit and Bittrex always within a day of each other, or might we be talking weeks?)

Edit: I mean obviously sell now if you haven't already, for godsakes. I'm just wondering if the crash floor might remain artificially inflated until the Bittrex pump.

Listing of exchanges should not pump a coin by this much. This pump was planned by pumper....

Ah, interesting. Thank you. So who did the pumping? I mean is this always an organized group of many traders working in a coordinated way, or just one whale, or what?

I was happy to walk away with a modest 10% gain from my stop-limit order. (I figured better to just have a steady stream of those than risk getting rekt trying to predict the high every time.) But I have to admit: When I came back later and saw I could have doubled, I knew better than to FOMO back in, but it still left me with the question:

How do you reliably and responsibly know whether to set that stop-limit at 10% in one case, or 25%+ in another?

(Hell, doing the math, even just a 3% return on each trade doubles your roll in a surprisingly short amount of time. Is everyone who holds beyond single digit increases actually insane?)

2 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

This is usually organized weeks in advance by Pumping groups. Or, they call themselves discord groups, or signal groups. They are looking for coins which have a low Market cap, and low volume, to mention a few. If you go on google and type in pump and dumps, you will learn all you need to learn.... If you see the signs then you can actually make a lot of money, and then dump it yourself before they do.

Oh btw: You can find these Pump or discord groups on twitter... there are some very well organized ones...

Hey it is much better to walk away with a nice 10% gain then get stuck in a trap, and lose. The time's i will take a home run swing is after I have done a ton of reserch. Not only about the status of the coin, and EVERYTHING about it, but also, i look at the over all crypto news... and just how is the entire market doing over all. I do a lot of swing trading, and will only hold a coin that I believe is very promising. I will not mention the name's of other coins out of respect for this sub....

Better to have a 6-10 coins which you have done all you're research. If you have 7 coins which you are invested in... you gain on 5 of them and lose on 2, and you are doing that every week. Shoot! You will be making a nice constant profit. And then once in awhile go for the home run :)

3% gains a good! it just that most people in cryptos are trying to get rich fast....

Good Luck...

Thank you again.

Yeah, looking around I get the feeling there's a lot of money just being moved restlessly from one losing position to another, while everyone waits for the market to turn green again.

People drinking sand and convincing each other it tastes like water, until the day it finally rains for real, and washes away the taste of the sand, and the crazy. (Until the next drought.)

Yup I totally agree. Once we get some type of regulation it will be a lot better. And bring in a lot more serious investors.

I'll pass

come on. $ 500 million for a company with an app and $ 10 billion for $ 4 billion. I find it too cheap. If one day, invested 500 million is enough to spur for all the pumping effort now. ICX has a very close and inexplicable relationship with storm. $ 2.5 billion for the storm I found reasonable.: P. Maybe you find me unreasonable because of the garbage token and 500 million is too much. But until now even bitcoin does not have products. : P only full plan

Glad i cashed out the app a few days ago. Got more then than I would have now by a long way!

Well, the pumper are still hanging around... and just made a shit load more of you're money. (When they ran it up from 615 then due to not wanting to miss out... you guys took it up to 710) Lol

As long as you guys keep buying they will keep playing this game.

At least stop buying for awhile so the pumpers will leave... then you guys can clean up the ensuing mess over the next 48-72 hrs...

Trust me if i didn't know for a fact it is a pump i would put 6BTC into it when it gets back down to 600.... But I won't, good way to lose a lot of money!

How do you "know for a fact" it's a pump?

Just google pump an dumps. You will see every single sign that this is a classic pump.... Personally i have been thru this too many times.

It is critical to research everything about this crypto industry....

I have plenty of BTC to jump in but, the big gains are gone.

Peace to you....

People always say that when they are missing out on a winner. Should have done their research.

You're average daily volume is terrible around a few million over past month. Past week increased to around 10-12 million. (That is a classic sign of getting it ready to pump).

Now in a few hours it is OVER 1Billion!!!!!! Yeah right... Its a total Pump, and you will lose....

I did some quick research there is zero reason for this coin to go up to even one penny in just one day yet alone a few hours go up by 6 cents. No way!

Being listed on a few exchanges is nice but it is not significant!

I agree, all signs of a pump, but don't underestimate the Korean exchange trading on Upbit! Storm is #1 volume on their exchange though.

with a good pump they should be #1 in trading volume on at least a few exchanges. Keep in mind, back just a few hours ago, right before the pump on CMC you're TRADING volume was barley 11,500,000 which is nada... look at the chart now. in just a few hours the trading volume is up close to 1.1BILLION. Crazy and Pump....

People have known about that nice little ios app for a while and this is why over the past 3-4 days the daily volume has increased to 40Million or so. in other words, the price of the app was built-in prior to the pump today.

Not to sound like an ass, but It is all about the research.

Peace :)

Thank you. However, that is a paid for add. Also, it is back from Jan-18 does not explain 1.4Billion in trading volume within 4 hours.

This a grate organized group... they keep tricking more and more people to blow their money on them...

Lets ck in in a couple of days... we shall see then.

Btw: I don't need to own a coin that is being pumped... I certainly love seeing people profit big time, but at the same time (nothing fundamentally) for this type of legit pump. Therefore, i really do not like to see people get ripped off.

Good Luck....

You sound like a sore loser. Why not just get in quality coins early? And in case you didn't know Koreans heavily brought up even the bitcoin price to its all time highs.

That's good the Koreans are back. They really liked tron too

Why is Bittrex a big deal?

Is it their great mobile app? Or is it the way they promote coins and make contests to propel trading? Or is it cause they are top 10 in volume?

Holy turd! A double dip.......

Going into 200%, its hell of wildest ride.

What a hell of a ride! Just sold at 850 Sat. Any coin with a parabolic rise like this will also have a hard downward spike. I'll take my guaranteed profit without further risks. I still think Storm is a great long term HODL but I will re-buy when it corrects to a more reasonable and logical price.

I never get this trader logic? So bitcoin went from 1 cent to currently $8000... So when's the spike coming? Your trader logic will only work until the next bullrun

Trade at all time highs for profits and buy low and increase my position, how hard is that to understand?

I already countered that argument, how are you going to do this if a coin just keeps rising which especially would happen in a bullphase? Do you rather invested in x50 coins CHEAP or struggle to make x2 or x3 constantly?

is it my computer or Binance, when there was big ass STORM up buy the fucking Binance froze and i could sell shit did it happen to you guys???lost 300 sat. even now i cannot buy storm that shit froze

Yes it happens on the web version. I use the Windows & IOS app and it never freezes.

got it thank you

Type in "storm" in your google search. Its #1 result.

iOS app coming before Q1 ends. That's next week!

  • Source for this?

It's In their roadmap that IOS to be released this quarter. Simon has been here in SF at a show but the last day is today. Ironically enough today STORM is green prepping for the news. Likely Thursday or Friday it'll drop the iOS app, STORM marketplace, gigs, and maybe the Bittrex listing. Btw, it's an organized P&D, which makes it not. As it's being done to slowly climb it to .35 ish cents. But do as you guys please.

The whales are hungry for the money they lost in recent down turn. Hence, I fell they are choosing the alt coins. There is plenty to cone for STORM, the way it is trading I see minimum 0.30-0.50. They are picking one by one, but right now it looks like STORM. Good luck

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